Voce Nao Vai Parar

Voce Nao Vai Parar – “I am going to heaven because I am a sinner and I have never done good because I was born evil from my mother’s womb.”

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Voce Nao Vai Parar

Voce Nao Vai Parar

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Porque Você é Salvo?

The false discourse of freedom and impartiality has fueled a wave of intolerance towards Christianity in the West. It already reigns in Europe,

“Then those who feared the Lord spoke among themselves; The Lord heard and heard. And a monument was written in front of him

For the God I serve… Romans 1:9 It is amazing that the current evangelical community has been deeply affected by the charismatic movement that teaches terms like “determine”.

Why is God’s Word so important? Because it contains God’s purpose and will for your life (2 Tim.

Piadas Das Quais Você Não Vai Se Perdoar Por Ter Rido

He called us with his gospel to put on the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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