The Vikings Movie

The Vikings Movie – Swashbuckling historical fantasy film directed by Richard Fleischer and shot in Technicolor. Produced by Jerry Bresler and stars Kirk Douglas. It is based on the 1951 novel The Viking by Edison Marshall, which is also based on material from the sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons. Other leading roles were taken by husband and wife Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh as well as Ernest Borgnine. The film made extensive use of natural locations in Norway. It was mainly filmed in Maurangerfjord and Maurangsnes, photographed by Jack Cardiff, although Aella’s castle was actually Fort-la-Latte in north-east Brittany in France.

Despite being criticized as a “Norwegian opera” by the New York Times critic Bosley Crowther, the film was a huge box office success and spawned the Tales of the Vikings television series, directed by film editor Elmo Williams, which has no originals. throw them or the letters.

The Vikings Movie

The Vikings Movie

The King of Northumbria is killed during a Viking raid led by the fearsome King Ragnar Lodbrok. Because the king had died childless, his cousin Aella took the throne. The king’s widow, however, is pregnant with Ragnar’s child. To protect the child from the ambitions of his grandson, he sends him to Italy. In a twist of fate, the ship is captured by the Vikings, who are unaware of the child’s relationship, and make him a slave.

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The boy grows up to be a young man named Eric. Her alienation is eventually discovered by Lord Egbert, a Northumbrian noble who opposes Aella. When Aella accuses him of treason, Egbert finds sanctuary with Ragnar in Norway. Egbert recognizes the Northumbrian stone of the royal sword Requiter in the amulet around Eric’s neck, placed there by Eric’s mother when he was young, but he tells no one.

Erik incurs the wrath of his brother Einar, Ragnar’s legitimate son and heir, as the former orders his falcon to attack Einar, removing one of his eyes. Erik is saved from imminent execution when the court chief Völva Kitala (who loves Erik as a son) warns that Odin will curse anyone who kills him. He is left in a pool of water to drown in the rising water at Ragnar’s command to avoid the curse, but after Erik calls out to Odin, the wind changes and forces the water away, saving him. Lord Egbert claims it as his slave property to protect his rights, before Einar, fully aware of the changing climate, can return and finish. Egbert hopes to take advantage of the fact that Eric is unknown to the kingdom of Northumbria.

The conflict between Eric and Einar increases when they fall in love with the Welsh princess of Christian Morgana, who will be married to King Aella, but is caught in a kidnapping suggested by Egbert, asking for a ransom and bringing the pressure of shame and political disfavor on top. Northumbrian. monarch. During a drunken party in the “great hall”, Einar confesses his feelings to Ragnar, who tells Einar that a woman should often be taken by force and offers his son to take the prisoner as his own. Einar throws the guards from the ship where Morgana is trapped and begins to rape her – defying her expectations and hopes of resistance, she gives nothing, killing his desire to take her by force. Before things can go any further, Eric grabs Einar by the back and pulls him out, taking Morgana with him in the little boat that Egbert had built.

Eric and Morgana escape to the cave, along with Sandpiper (Eric’s servant), Kitala, and Morgana’s servant Bridget. Einar then knows again and gives the alarm, and several searchers quickly find the fugitives. In the thick fog, Ragnar’s longship hits a rock and sinks, while Erik’s ship is guided safely by an ancient compass, a piece of magnetite in the shape of a fish that Sandpiper picked up to a distant land. Einar, on another ship, believes that Ragnar is dead and sadly abandons the search. Ragnar, however, is rescued by Erik and imprisoned in Aella. Eric and Morgana fall in love during the trip and he agrees to seek release from his promise to marry Aella.

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Aella orders that Ragnar be bound and thrown into a pit full of hungry wolves. In order to give Ragnar the death of a Viking (so that he can conquer Valhalla), Eric, given the honor of forcing him into the dungeon, cuts the prisoner’s bonds and gives him his sword. Laughing, Ragnar leaps to his death. In response to Eric’s “betrayal”, Aella cuts off his left hand, puts it back in her ship, and sets him on her way. Erik returns to Einar’s house and tells his brother how his father died and what Aela’s reward was for allowing Ragnar to die a Viking’s death. With this discovery and the promise that Eric will guide their ships through the mist (making a surprise attack possible), Einar is finally able to convince the other Vikings to sail to Northumbria. Abandoning their mother’s hatred, Einar and Erik went to the gland.

A dragon invades the land and the Vikings begin to invade the land. The alarm sounds and the castle’s defenders gather to repel the Viking attack. In a bold move, Einar has several Vikings throw axes at the covered bridge that prevents trance to guard the castle. Some of the ax throwers are killed, but they have to survive to throw their axes, and a “ladder” is made for Einar to climb after he crosses the gap in the dungeon. He gets a hold of the power and lowers the bridge so that the other vikings can defeat the giants. Eric and Einar both started looking for Morgana. Instead, Eric turns Aella on and puts her in the wolf’s den.

Einar finds Morgana in the chapel on the highest peak and hits on her, telling her that she will be his Que. When Morgana tells Einar that she loves Erik, Einar pulls her out and calls Erik over after their long battle. The two are fighting with swords on top of the tower. Erik is defeated, his sword is broken, but as Einar prepares to kill, he hesitates, having learned the truth from Morgana and Ragnar suddenly sees Erik’s ugly face. This gives Erik (who still doesn’t know he’s a brother) the opportunity to stab Einar to death with the blade of his sword. Echoing the scene with Ragnar, Erik gives Einar the sword so that he too can conquer Valhalla. In the final scene, Einar is given a Viking funeral: his body is placed in a long boat, which is burned with flaming arrows.

The Vikings Movie

The film had two premieres at the Astor Theater and the Victoria Theater on Broadway in New York City on June 11, 1958.

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The film was a success in the US and abroad, grossing $6.2 million in the US and Canada

Kirk Douglas received no salary for the film in exchange for 60% of the profits and is estimated to have earned $300 million from the film.

Bosley Crowther of The New York Times wrote: “The sight of those sleek Viking ships flying across gray seas, laden with beards, a great rapture, is a joy to watch, especially on the big screen and the color is so well used.” in this movie”. However, Crowther was disappointed that “it follows a reliable trading format without any obvious attempt to break new ground. Considering the history of the Norsemen and the great journeys they must have made in carrying out their research and recovery of the empty northern seas, it seems that nothing more terrifying and shocking could have been done than this copy of the West, in ordinary clothes wearing. bad skin”.

Variety called it “stunning, fun and colorful”, adding, “Douglas, doing a roaring, wheelless role as a wild warrior and without the appearance of a Viking, fits the part well”.

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Philip K. Scheuer of the Los Angeles Times wrote, “As a play and in an emotional state, the picture is important, exaggerated, so that it cannot be taken too seriously by the discriminating cinematographer. A kind of ‘Prince Brave’ without the prince, filled with tender action that the adult eye will follow with a mixture of amusement and disbelief.” ” Scheuer also felt that the film’s “various beatings, brutality and beheadings” made it too violent for children.

Leo Sullivan of The Washington Post said: “Luxuriously produced and beautifully shot by that master, Jack Cardiff, ‘Vikings’ is so amazing it can hardly be described as silly. But the simple story of a picture cannot ‘save a man.’

John McCart of The New Yorker wrote: “Things are terrible, but some of the views of the fjord are amazing.”

The Vikings Movie

Film Monthly Bulletin said, “There is nothing to appreciate; however, in its inspiring way, looking at some of the old things in storytelling, this film creates a world with fairy-tale colors, which is often dense, and only suffers from the middle part”.

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