To Sir With Love Movie

To Sir With Love Movie – Unemployed graduate engineer Mark Thackeray (Sidney Poitier) works as a teacher in an East End school where his desire to see them succeed is respected.

As I write this review I’m surprised I haven’t written about it before. It’s been one of my favorite movies of all time, and the lack of a blog post about it is surprising.

To Sir With Love Movie

To Sir With Love Movie

This movie sparkles with charm. Poitier is brilliant and beyond responsible for making it memorable. Visually, the film perfectly lays over the darkness of 1960s East End life and also through the absurd glitter of mre. Some reviews have noted that the feel of the film is a letdown but I think it’s the opposite.

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The music is great, with Lulu’s hit ‘To Sir with Love’ being the highlight of the film. This is also Lulu’s first film role, and here she shines as plucky yet unique. Although the film has not matured in some ways, in other ways it has not had time yet. The entire cast of the film itself, including Patricia Routledge as Clinty Clintridge, is a teacher.

If you haven’t seen this movie before, I recommend you watch it. If you are a repeat viewer, go ahead and watch it again. A film so good does not become fatal with viewers again, a story as new as the girls in their minis. . .and how good the teacher should be!

Sidney Poitier, who in 1955 played a student in a difficult inner-city high school, portrays a teacher assigned to a similar school in To Sir, With Love . Unable to find professional work, Poitier took up counseling in the slums of London’s East End. To reach his brave, rebellious students, Poitier threw away his books and his passion to reach them as people – and as adults they would be. It’s an uphill climb, but slowly the students are winning. They began to refer to Poitier as “Sir,” not out of ignorance, but as a gesture of genuine affection. Not that there are no obstacles to overcome: in addition to trying to overcome the difficult student Christian Roberts, Poitier has to face and oppose his fellow teachers. The finale showcases Lulu’s musical talent, which makes up the title track. Based on the novel by E. R. Brainwaite, To Sir, With Love was one of the biggest grossers of 1967 (along with the films Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and When the Heat Gold, Sidney Poitier is one year old) . In 1996, a made-for-TV sequel was created, reuniting Sir with Love co-stars Sidney Poiter, Lulu and Judy Geason, none of whom looked a day old.

To Sir, With Love is a 1967 British drama film in which Sidney Poitier deals with relationships and racism in an inner-city school. James Clavell both directed and wrote the film, based on the biographical text for Sir, With Love by E.R. Braithwaite.

To Sir, With Love’ Author E.r. Braithwaite Dead At 104

The film’s title track, “For Sir With Love”, titled Lulu, reached number one on the US pop charts, and was eventually number one on Billboard magazine’s No. The 50 Best High School Movies.

The film opened to good reviews and good box office results in the UK and the US. It premiered and came a month before the release of another film about troubled schools, Up the Down Staircase. Halliwell’s Guide to Film and Video described it as “real fantasy” and cited the Monthly Film Review (probably now with its English edition) as claiming “the written text feels like which was written by a Sunday school teacher passionately behind it. of South African songs”.[2] Time Out Movie Guide says that it is “unlike school life as we know it” and “hoodlums renews miraculously a week before the day (thanks to teacher Poitier) to laugh”.[3] While agreeing with claims about the film’s emotional appeal, and giving it a neutral rating, Virgin Film Guide said “What makes [this] film is so good the mythical nature of Poitier’s character. at the same time it embodies everything there is about morality, respect and justice.[4]

To Sir, Le Love holds a 92% “Fresh” rating on review website Rotten Tomatoes.[5] The film earned $42,432,803 at the box office in the United States, earning $19,100,000 in rentals, on a budget of $640,000, [1] making it the eighth highest-grossing picture of 1967 in America. Poitier especially benefited from the film’s success as he agreed on a fee of only $30,000 in exchange for 10% of the total box office and thus prepared the biggest performance in film history. In fact, despite the fact that Columbia requested an annual cap of $25,000 for Poitier to fulfill the percentage of words, the studio was forced to renegotiate the agreement with Poitier when they ‘ assume they will guarantee 80 years of payments.

To Sir With Love Movie

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