Zoologico De Varsovia Real

Zoologico De Varsovia Real – The Polish couple managed to outsmart the SS and served as inspiration for the film Warsaw Zoo.

The inspiration for the 2017 film Warsaw Zoo, the story of Jan and Antonina Żabiński, is one of the continuations of the stories of those who dared to thwart the Nazi occupation and save Jews from the Führer’s atrocities.

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

John was the director of the Warsaw Zoo in Poland, but he was also part of the Polish resistance against the Nazis. In the face of the horrors of the Nazis, he used his influence as overseer of city parks to deliver food, and eventually to Jews in the ghettos.

JardÍn ZoolÓgico De Varsovia (miejski OgrÓd Zoologiczny W Warszawie)

Antonina, as far as she knew about John’s participation in the resistance movement, had no idea about all of her husband’s activities, which included arms smuggling, bomb making, and even poisoned meat used by the SS.

In 1944, fighting in the Warsaw Uprising, Jan was wounded in action and then imprisoned in a German concentration camp. However, Antonina and her son Ryszard continued to support the Jewish community.

They used the zoo as a hiding place for many Jews, keeping them in empty cages in their own home and underground tunnels. Antonina communicates with her charges through music. When a certain song was played, it was a sign that the Nazis were nearby, another indicated that they were gone.

To hide the names of the Jews, the zoo owner named the animals so he could identify them without the risk of getting caught by the Nazis. For example, the family he protected was nicknamed the Squirrels. Still thinking about helping the victims of the Nazi regime, she used dye to change the hair color of Jewish women. With blonde curls, he gained a new identity.

Zoológico De Varsovia

John escapes from a POW camp and returns to his family, taking a position with the state conservation commission. In addition, he was the author of 60 scientific books.

Of the more than 300 Jews Żabiński helped, only two died during the war. All the others apparently managed to escape and seek refuge elsewhere.

Children of the Nazis: Fascinating Family Portraits of the Nazi Elite by Tania Krasniansky (2018) – https://amzn.to/2wWv5iy

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

It is worth remembering that product prices and available quantities are valid as of the date of publication of this post. In addition, Adventures in History may receive a share of sales or other compensation for links to this site. In college, I started to see that this is what I like the most and of course some subjects are good.

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There were classes that she tells me were not for me in the first place because they were too difficult and too complicated to learn, for example: medicine, biology, chemistry or physics.

But there was one subject that made me very complicated, and that subject was history, and I think it’s my father’s fault because he always told me that when he was a kid, it was the hardest subject in college, so unless what I inherited was the ability to learn history.

In our history lessons, 90% of the material was about Mexico, we learned things from pre-Hispanic cultures to modern Mexican history. Thousands of keys, characters, and events had to be learned, many of which I felt were not that important to learn. Today we have the internet, so I doubt that today’s history lessons meet much less often than when I was studying.

In my history lessons, we sometimes looked at important international topics, such as World War II, which was the historical event that interested me the most. What they taught us was not very deep or detailed, we only knew the essence of the event. In my case, it was the first message from Poland in my life.

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Then in 2011 I was at home in Mexico watching TV and I immediately came across a channel that showed movies from abroad. A movie called “In the Dark”

). At first I thought it was a horror film, but the first thing I saw was that it was the story of a Pole who killed a group of Jews during World War II through the sewage system in the Lviv ghetto in Ukraine. He helped save. .

This movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen and it made me curious to see more movies and read books about this war event. It’s interesting in its own right, joining the best WWII movies I’ve seen:

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

This last video is the starting point for the story you will tell in this post.

A Pensar Em Todos, Humanos E Outros Animais

). The film is the story of a Polish wedding that helped save dozens of people at the Warsaw Zoo in Poland.

The movie is good and funny, but of course there are some scenes that are a little unrealistic or fake, but the story of the marriage is true as long as they read because they are going to tell the real story.

The Warsaw Zoo is located in the Praga district, one of the most historic districts of the Polish capital. It is located on the Ratuszowa road, very close to the Vistula River.

The zoological garden opened its doors in 1928, but before that, Warsaw already had several parks with exotic animals in the 17th century, such as the Warsaw Palace in the heart of the Old Town and Wilanów, also in the palace. .

Jardim Zoológico De Varsóvia Foto De Stock

In Warsaw, who was later to be responsible for donating a large part of the animals to today’s main Warsaw Zoo.

The most exotic animals that the Warsaw zoo had at the time of its creation included tigers, lions and the famous elephant Kasia. in 1937

Today, the Warsaw zoological garden covers about 40 hectares and is the city’s main tourist attraction in summer and winter. The zoo has over 11,000 animals and over 500 species, making it one of the largest zoos in all of Europe.

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

This Polish wedding was created by Antonina Żabiński and Jan Żabiński. They both met at the University of Warsaw.

Vila Zabinski No Jardim Zoológico De Varsóvia Imagem De Stock Editorial

Jan Żabiński was born in April 1891 and Antonina Żabińska in 1908. Both originally belonged to the city of Warsaw.

Jan was a zoologist, scientist and director of the Warsaw Zoological Garden in 1929-1939, and after the war he remained as director until 1951.

Jan Żabiński – Photo. Concern Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny – Illustration Archive, Signature: 1-G-547 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Jan Żabiński was the director of the zoo from 1929 and was one of the many Polish heroes of World War II. John was responsible for transforming the zoo into one of the most advanced and modern zoos in the world.

Flamingo Warsaw Zoo Poland Stock Photo By ©mari1photo 164129734

(Personal diary, in which he relates events in the Warsaw zoo during the war). Antonina also works at the Facultad de Ciencias Naturales at the University of Warsaw.

On September 1, 1939, the German invasion of Poland was announced on the radio and in the press, causing chaos and panic in Warsaw and other Polish cities.

The German occupation was brutal and Warsaw was virtually destroyed after the 1944 Warsaw Uprising at the end of the war.

Zoologico De Varsovia Real

On September 3, 1939, the first bomb fell on the Warsaw Zoo, killing many animals, the dangerous surviving animals were shot by the army, and some managed to escape the city. The most exotic and valuable animals were exported to Germany, including the elephant Tuzinka.

Villa Zefyros Restaurant, Solingen, Merscheider Str. 289

Due to this German occupation, Jan Żabiński resigned as the official director of the Warsaw Zoological Garden, because the Nazis decided to appoint a new director of the zoo. But Joan was very active in everything related to the zoo.

Later, in November 1940, the Warsaw Ghetto was established, the most populous ghetto in all of Europe, with about 450,000 people.

In 1940, Jan Żabiński decided to build a facility at the Warsaw Zoo to preserve the infrastructure of the zoo, but a few months later the rabies epidemic killed all of Brussels and the idea was abandoned. Later, the zoo was used as a kitchen garden where some people grew poppies and other vegetables.

Entrance to the Warsaw Zoo in reality – photo: Adrian Grycuk / CC BY-SA 3.0 PL (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/pl/deed.en)

Die Frau Des Zoodirektors: Dvd Oder Blu Ray Leihen

At the same time, Jan Żabiński, also a member of a secret Polish military organization, planted explosives and chemicals in the zoo.

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