Trava-língua Infantil

Trava-língua Infantil – In this post, I will share with you an interactive literacy activity to work with children with tongue twisters, continuing the folklore theme.

Due to the similarity of syllables between the words, the tongue twister is like parlendas, a word creation game that belongs to Brazilian popular literature.

Trava-língua Infantil

Trava-língua Infantil

A tongue twister is very important in the language because it focuses on helping children develop better and expand their vocabulary. Adults can use this method by helping them pronounce the words.

Jogos E Materiais Para Alfabetização: Faltando Vogais Trava Línguas

With this activity, the main proposal is to develop reading skills. Tongue twisters are great because they are sentences or short texts that work with words of more phonetic complexity and create a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm in children, because a good reader is someone who can read without stumbling. , and they love it because it ends up being a moment where they compete to see who can read better.

The material has a first page with a picture of Cuca with his cauldron. Other pages have cards that contain tongue twisters. The three sheets of tongue twister cards are divided by type of letter: lowercase, uppercase and italics.

See photos of the action. Click on the image at the end of the post to download the PDF.

Do you like the material? Then leave a comment and share the link to this post to reach more people! Author of the activity: Professor Vívian Rosa – Cantinho Ensinar.

Trava Língua Activity

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Trava-língua Infantil

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Trava Línguas Infantis

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Trava-língua Infantil

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Literacy at home What letter do I write with? Spelling questions. Pedagogical activities in Festas Juninas Activities in Festas Juninas to download literacy reading sheets Twister-Languages​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ has been considered a verbal game used as a playful form of learning for children, teenagers and adults . The main challenge of a tongue twister is to be able to reproduce clearly and quickly verses or sentences that are difficult to pronounce due to the number of repeated syllables or similar.

Trava Linguas Para Imprimir 1 — SÓ Escola

Tongue breakers are popularly considered popular phrases and all countries and cultures have their own.

Tongue Twister is a game that can be of great help in developing vocabulary for children and other people who have problems pronouncing certain words.

Tongue twisters come from popular culture, nursery rhymes and can come in prose, sentences or verses and, as the name suggests, without

Trava-língua Infantil

. On this page, we have selected a wide variety of popular tongue twister challenges for you to practice and have fun at home. If anyone has suggestions for a new tongue twister that is funny or hard to say, please leave them in the comments so we can add them to this page.

Trava Lingua Interactive Worksheet

What do you want Caca? Caca wants a persimmon. What kind of persimmons does Cacá want? Cacá wants all kinds of persimmons.

Time asked time how much time there is, time answered time that there is time in time as much as time, there is time.

The original is not original! The original is not original! The original is not original! If we were not original, it would not be original!

They said my road had parallelepipeds made of parallelepipeds. Six parallelograms have a parallelepiped. A thousand parallelepipeds have a parallelepiped. A parallelogram trace has a thousand parallelograms. So is a parallelepiped the area of ​​a parallelogram?

Mundo Infantil 2º Ano: Trava Línguas O Pato Pereira E Poesia O Pato

The sink next to the utensil, the tree of the utensil next to the sink, more that drips in the sink, more peeps.

There is a plate, a cock and a cat behind the sink. Drops in the sink, cut the plate, sink the utensils and mow the cat

If the Pope eats the Pope, if the Pope eats bread, if the Pope eats everything, he would be the Pope

Trava-língua Infantil

Is Father Peter the mason of the cathedral here? – What kind of father Peter? – Father Peter Pires Pisco Pascoal. – Here in the cathedral there are three priests, Pedros Pires Pisco Pascoai. As in other cathedrals.

Jogos E Materiais Para Alfabetização: Trave O Trava Língua

We will discover some videos on this topic from the Internet. Let’s start with a video of the band Patati Patata, where they show some tongue twisters in a musical key.

The video below shows a group from the courtyard of the culture suddenly making sentences that are difficult to say, such as:

“What does Caca want? Caca wants a persimmon! What kind of persimmon does Cacá want? Cacá wants all kinds of persimmons

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