Thirteen Movie

Thirteen Movie – Tracy does not have what it takes to be “cool”. Her clothes are not sexy and have a logo. And as a 13-year-old just going through a Barbie doll, she was stupid and innocent.

Of the world. Her dress you go. Her attitude. But she is a bad breed! Evie is not just slowly dragging Tracy into the world of sex, drugs and her other rebellious behavior, she creates an overnight shift. Not that Tracy has a lot of struggles. She is ripe for corruption, ready to work

Thirteen Movie

Thirteen Movie

That’s it for plotting. What you love about movies is the close-ups of the camera following two seventh graders as they experiment with Homosexuals, multiple partners, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, drug trafficking, piracy, penetration and secession. This is all done under the noses of parents and guardians who have no clue and can not work. But to be fair, it is not the subject of rebellious youth.

Review ‘thirteen’ (2003)

Give it four (out of four). Worse, it has been cited as a “warning tale” that sends a positive message at the end. Not at all. The basic message is that Evie and Tracy’s destructive and addictive behavior – except for the cut – is a lot of fun as long as you have a friend to share the experience with and you are not stuck! No one is here for a reason. No respectable examples. No one shows the way out. No answer. No side effects. No hope.

Do teenagers live like this? Exactly. But who needs a movie that brings life to life without providing a solution or even a distraction to show the devastating consequences? The only price these girls pay for their inappropriate behavior is that they end up losing each other’s friendships (whatever it was worth from the start!

Because both girls will spend their entire lives in a tax-run rehabilitation center. However, some teen viewers may not understand this situation clearly.

Positive: Tracy’s mother is a mess. She slept with her boyfriend, allowed Mason (Tracy’s brother) to smoke marijuana every day, swore like a sailor, and allowed her children to use the same language (often disrespectful to her). But there is one thing for her: Deep down, she really cares about her children. The film does not contain any moral statements about any of the teenagers’ traumatic behaviors, but from the setting and tone of the scene involving the self-cutting, it is clear that the director understands that this behavior should To be disgusting.

The Joys Of Film. — Thirteen (2003)

Sexual Content: The lives of Evie and Tracy have become a big party in their minds. Everything is about them – live for the moment and fulfill every urge and whim. So it is not uncommon for them to fly from heterosexuals to homosexuals in groups to have sex with older ones without thinking or worrying about the consequences or right or wrong of their actions. Some specific examples: After drinking and smoking with some men, Evie and Tracy broke up with them. The girl’s shirt came off (the bra was still on) and the man’s pants were unzipped (reduced to black). The girl’s discussion below makes it clear that things are not over. In another scene, Evie kisses Tracy who is sleeping and says, “I love you.” Later, the couple closed their lips and made out excitedly.

Seduces an old boyfriend at his house, the girls talk about making “sandwiches”. They took off his shirt, took turns kissing and kissing him until he had a second thought and threw them out of his house (at which point they found his marijuana container). Evie sneaks out of Tracy’s house to meet late at night with an old man, and it proves she has a history of disagreement.

Angered by her brother using the bathroom for too long, Tracy says she has masturbated. Evie tells some men that Tracy wants to have oral sex on them. Tracy’s mother (Melanie) is said to have taken off her clothes by her boyfriend before she took a shower (the camera goes into her breasts). The next scene shows the couple in bed (with cover). Evie reveals her breasts to Tracy’s brother (raises the camera angle).

Thirteen Movie

To be cooler, girls believe that their clothes must be tight and “sexy”. Even Tracy’s mother smiles, agreeing on clothes that shouldn’t have borders. Melanie, a barber from her home, told a client, “If [this hairstyle] makes you book, you owe me twice as much.” The girl buys and steals pants with a sexual expression (e.g. “I want a bone”). Tracy tried to annoy her mother by repeating the words, “I’m wearing a bra without pants.” Posters For Room Aesthetic 90s Minimalist Movie Posters Thirteen Movie Canvas Poster Bedroom Decor Office Room Decor Gift 12x18inch(30x45cm) Unframe Style: Posters & Prints

Violent Content: Using laugh gas or nitrous oxide, Yevy and Tracy join the “Beat Me” game by slapping each other. The girls seemed happy even though they were bleeding and bruised. They later hid the damage with makeup and stickers. Tracy is the cutter. On the screen, she bled as she dragged scissors across her forearm. In another scene, she uses a razor. The girls stabbed Tracy in the abdomen with another needle. Melanie shows her rage in a scene by tearing a box of cereal and tearing linoleum out of her kitchen.

Abusive or obscene language: From beginning to end, there are constant insults. If that is the only part that cannot be denied.

There will be enough reason to lead clearly. The film is 95 minutes long and averages more than one pornographic or insulting story per minute. What makes the language even more shocking is the way Tracy uses the word F to curse her mother (without any reaction). In addition to being cursed). When her father, who was mostly absent, showed up for the tour, she expressed the same cruelty to him (again, no reaction other than the same language back). Tracy and her brother have a verbal dispute. When the scene involved high school students, pornography simply flew like “hello.” One boy said he “just wanted to see some T-ts.” The words f and s are associated with some misuse of the names of God and Jesus, the use of profanity, common slogans for the male and female genitals, and inappropriate gestures.

Drug and Alcohol Content: Tracy and Evie smoke heavily, drink inhaler (cocaine?), Gas, drink what a man calls “vodka” and smoke regularly (like Melanie, her boyfriend and Evie’s guardian). . An unspecified drug has one of them “spider sight”. No risky and illegal behavior was shown to be declining. In fact, they are made to look so much fun. And not just girls

Film Review: Thirteen

Evie’s guardian is an alcoholic who allows the girl to drink her beer. Melanie and her boyfriend drink champagne at dinner. Mason is said to smoke every day with the full knowledge of his mother. Adult male friends have loudspeakers (not used), but as the women approach him for sex, Driesman drops alcohol. Tracy refers to Melanie’s boyfriend in front of her as “Coca-Cola”.

Other negative items: Evie has cool clothes, but that’s just because she stole them. To prove she was hip enough to be part of the crowd, Tracy picked up a woman’s pocket. Both girls are routinely liars and use fiction to gain the sympathy of their parents. They also lie about their age to get their tongues pierced. Gangsta rap plays background and front music. A scene on Hollywood Boulevard sees a girl listening to a street rapper sing, “I feel like jumping on something.” And sadly, the parents and guardians in the film are just older versions of Tracy and Evie.

Conclusion: Without questions, children can be bad. And there is nothing wrong with showing an unjust attitude. Problems with

Thirteen Movie

Is it scary to show the consequences, offer a solution, make any moral judgments, or show a positive character that shows the return of the coin that all moviegoers are given is a lazy opportunity to become You see. So what do you see in Peeping Tom? Two seventh graders are using drugs, having sex, insulting and rebelling. In fact, it can be argued that “disadvantages” are manifested when both girls are caught with their “storage” and to save their skin, point fingers and stop being Friends. But if this is as bad as the outcome (and in this case it is), the reasonable answer in the teenager ‘mind is: stop grabbing and find a more loyal friend. Why not show the opposite attitude to some “good” child who does it right, avoids drugs, and follows the guidance of spiritually healthy parents? After all, according to a recent University of North Carolina study, 80 percent of teens think their parents.

Who Are The Real Heroes Of Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives? — Popcorn Podcast

Talking about whether they smoke or drink alcohol … is something you never knew about watching this mess.

One of the organizers told me she had already watched the movie. I asked her, “Is this a cautionary tale or is this movie destructive?” Your answer? “I am not

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