Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

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Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

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The head and neck are more than structures used to identify your friends and family. They are innervated and vascularized by complex structural bodies, an equally complex network of nerves and vessels.

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Internal carotid artery: carotidtympanic, vidian, basal tentorial, marginal tentorial, meningeal, clival, inferior hypophyseal, ophthalmic, superior hypophyseal, posterior communicating, anterior choroidal, anterior cerebral, middle cerebral artery

Vertebral arteries: They pass superiorly in the brain within the transverse foramina (holes) of the cervical vertebrae, giving off cerebral, muscular and vertebral branches to adjacent structures.

Motor branches: cervical ansa (loop), phrenic nerve, nerve to rhomboid muscle, nerve to anterior serratus (serrated) muscle

Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

Although there is some overlap and a clear division between the areas served is impossible, the first three arteries in the former list primarily supply the head, and the last primarily supply structures in the neck. Check out the following content to learn all about the major arteries of the head.

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The external carotid arteries arise from the common carotid arteries, which arise from the aortic arch (left) and the brachiocephalic artery (right).

Each external carotid artery has several branches: superior thyroid, ascending pharyngeal, lingual, facial, occipital, posterior auricular, superior and superficial temporal arteries. Most supply oxygenated blood to the head and face, except for the superior thyroid and pharyngeal arteries, which supply systems in the neck.

The most important arteries on this list are the maxillary artery, the largest terminal branch of the external carotid artery, which supplies the deep structures of the face along with the lingual and facial arteries. The last two vascularize the tongue and muscles of mastication/facial expression respectively.

The second largest arteries in the head are the internal carotid arteries. They also arise from the common carotid arteries, each of which divides into seven branches.

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The vertebral arteries arise from the subclavian arteries; The two large thoracic arteries lie below the clavicle. The vertebral arteries pass through the neck, into the transverse foramen of the cervical vertebrae, to the brain. In their course, they give various meningeal, muscular and spinal branches to subsequent structures. The vertebral arteries anastomosing each other to form the basilar artery.

The spinal cord and the internal carotid circulation are not two completely different entities. They join the cerebral artery polygon (of Willis) located inside the skull at the base of the brain.

Want to learn all the arteries of the Willis polygon? Check out our exercise guide on the anatomy of the polygon of Willis.

Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

The thyrocervical trunk is another important artery of the neck. It originates from the subclavian artery and gives off the following branches:

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These branches are responsible for supplying fresh blood to the thyroid gland, lateral muscles of the upper neck, levator scapulae, rhomboids, trapezius and sternocleidomastoid and adjacent structures.

Watch the video lesson below to learn the nerves of the head and neck quickly and efficiently:

Now that we’ve covered the arteries, let’s finish our study of the vasculature of the head and neck by learning about the nerves. These two regions are major exporters:

Following similarly named arteries and draining their systems, the first three nerves in the list above connect to the internal and external nerves. In turn, the last two terminate in the subclavian and brachiocephalic nerves.

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In addition to the complex vascular network, the head and neck have an equally extensive nerve distribution. The main nerves in this area arise from two main sources:

There are twelve cranial nerves in total: olfactory, optic, oculomotor, trochlear, trigeminal, abducens, facial, vestibulocochlear, glossopharyngeal, vagus, accessory, and hypoglossal nerves. The first two arise from the forebrain and the remaining ten from the brainstem.

The cervical plexus originates from spinal nerves C1 through C5, which supply sensory and motor branches to the head and neck:

Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

Greater auricular nerve – the skin above the parotid gland, posterior to the auricle, and part of the skin extending from the angle of the mandible to the mastoid process.

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Ansa cervicalis is a neural arch that innervates the infrahyoid muscles in the anterior cervical triangle. It is located in the carotid triangle and has five branches: the geniohyoid, thyroid, omohyoid, sternohyoid, and sternothyroid nerves.

There are many aggregates or clusters of lymph nodes in the head and neck. They are important in lymphatic drainage and proper functioning of the immune system. In the head, lymph nodes are arranged in groups:

The lymph nodes in the neck are also connected together. However, they are not arranged in groups, but form three main chains:

Like the head, each group gives rise to subsequent structures. The lymphatic system can be very difficult to learn, as we know. Review what you’ve learned, reinforce your knowledge, see the tests we’ve prepared for you, and put together all the material you’ve studied.

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Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

The carotid arteries (right and left) are the main source of blood flow to the brain. Carotid disease or carotid stenosis occurs when blood flow is narrowed or blocked.

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After a detailed medical history and physical examination, the doctor may order additional tests to confirm or rule out suspected carotid stenosis. Among them:

It depends on the presence or absence of symptoms, the degree of obstruction (stenosis) and the general health conditions of the patient. They are:

Medical treatment: use of adequate medications, healthy diet, physical activity, and lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation to control symptoms and lesions; Blood thinners that improve blood flow and control related health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Surgery – Endarterectomy: Surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and an incision in the neck opens the carotid artery, followed by removal of the fatty plaque.

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Stent angioplasty (minimally invasive procedure): involves making a hole in the groin and placing a catheter into the carotid artery. This technique uses a filter (small mesh) to act as a barrier to prevent small particles from entering the cerebral circulation. Then, a stent (a metal mesh in the form of a flexible tube) is implanted in the narrowed part of the carotid artery, thereby increasing the capacity of the vessel and increasing the flow. A rupture of the carotid artery. Relatively common causes of ischemic stroke (CVA) in younger patients.

The inner layers of the artery, the vessel in the neck that ascends to the skull, gives some injury, causing an internal injury, an abnormal deviation of blood internally in this vessel and its circulation “wrong”. . Space inside a vessel. It is a little complicated to explain in text, but the fact is that if blood accumulates in the “wrong” lumen of the artery, this vessel can be closed or tumors can form in this place, which causes symptoms of carotid rupture – stroke – cerebrovascular accident.

Carotid artery dissection can occur spontaneously, that is, without an apparent cause. However, the most common cause of dissection, whether of the carotid or vertebral artery, is some local injury to the neck, such as a car accident, direct trauma to the neck area, or severe trauma such as a minor blow. When a body. Activity or any sporting activity – head or neck injury, accidents at home. There are many cases of carotid dissection during activities such as neck massage, activities such as shiatsu, intensive neck physiotherapy and yoga or, for example, simple head movement alone.

Veia Do Pescoço Pulsando

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