Vertigo Movie

Vertigo Movie – Vertigo is a 1958 American film noir psychological thriller film directed and produced by Alfred Hitchcock. The story is based on Boileau-Narcejac’s 1954 novel D’tre les morts (From among the dead). The screenplay was written by Alec Koppel and Samuel A. Taylor The film stars James Stewart as former police detective John “Scotty” Ferguson, who retires after an incident in the line of duty leaves him with acrophobia (extreme fear of heights) and vertigo, a false sensation of spinning motion. Scotty is hired by an acquaintance, Gavin Elster, as a private investigator to follow Gavin’s wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak), who has been behaving strangely.

The film was shot in San Francisco, California, as well as Mission San Juan Bautista, Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Cypress Point on 17-Mile Drive, and Paramount Studios in Hollywood. It is the first film to use dolly zoom, an on-camera effect that distorts perspective to create chaos, to convey Scotty’s acrophobia. Because of its use in this film, the effect is often called the “vertigo effect”. In 1996, the film underwent a major restoration to create a new 70mm print and DTS soundtrack.

Vertigo Movie

Vertigo Movie

Vertigo received mixed reviews upon initial release, but is now cited as a classic Hitchcock film and one of his defining works. In 1989 it was one of the first 25 films selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the US National Film Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

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In 2007 it was the ninth best American film. Attracting significant scholarly criticism, it replaced City’s Kane (1941) as the greatest film of all time in a 2012 poll by The Sight and Sound Greatest Films.

After a rooftop chase where a fellow cop falls to his death, San Francisco detective John “Scotty” Ferguson retires for fear of heights and vertigo. Scotty tries to overcome his fear, but his ex-girlfriend, lingerie designer Marjorie ‘Miz’ Wood, says another serious emotional shock may be the only cure.

Gavin Elster, an acquaintance from college, asks Scotty to follow his wife, Madeleine, claiming that she is acting strangely and that her mental state is abnormal. Scotty reluctantly agrees and follows Madeleine to a flower shop, where she buys a bouquet, to the Mission of San Francisco de Asis and the tomb of Carlota Valdés (1831–1857), and to the Legion of Honor Art Museum , where he looks at a portrait of Carlota. She sees him at the McKittrick Hotel, but upon investigation, it appears he wasn’t there.

A local historian explains that Carlota Valdés committed suicide: she was the lover of a rich married man and gave birth to him; The man, on the other hand, without children leaves Carlotta aside, leaving the child behind. Gavin reveals that Carlotta (whom he fears is possessed by Madeleine) is Madeleine’s great-grandmother, although Madeleine is unaware of this and does not remember the places she has visited. Scotty takes Madeleine to Fort Point and when she jumps into the bay, he rescues her.

How ‘vertigo’ Changed Hollywood (without Getting Enough Credit)

The next day, Madeline stops by to thank Scotty and they decide to spend the day together. They drive 17 miles to Muir Woods and Cypress Point, where Madeleine goes out to sea. Scottie grabs her and they hug. The next day, Madeline visits Scotty and tells of a nightmare. Scotty identifies his surroundings as Mission San Juan Bautista, Carlota’s childhood home. He takes her there and they express their love. Madeleine suddenly enters the church and climbs the bell tower. Scotty, stopped by his acrophobia, watches as Madeleine plummets to her death.

The death was declared a suicide. Gavin doesn’t blame Scotty, but Scotty breaks down, becomes clinically depressed and ends up in a sanatorium, almost catatonic. After his release, Scotty revisits the places Madeleine visited, often imagining that he is seeing her. One day he notices a woman on the street who, despite her different appearance, reminds him of Madeleine. Scotty follows her to the hotel room, where she introduces herself as Judy Barton from Salina, Kansas.

A flashback to Judy revealed that she was the person Scotty had known as “Madeleine Elster”. She was impersonating Gavin’s wife in an elaborate murder plot. Judy writes a letter to Scotty explaining her involvement: Gavin deliberately took advantage of Scotty’s acrophobia to replace his wife’s freshly dead body in a “suicide jump”. However, Judy breaks the letter and continues the charade because she loves Scotty.

