Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie – It ended with its 100th and final episode in 2017. Now, more than five years after the show completed its sixth and final season, the series is back — but this time in the form of a feature film. According to this

Series creator Jeff Davis has teamed up with Paramount Plus to bring the movie to life about the new evil that threatens Scott McCall and terrorizes Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

On the small screen, Scott is joined by a young werewolf named Alec, who helps him fight new hunters on a mission to kill every supernatural creature in Beacon Hills. In one of the show’s final scenes, Scott’s gang welcomes Alec into their fold. It looks like the resurrection will happen with Scott, Alec and the rest of the gang after the events of the finale.

This Major Teen Wolf Star Is Returning For Movie

But there is still much to learn. How many actors from the original series are reprising their roles for the film? What new characters can we expect? Is there a release date? If you are dying to know all the details about the upcoming movie, here are the details.

Banshees, werecoyotes, hellhounds, kitsuns, and other shapeshifters descend on Beacon Hills as a terrible evil unfolds. According to this

, “Only a teenage, not-yet-alpha monster like Scott McCall (Posse) can both gather new allies and unite trusted friends to fight against the most powerful and deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced.”

, creator Jeff Davis revealed that there will be a longer time jump than fans expected. Obviously, the show’s beloved characters will be a bit older now that it’s been five years since its finale, but Jeff says we’ll see Scott and Derek play older roles than the actors who played them. “These two are back in a big way, and we’re going to see them later in their lives,” Jeff said in EW’s Comic-Con video package. “I can tell you that time is forward, so we’re actually seeing an older Scott McCall. Scott McCall is now older than Tyler Posey.”

Mtv’s Teen Wolf Movie Won’t Work Without Dylan O’brien’s Stiles

“And I’ve always been older than Scott McCall,” Tyler said. “It’s so weird. It’s cool, but it’s cool. I’ve always played juniors all my life, so now it’s cool to be playing over 30.” Tyler Hoechlin, who played the role of Derek, also said that his character will play the role of the father in the upcoming film. “I thought it was great for him to come back as a father and for his new challenge to find who he is, not about himself, but trying to guide his son through that process,” he said.

And OMG we can’t believe we’re back in Beacon Hills. In the two-minute long clip, Scott, the Banshees, The Werecoyotes, The Hellhounds and the Kitsune return to their hometown and together they defeat a terrifying new villain. Meanwhile, Scott and Alison reunite after years apart.

In about two and a half minutes, viewers see what happens when a wounded Derek Hale and his father, Eli, have an unexpected and deadly encounter with Alison Argent.

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

Fans got another glimpse of the eagerly awaited film. The action-packed, 30-second teaser features the return of our favorites against an army of samurai sword-wielding villains. Alison Argent (Crystal Reid) was also revealed to be alive after her untimely death in season 3. A teaser trailer debuted on July 21 before this short clip debuted.

Reddit Theory Explains Allison’s Comeback In Teen Wolf Movie Perfectly

. The streaming giant has given fans a glimpse of the much-anticipated reboot, and it’s a brand new movie poster that delivers a chilling message. OG

Stars Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Tyler Posey, Colton Haynes, Seth Gilliam, Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry grace the poster alongside Tin Wolf’s newlywed Amy Lynn Workman, who will play Hikari Zhang in the upcoming reboot. Leaving little or no room for questions as to what the audience could expect, the poster featured the quote, “The Package is back.”

Revival. Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, Crystal Reed, Orny Adams, Linden Ashby, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Colton Haynes, Ryan Kelley, Melissa Ponzio and Dylan Sprayberry will reprise their roles.

On the other hand, Dylan O’Brien, Arden Cho and Tyler Hoechlin did not make the initial roster. according to the report of

Teen Wolf’ Revival Movie: Everything To Know

, Arden was the only Asian actor in the “predominantly white cast” during the six-year run of the beloved MTV series. In February 2022

She will not reprise her role as Kira Yukimura in the film after being offered half the salary of her white co-star. Dylan O’Brien liked a tweet referencing the report, adding to the speculation.

March 9, 2022. “It was a tough decision. A lot went into it,” Dylan said at the exit. “The performance could not be dearer to me. This is my first job and there are people who are very dear to me. It was something I was trying to work on, but it all happened so quickly. We didn’t know it was happening and they kind of threw it at us, which is good because we all love the show. We tried to figure it out.” An artist who produces his own films

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

In July 2022, showrunner Jeff Davis revealed that although Dylan would not be reprising his role as Stiles, he would still exist and be remembered in this universe. “The movie answers the question of what happened to ‘Stydia,’ so you’ll have to watch it,” Jeff said.

Teen Wolf The Movie First Teaser Shows Allison Is Alive

. “And Styles, when he’s not in the movie, he’s always in the movie. All of these characters make an impact, so we can’t do it without mentioning him or at least referencing him, but all the other characters are there. You’re going to see some familiar faces. .”

On April 14, 2022, Cody Christian, who played Theo Reke in the fifth and sixth seasons of the original series, confirmed that he too would not be returning.

. The actor shared the news in a tweet citing scheduling conflicts: “Even though it’s been a whole month and our schedules don’t line up this time, I’m excited to see what happens in the Teen Wolf universe. I’ll always be home. I’m broken. Chimera’s heart will always be 🐺 🌚.”

He will most likely return as his status is “changing”. The publication also noted that Paramount Plus will announce the names of additional actors ahead of the film’s release.

Then Vs Now: A Look At The Cast Of Teen Wolf And Where They Are Currently

Confirmed that the cast was on set and shared behind-the-scenes photos from the Beacon Hills High School locker room, which you can find here. In the filming, we see the crews gathering and recording, valves, director’s chairs.

The logo is stamped on the back and Tyler Posey poses in front of the monitor wearing a leather jacket, button-down shirt, T-shirt and jeans.

Shared more photos from the upcoming feature film, giving us another look at what’s to come. In one shot, Alison (Crystal Reed) watches the Nogitsune menacingly over her shoulder in stunned silence. We knew Allison would be returning for the revival, but the actress hinted that she’ll be portraying a “different” side of her character. “We don’t know if he’s alive or not,” Crystal said earlier

Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

, recalling Alison’s death in the season 3 finale episode. “We don’t have to tell you if he’s alive or not. That’s what we got. He’s back, but is he alive?” hmm

Teen Wolf: The Movie’ Will Bring Back Tyler Posey And More Series Cast

Teen Wolf Hive, get ready. You won’t just be traveling to Beacon Hills High School

The Twitter account shared a video of the fun news on January 9. “I want to go behind the scenes of #TeenWolfMovie,” he tweeted. “Here’s a six-part series that takes you along with your faves as they bring the movie to life! From on-set sleaze to the worst SFX, welcome to #BehindBeaconHills. Stay tuned for the first episode.”

Jeff Davis has signed a new deal with MTV Entertainment Studios, so the movie revival will air exclusively on Paramount Plus. He will write and serve as an executive producer as part of his multi-year deal.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie’ (2023, Paramount+) Cast, Release Date, Streaming, Trailer, More

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Teen Wolf Teenage Movie

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Teen Wolf: The Movie Poster Shows Off Original Cast Return

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