Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo – Beautiful madness. If we want to sum up everything, everywhere and in time in one sentence, this is perfect for summarizing. Directed and written by Daniels, A24’s new film brings a beautiful, crazy, and highly entertaining journey into the human soul and the possibilities of the multiverse, resulting in science fiction familiar self-discovery.

Full of action and humor, everything and everywhere tells the story of Evelyn Wang (Michelle Yeoh), a woman who accidentally becomes involved in a multi-dimensional adventure that puts the fate of all universes in her hands. Even though the film seems to be about science fiction and travel between parallel universes, the main theme of the film is Evelyn’s journey in search of herself as she wanders between multiverses and encounters different versions of herself and deals with her choices, consequences and consequences. Regrets options and possibilities. And on the basis of this reflection, he was able to re-evaluate his own life and his relationship with his father, daughter and husband.

Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

The film’s storytelling is brilliant and fundamental to the perception of this work. Weaving ideas and dialogue to explain your concepts and develop your themes is key to successfully getting your message across. Because the theme and the speed with which everything is revealed are on the thin line between understanding and misunderstanding on the part of the viewer. And yet it manages to excel in its storytelling thanks to the direction and writing of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, The Daniels, who do a brilliant job.

Tudo Em Todo O Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo: O Multiverso Que A Marvel Queria

How interesting it was to note that within the framework of a completely science fiction with diverse concepts, the film manages to influence the ordinary and mundane human feeling. Eventually, together with Evelyn, we reach the end of the path we can take with our lives. Not only to communicate that we appreciate what we have and who we already are, but also what we are to others, and vice versa. Journey within the characters and themselves. With lots of good humor, science fiction and action. One of the best films of 2022.

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, 2022) is the culmination of a theme that has been tempting Hollywood in recent months: travel between multiverses. And in doing so, Haruh crowns Michelle Yeoh as one of the most talented actresses we have in the entertainment industry right now.

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Wherever she appears in the film, in every scene, and sometimes does it all at once, Yeoh captivates, dazzles and welcomes the viewer in this story of family and family relationships that is well constructed and visually appealing. where everything falls into place to create and will definitely be one of the best features of the 2022 vintage.

The focus on Asian culture is the backdrop for telling strong stories about families and conflicts between fathers, sons, mothers and daughters. And if Hollywood was circling around the mother figure some time ago, now Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Daniel’s couple, show the power of the mother-daughter relationship, which reaches its peak here with

, where the relationship between our two main characters is detailed and presented in a different reality, followed by a delightful narrative journey.

Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

As we explore the peaceful life of a laundry owner named Evelyn Wang (Yu in the best role of her career), an immigrant who must reconcile everything, her life, her abandoned dreams, her job, her clients, her husband. Raymond (Ke Hui Quan), whose relationship is not going well and he goes around asking for a divorce, daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu, it’s so good here), whose relationship is also not going well, who comes with a friend for a family dinner, and of course, she should also take care of her elderly father Gong Gong (James Hong), who arrives in the US after his daughter left the family to try a new life in the countryside.

Tudo Em Todo O Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

Everything bad happens to Evelyn everywhere, and it seems that everything at once. Things get complicated when the family has to go to the federal tax office and explain to the government the accounts of the business they run.

So after the text weighs in to show how bad Evelyn’s life is, the feature graces us with the presence of grumpy tax agent Deirdre (Jamie Lee Curtis, in the version in

) and our plot moves forward with the idea that another version of Raymond appears and starts explaining to Evelyn that she, the most ordinary Evelyn, may be the only hope to save all the universes from a big threat.

For building all the narratives that lead to our hero’s crazy and chaotic journey through the multiverse, this crazy thing, and not a bunch of fanservice scattered around, is very good for the plot.

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The writers, Daniels, who also take care of this part, build the narrative to give the audience time to process some of the information, while the bright and kaleidoscopic visuals take us away from some of the basic and structural narrative issues that catch our eye. multiple movies and they are only allowed in the preview feature.

Give Yeoh a chance to fit into different roles. The only constant here is the phenomenal work the actress does in all of them. Whether it’s a successful actress in a glamorous debut, or a housewife with sausage fingers, or even rock, yes rock.

This will make you look at the stones in a different way. Also for bagels. And one more thing, I promise you.

Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

And this is true for Quand and Tsu. With characters so opaque and devoid of charisma in mainstream reality, the two appear in other versions, whether it’s Raymond Alpha who takes on a mission in an attempt to save the universe alongside Everlyn, or even Tesso who plays alongside the suits. Their other characters in amazing face and body work.

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In this way, the two manage to stand out alongside Yeoh in almost every universe, seeing the different possibilities that can be in their lives, while at the same time fighting a big threat (very close to them) that starts to kill Evelyn of all ages. other realities. Here, without spoilers, the feature is built on such interesting questions that it is better to let the viewer see them all, feel and process them, all of them, himself and all the time as the film develops.

The most surreal fights, with rubber fingers and dubiously shaped stamps, and the best choreographed martial arts scenes,

A strange, touching and hilarious adventure in a movie that can be watched with little to no knowledge to get the experience and make it as rewarding as possible.

The film draws an interesting parallel with Everlynn’s financial problems in organizing her life.

A Irrelevância Importante De Tudo Em Todo O Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

It shows us that the pressure of everything and living it all can seriously affect us, but that some things are more important, and that we must live these good and bad moments at the same time and, in the end, feel everything. In the end, from brilliant visuals to how the story is told, you’re gone.

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Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo

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Tudo Em Todo Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo (2022)│crítica

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There are a million things to say about the film, but the simplest and most honest thing is that a mother is learning to pay attention to her family in the midst of chaos.

Tudo Em Todo O Lugar Ao Mesmo Tempo (2022)

What propelled us forward, and it seemed to be a metaphor for what we are now experiencing in society, was information overload. People say that “empathy fatigue” set in with covid.

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