Vertigo Movie

They start seeing each other, but Scotty remains obsessed with “Madeleine”. She asks Judy to change her clothes and hair like Madeline. After Judy complies, hoping that they will finally find happiness together, she notices that she is wearing the necklace depicted in Carlotta’s painting. Scotty realizes the truth and insists on taking Judy back to the mission.

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There, he tells her that she has to reenact the event that drove her insane, admitting that he now realizes that “Madeleine” and Judy are the same person and that Judy was Gavin’s lover before they split up -se, just like Carlotta. Scotty forces him into the bell tower and confesses his deception. Scotty reaches the top, finally conquering his acrophobia. Judy admits that Gavin paid her to impersonate Madeleine’s “possession”. Judy asks Scotty to forgive her because she loves him. He hugs Judy, but a shadowy figure, actually a word-researching monk, rises from the tower’s hatch and startles him. Judy suddenly retires and accidentally dies. Scotty, again traumatized but cured of his fear of heights, stands on the edge as the monk rings the mission bell.

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Alfred Hitchcock makes his usual cameo in a gray suit and walks down the street with a trumpet case.

In his monograph dedicated to the study of Vertigo, Charles Barr states that the central theme of the film is psychological obsession, especially Scott’s obsession with the pregnant woman in his life. As Barr states in his book, “This story of a man who develops a romantic obsession with an enigmatic female figure is one that his peers, as well as critics and biographers in general, consider to be a story that leads to Hitchcock in a It created a fascination. After first seeing it as a teaser in 1958, Donald Spoto re-watched it 26 more times while writing The Art of Alfred Hitchcock. in 1976. In an article in a magazine in 1996, Geoffrey O’Brie noted other instances of “enduring fascination” with Vertigo and incidentally revealed that he himself had seen it “at least thirty times” since the age of 15.

Some Say Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘vertigo’ Is The Best Movie Ever Made, And Now, You Can See It On The Big Screen

Critics have variously interpreted Vertigo as “a story of male aggression and visual control; as a map of female Oedipal trajectories; as a deconstruction of male constructions of femininity and masculinity; as a bare dissection of the processes of management , Hollywood and colonial studies. oppression; and as a place where textual meaning plays with the infinite regression of self-reflexivity.”

Critic James F. Maxfield suggests that Vertigo can be interpreted as a variant of Ambrose Bierce’s short story “An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge” (1890), and that the film’s main narrative is actually imagined by Scotty, in who we see Hunt on the hanging roof of a building.

Vertigo’s screenplay is an adaptation of the French novel Between the Dead by Pierre Boileau and Thomas Narcezak. Hitchcock tried to buy the rights to an earlier novel by the same author, Sel qui en’etite plus (She Who Was No More), but it failed and was produced by Georges Clouzot as Les Diablokes.

Vertigo Movie

Although François Truffaut once suggested that D’tre les morts was written specifically for Hitchcock by Boileau and Narcejac,

Classic American Films: Why Hitchcock’s Vertigo Ranks As One Of The Greatest Films Ever Made

However, Hitchcock’s interest in his work led Paramount Pictures to commission an abridgement of From the Dead in 1954, before it was translated into Glish (it was published in translation as The Living and the Dead in 1956 ).

The scenes with “Madeleine” and later Judy at Mission San Juan Bautista used the actual location of the mission, including a very tall steeple, as a special effect.

In the book, Judy’s involvement in Madeleine’s death is not revealed until the duet. During the script stage, Hitchcock suggested revealing two-thirds of the secrets of the film’s journey, so that the audience would understand Judy’s mental dilemma.

After the first preview, Hitchcock wasn’t sure if he would keep the “letter writing scene”. He decided to remove it. Vertigo associate producer and frequent Hitchcock collaborator Herbert Coleman thought the removal was a mistake. However, Hitchcock said, “Give it up

Hitchcock’s ‘vertigo’ The New Number One”

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