Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever – Black Panther: Cast Forever has officially been released as the final film of Phase 4 of the MCU, bringing an incredible cast of characters into the spotlight.

After a few years of delay and confusion, Marvel Studios is getting a chance to celebrate its efforts in Black Panther 2 with a full return to Wakanda. Director Ryan Coogler did his best to deliver a story that added a meaningful new chapter to Marvel’s story, with one of the best ensemble casts of any MCU film to date.

Wakanda Forever

Wakanda Forever

Coogler did all this without his co-star, the late Chadwick Boseman, whose role as T’Challa was not reprised after losing his battle with cancer in August 2020. The sequel was a great tribute to the first black MCU lead. , with a dozen A-list stars stepping up to take the narrative forward and take the MCU to new heights.

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Letitia Wright’s Shuri became the protagonist of the film, throwing things and trying to heal T’Challa before his brother died. He spent the entire film doing his job and working to negotiate with the Talokan to prevent a war before taking his big step forward as an MCU hero.

In the end, the princess of Wakanda was the one to take on the mantle of Black Panther, reviving it as she rose to protect her people.

Angela Bassett’s Ramonda became the centerpiece of the film, reclaiming the throne of Wakanda’s queen after the death of her son. But when he did his best to show Wakanda’s place in the world while protecting his people, he became the main character of the movie when Namor died when it was packed in the palace.

Giving her life to save another, Ramonda’s death hit her people hard during the Battle of Wakanda, prompting Shuri and her people to honor their fallen queen and find a better way to win the war.

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Okoye’s story caught the attention of Black Panther 2, which even led to him being named General of the Dora Milaje after losing Shuri in their US mission. But that didn’t stop him from doing a great job as the story progressed Shuri made a new suit for Okoye to wear in the battle with Namor and Talocan.

This allowed him to take on the nickname Midnight Angel and incredible new powers, including superhuman strength. A new outfit and position set him up for a different journey in Wakanda, even though he’s a normal person.

Winston Duke’s M’Baku takes on a very different role in Black Panther 2, as the Jabari tribe is no longer separated from the rest of Wakanda. He served on Wakanda’s judicial council and threw himself against Namor and his people, helping Shuri in any way he could after Ramonda’s death.

Wakanda Forever

He also got a chance to run for the throne of Wakanda after showing up at Shuri’s game, making him play a big role in future Black Panther storylines.

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Florence Kasumba Ayo returned to her top position with the Dora Milaje, even rising to become the leader of the group when Okoye was fired. He supports Okoye and his fellow Dora warriors in this new space, joining forces with Namor on a huge battlefield in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ayo also becomes the last MCU LGBTQIA+ hero due to a brief moment at the end of the film after talking about his relationship with a member of the Wakanda Royal Guard.

Michaela Coel’s Aneka takes on this role as Ayo’s partner in Black Panther 2, kissing him on the forehead after a fight with Talokan comes to the rescue. But before that happens, he proves to be a very capable fighter.

Aneka is seen using two glowing blue blades that Shuri made for her, giving her various fighting styles, while the rest of Dora use their spears. He also joins Okoye as the Midnight Angel in his ultimate battle suit.

Florence Kasumba As Ayo In

Longtime The Daily Show actor Trevor Noah played a small but important role in 2018’s Black Panther as the voice of Shuri’s AI Griot. With his technology back in fashion for Black Panther 2, it’s not surprising to hear Noah’s voice again, especially after he said a few weeks before its release that he might have a role in the film.

Noah had a special effect when he tried to help Shuri restore the heart-shaped tree, both when he was trying to protect T’Challa and before he became Black Panther.

After the movie “What if…?” Voiced by Black Widow in the first season, Lake Bell debuted in the MCU’s live-action Dr. Like Graham in Black Panther 2. His character came aboard a ship looking for Vibranium in Talokan with the help of Riri Williams. machine to see when his crew was drowning in the sea.

Wakanda Forever

The team then faced the wrath of the undersea Namor when he and his army attacked them and killed the entire team. As Bell’s character escapes in the helicopter that first arrived, Namor uses his super powers to quickly throw the car into the sea.

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Dominique Thorne’s Riri Williams/Ironheart is the driving force behind the film’s fight, her vibration detection technology driving Namor and his people into battle with Wakanda. Shuri and Okoye then find him on the MIT campus as he shows them his Mark I Ironheart armor, though Namor kidnaps him along with Shuri.

Back in Wakanda, Ramonda gives his life to protect Riri, encouraging her to fully support Wakanda in developing the Mark II suit. Although he was supposed to keep the suit in Wakanda, his journey has ended in the Disney+ series Ironheart, which is said to be a direct sequel to his first MCU film.

Tenoch Huerta made MCU history with his portrayal of submariner Namor, who was the main antagonist of Black Panther 2 from Wire to Wire. After the US government used Riri Williams’ device to detect Vibranium in her underwater world of Talocan, her people retaliated and asked Wakanda for an alliance to cover up their two countries.

Namor declared himself to be the new mutant in the MCU, being the first to call himself this title, displaying incredible powers and durability before facing off against Shuri. Surprisingly, they came to a settlement and understanding when Namor halted his attack on the world in exchange for Wakanda keeping their presence a secret.

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Namora takes on the role of one of the leaders of Namor’s army, going to war with Shuri and Okoye in Boston to help his country capture Riri Williams.

Since Namora is only on Talokan, she uses a water-filled breathing apparatus above sea level, but this does not take away from her skills as a fighter. He is an important force in the defense of his country as he shows his abilities during the war, giving advice to Namor even after escaping from Riri and Shuri’s custody.

While Attum was often seen as Namor’s opponent, he gave the Talocan leader his full support, mostly using his power as a virtual hammer. His biggest moment came in the opening bridge against Okoye in Boston, although he remained mostly a background player throughout the game.

Wakanda Forever

Isaach de Bankolé, also sporting a large medallion on his lips, returns for a few scenes as the head of the river tribe. And while Nakia lives outside the borders of Wakanda during the film, the leader of the Bankolé clan remained on the Wakandan council to help Ramonda and her friends in the country’s troubles.

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The leader of the merchant race has re-entered the Wakandan council, played by Dorothy Steel as she was in the original Black Panther.

Unfortunately, this turned out to be the last film of Steel, as the actor died in October 2021 at the age of 95. Boasting one of the most iconic films in history, which premiered at the age of 88, the movie gave him one last moment in the spotlight as he was honored alongside the late Chadwick Boseman after his death.

The Border Tribe was well represented in the film with leader Danny Sapan joining the council with Simbi, de Bankolé and Ramonda to stop Namor’s attack. However, he was the only member of the border tribe in this film as Daniel Kaluyya’s W’Kab was not used this time.

Connie Chiume brought up the last of the four major races, the mining race, in comparison to her appearance as a member of the Wakandan Council. He only had a few lines in a scene from Black Panther 2, giving guidance to Ramonda and the royal family during a meeting about Namor’s attack.

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Guatemalan actress María Mercedes Coroy only had a small role during the flashbacks, where she helped build Namor’s back home and played Talokanilin, the Anti-hero’s mother.

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