Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras – Tens of thousands of French teachers went on strike this Thursday (13/01) because, in their opinion, the government has not adopted a coherent policy against Covid-19 in schools.

Parents, teachers and school administrators are struggling to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and ever-changing government regulations. The new test requirements were announced on the eve of the return from the Christmas holidays and have since changed twice.

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

According to teachers, the education system is exhausted. They argue that classes should be suspended when cases of Covid-19 are recorded, which was not the case in France.

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“We reached the point where we had no choice but to organize a strike to send a strong message to the government,” said Elisabeth Allain-Moreno, national secretary of the Teachers’ Union (SE-Unsa), one of the country’s main companies. trade unions .

Unions say 75 percent of primary schools and 62 percent of secondary schools supported the strike. Principals, inspectors and other staff joined in. The French Ministry of Education published a much smaller balance showing 38.5% of primary school teachers and just under 24% of secondary school teachers on strike.

In Paris on Thursday, some schools closed completely, some only partially and others with normal classes. Some of them operated only to care for the children of medical professionals.

Mirlene Pouvin, whose son is part of a school that is on strike, said that she sympathizes with the case: “I understand why the protocol is impossible to apply, neither in schools nor in hospitals. I don’t hold a grudge against them.”

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The French government is currently carrying out a policy of maintaining maximum personal hours and stating that a certain degree of complication must be paid for. – Michel Blanquer, on BFM TV.

In recent days, France has experienced a record number of Covid-19 cases, reaching 370,000 infections in 24 hours. Positive cases in schools mean dozens of students and staff are being sent to labs and pharmacies for tests.

“The exhaustion and despair of the entire educational community has reached an unprecedented level,” the joint statement of 11 unions points out, as well as the lack of adequate tools to ensure the smooth functioning of [schools].

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

Barely a week after schools reopened after the Christmas holidays, there have already been several reports of schools suffering from serious problems.

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At the Jean Renoir institute in Boulogne-Billancourt outside Paris, for example, a quarter of teachers and one in 50 students tested positive for Covid-19 in the first week of January.

Speaking to the Reuters news agency, director Aristide Adeilkalam now faces a major challenge with the new testing and contact tracing rules.

“It’s very, very, very complicated: 47 students have Covid-19, I have to identify the contact person for each of them. Until now, we have been able to manage cases on an individual basis as they came in. Now we are overloaded.” There are 620 people in the school. students and 40 teachers.

In recent months, France has emphasized keeping schools open, avoiding closing classes with positive cases of the coronavirus. Also, unlike the rest of the European Union countries, it did not extend the holidays amid the spread of the omicron version.

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In the country, if a student tests positive for COVID-19, the rest of the class must take three tests within five days. This exacerbated the already long queues at pharmacies and laboratories as the number of cases reached an all-time high. .

In the week leading up to January 2, a record 8.3 million coronavirus tests were conducted, and that was before the end of the holiday season.

For the unions, the government is making a “risky bet” for the health of teachers and students, but Minister Blanquer rejected the criticism.

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

“Of course it’s difficult, of course it’s complicated,” he said in an interview with CNews TV, referring to the new testing protocol. “But that was the price of keeping the schools open. It would be easy to say: the children don’t go to school anymore. That’s not what I want,” he pointed out.

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Despite the slow start due to vaccination, 90% of people over the age of 12 in France have already received at least two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

According to experts, B.1.640.2 shows many mutations and puts the scientific community on alert. It might seem that there are two details about the Campo Maior high school playground that are not stated, but they are not. They illustrate the intent to keep students at the institution only when absolutely necessary. “The point is the lessons. So does anyone believe the kids are sanitizing their hands during foosball?” – asks the deputy director of the group Luís Santa, who sometimes leads the tour of the building to prepare the letters. about a pandemic.

On the first floor entry stairs, tapes are still in progress. The same scattered throughout the generous school park. Some prohibit the passage, others mark the roads and there are even central dividers. “It’s like cars, the idea is to always go to the right,” reasons the teacher after welcoming him at the front door.

Here, the disinfecting mat purchased by the municipality is the first line of defense, followed by two thermometers that measure the temperature. Green light indicates normal values.

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Long benches strategically placed in the middle of the courtyard define the route of those entering and leaving the school. You lose count of the bottles of sanitizing gel as you walk the halls. They seem to be everywhere and there are two more just around the corner.

In addition to the back-to-back boards, there is also a poster that indicates the routes of the classes. Who climbs the internal stairs and who reaches the rooms on the first floor by the stairway to heaven.

“There are 32 classes. We had to find a room for each one of them, and all this had to be thought through carefully so that the number of students crossed was as small as possible,” explains the vice-chancellor, thus justifying the intention to keep it. unlike usual – the hall door opens outwards.

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

The teacher now opens the doors of the offices that are left inoperable to show the endless furniture that has been removed from the classrooms. Only the materials needed for the number of employees in each class remained. There are tables, chairs, benches and even an easel. It accumulated until the epidemic passed.

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Next to another sanitizer dispenser is a digital thermometer where you just touch your wrist to measure the temperature.

“What we did was almost a house change, in which the operational assistants were of invaluable help”, congratulates the teacher, emphasizing that in this school the classrooms were arranged in an alternative way to receive primary and secondary classes, with a staggered schedule. “If room 10 is the primary, 11 is the secondary. The secondary students come and go a quarter of an hour earlier,” he says.

The door to the “star room” of the only academic year is now open. The auditorium of more than one hundred square meters and one hundred people was transformed into the largest classroom in the school, ready to host a class of 31 people from the 10th grade. Most classes have a little over 20 students, but this class combines foreign language subjects.

“Each student has a desk in his room. We have a plan for everyone to know, and in the two-seater desks there is only one student. It seems that the room is narrower, but this is an optical illusion, because it still guarantees more distance between the students” says Luís Santa.

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The management of the center assumes that these days of planning were less complicated because the system was tested at the end of last year, when the personal activity of the students continued with the exam.” It was a test of only eight hours each time. and now it will be more complicated. , but we take advantage of that pilot experience”, he assumes, without losing sight of the fact that “there will always be last-minute adjustments”.

Now we are in the huge and lively courtyard surrounded by vegetation, where the recreation takes place in the so-called normal years. Here a flap emerges that, to a small extent, recalls the Portuguese pavilion at the Expo.

It will be of great use in these turbulent times to have some chairs for the students to stay outside for shelter on rainy days. “Sometimes they don’t have classes and are outside. The children have to be somewhere,” says the same official.

Uma Sala De Aula Tem 7 Filas De Carteiras

Access to stationery and reprography is the main problem for this startup. The indoor space is reserved for two people only, but students line up in the hallway to make photocopies or top up meal cards. It will be about 600.

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Again, the safe distance between students is marked on the floor with various tapes, but the school board does

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