The Calling

The Calling – I am disappointed that my August concert “the calling/Alex band” has been canceled PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN THE NEXT CONCERT IS AVAILABLE

A great show to see if you can! I loved it. It made me love The Calling more than ever. Every great song, even a new unknown, just has something special about it <3

The Calling

The Calling

It was a great show! Although the crowd was small, the band was full of energy and Adam sang with spirit and conviction.

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The call was amazing. The place was great. The bathrooms were clean. Food and drink prices were fine. The only suggestion I would make is to do an actual baggage check on site. I would feel safe and so would many others. Me and everyone else were able to get in without checking our bags. Fear!

Born and raised in the wilds of Hollywood, California, leader and founding member of The Calling, Alex Band first discovered his love of singing and songwriting at the age of 5 and signed to RCA Records at 15. In 2001, the stars aligned and The Calling was born, bursting onto the airwaves with their hit song ‘Wherever You Will Go’, which reached the top of the charts and stayed there for a record 23 consecutive weeks . Through years of hard work and touring all over the planet, The Calling found global success and the best fans in the world. Seven No. 1 songs worldwide and over 20 million albums sold, the song that started it all, “Wherever You Will Go” was named the No. 1 Song of the Decade and the No. 1 Adult Popular Song 3 of all time by Billboard magazine. “Wherever You Will Go” has been featured in many movies and TV shows, including Love Actually, Coyote Ugly, Smallville, and Kate and Leopold. The Calling’s debut album, Camino Palmero, was a true international success and was certified gold and/or platinum in over 40 countries. Ahead of the release of their next album, the band had the opportunity to work with guitarist legend Carlos Santana to sing the smash hit “Why Don’t You and I,” which took the #5 Song Of The Decade spot and #20 Adult. Billboard Pop Song of All Time. The Calling’s second album, Two, found its place on the international scene, reaching number 1 in the UK, Japan, Brazil and Canada. Two’s lead single, “Our Lives”, was performed at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Summer Olympics and was also the opening song for the 78th Academy Awards in 2005. The Calling’s unique blend of hard yet reflective rock is sure to bring back fond memories. years past, but with a new album waiting in the wings and a relentless focus on perfecting their brand of jagged rock, there’s never been a better time to experience this show live. UPDATE: A source told E! News that Aaron Kamin, a former member of The Calling’s Alex Band, is currently taking “appropriate steps” to ensure the band doesn’t continue to bill himself and the group he performs with as ” The Calling”.

“Aaron Kamin wants to protect the ‘The Calling’ brand and also protect the band’s fans so they aren’t disappointed when they come to shows expecting to see a truly unified version of ‘The Calling’ only to see Alex and his current band of musicians of support,” says the source. “Aaron has reached out to Alex several times over the years to discuss an actual reunion project, but so far these discussions have not come to fruition.”

Just after The Calling reunited for the first time since their hiatus in 2005, one of their band members reported being kidnapped, beaten and robbed around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, August 18, police in Lapeer City, Michigan confirmed that E! News in the press release.

The Calling (2014)

According to TMZ, one member of the band who was allegedly assaulted was singer Alex Band, although police are refusing to say which of the four members of The Calling (Band, Aaron Kamin, Nate Wood and Billy Mohler) reported the incident

Police confirmed that the victim “reported that two subjects forced him into a blue minivan sometime between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m.” The gang member also stated that he “was assaulted, robbed and left on another street in the city of Lapeer.” The report also stated that the victim was taken to the emergency room of a local hospital by another gang member.” There, the victim was treated and released. The incident remains under investigation.

On Friday August 16, just two nights before the alleged attack, The Calling reunited on stage for the first time since their 2005 hiatus. Before the band and group, best known for their 2001 hit “Wherever You Will Go,” took the stage in Atlantic City, N.J., the musician tweeted: “Thanks for getting back on stage doing it, which I love! First appearance as #TheCalling tonight at @BallysAC! Doors at 8 show at 10! #AtlanticCity”

The Calling

The following night, the group headed west to Lapeer, Michigan to perform at a local music festival. As of Monday, August 19, The Calling has yet to release an official statement regarding the alleged attack.

The Calling And Alex Band Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

UPDATE: The Calling released an official statement confirming that Alex Band was the band member who reported being assaulted on August 18, 2013. According to the statement, Band was beaten with a bat while a gun was pointed at face and the assailants demanded that he hand over his “Hollywood money.”

According to the statement, Band told his attackers: “Don’t kill me because I’m about to be a father.” The attackers beat him and then said, “We don’t kill fathers,” before “leaving him for dead on the tracks of the Lapeer Local Railroad.”

Banda was left with a fractured lower spine, 15 stitches to the bottom of his chin, three broken teeth and bruises to his side and stomach. In a statement, he said, “I never thought my unborn child would be my savior.  I’m grateful to be alive and I know I’m destined to give my music back to my fans.”

He also denied rumors that the incident was drug-related, saying: “I take my rehab very seriously, I was close to death due to this unbelievable situation and the rumors are categorically false and not a hoax like reported.” Seine Songs includes “Wherever You Will Go”, “Tonight” or “Stigmatized” and no radios or Köpfen bzw. Ohren wegzudenken. Alex Band has Lieder für die Ewigkeit geschrieben. Join the Sänger von The Calling with old and new hits on Tour in Deutschland!

The Call Of The Wretched Sea

Geboren und aufgewachsen im wilden Dschungel von Hollywood (California, USA) entdeckte Frontmann and Gründungsmitglied von The Calling, Alex Band, in Liebe to Singen and Songwriting in Alter von 5 years and wurde with 15 years bei RCA Records.

The Calling was founded in 2001. Die Band quickly broke out on Vielen Radiosendern with a huge hit “Wherever You Will Go”, der Spitze der Charts eroberte und die Spitzenposition von 23 Wochen nicht verließ. Record! During the entire period of work and travel in a Centimeter des Planeten fan The Calling globalen Erfolg i die besten Fans der Welt.

Sieben # 1 Songs weltweit i über 20 Millionen Verkeed Alben, der Song, with which it started, “Wherever You Will Go” in the magazine Billboard zum #1 Song Of The Decade and zum #3 Adult Pop Song of All Time. The Calling’s debut album, Camino Palmero, a wartime ein echter internationaler Hit and wurde in über 40 Länder either with Gold or Platin auszeichnung.

The Calling

Alex Band has in its place The Calling ständig weiterentwickelt, gibt weder sich alone no music auf: Aktual ist ein ein new Album in der Mache, das siine manifoldeschen Facetten as Musicer eindrucksvoll darstellen wird.

The Calling (band)

Immer auf der Suche nach guter Musik, räglichkeit auf Konzerten und Festivals unterwegs, meist gut gelaunt und immer ein Lied auf den Lippen o im Kopf. Schreibt mir gerne eine Mail. Freue mich über Lob, Kritik und viel neue Musik.

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