Take Me To Church Significado

Take Me To Church Significado – In the ten days that I have put the blog aside for testing, quite a few interesting things have happened in pop culture, and the first thing I will talk about is how Hozier became famous with his hit, “Take Me.” in church.”

The Irish singer looks set for another big hit in 2014, but his current success is so incredible that in less than two months, he has already been nominated for a GRAMMY. “Best Song of the Year” Amazing!

Take Me To Church Significado

Take Me To Church Significado

Most of the benefit (if not all) comes from the controversy and sarcasm in the video for this single. Published in September of last year, it shows us the story of a gay couple who kept their love a secret, but in the end they find it in an extreme-right sect and … everything ends tragically: they burn a box. .

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Yes, and this is the whole video: burn the box and everyone goes home. But obviously, it has a background that I really like. First of all, we should remember that Hozier wants to focus on the cruelty and violence that many people experience because of homosexuality (in this case, the “circle” is a representation of the attackers, take the example of Russian society. -law on homosexuality ). Don’t tell me how they got home and beat dad up…

Then there is the case of the box, which is more than a headache, not knowing what it looks like in the whole video. So, here’s the answer: It’s a sign of their relationship (the boy’s son). At first, she went out in public, but after they became suspicious of the “cult”, they had to chain their love – the coffin – and bury her in public so that no one could see her. However, they manage to find, dig and find the whole cake; So they burned him. This is directly related to the tragedies and tragedies that happened in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and recently – in Uganda, with those who openly declared their homosexuality, and those who were set on fire (from which I think the director in the video throw the box into the fire). All very raw…

I love this song, because Hozier’s voice in it is pure drama; Not only that, but his anger at closed minds caused him to respect him again (“Aaamen” caused a stir in the Catholic community). Well, and the product is very successful.

Do you think he will win a GRAMMY? I’m not too sure about this, but the communities I mentioned earlier should be rewarded just for the way they raise awareness about the violence they are doing.

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Tags: chain, boxing, gay, hit, hozier, what’s in the box, the meaning of the song, the meaning of the video, take me to the church, video Today is Wednesday March 25, Nueva Valencia Women’s Day. . .

The shield in the city of Valencia, we must follow our motto Plus ultra, we must go further

And in this virtual Wednesday open space and today we are happy to present a new contributor to the blog:

Take Me To Church Significado

Camila Centeno Bonnet is a young artist experimenting with different artistic mediums while searching for her own voice. His blog is a good example of this, essentially taking up-to-date photos and comments that contextualize his work, serving as an expressive (second?

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After these introductory words, Camilla offers us a powerful analysis of the recent sociological phenomenon of the song and its video by the Irish singer Hozier, “Take Me to Church.”

Singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne (born March 17, 1990), popularly known as Hozier, released his debut EP internationally in October 2013, achieving success and recognition in over 12 countries. The Irish artist’s song was so well received that he received several nominations in one year and performed at major events such as the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Perhaps most of all, the song’s popularity is due to the controversy it caused, especially in the Catholic community of Europe.

“Take me to church” is about the attitude of the church or any powerful institution such as the government regarding intimacy and sex, regardless of the issue. The song compares the physical act of love with a religious act, which according to church authorities is blasphemy[1]. According to the song, the Hoosier’s church is in love with the goddess he worships. When he often refers to original sin, he admits that he delights in it because he himself committed it. For example, “… I was born sick, but I love it. Command me to heal” which itself is inspired by the Chorus Saserdotum of Fulke Greville’s poem “Sick created, command to hear”.

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The sin of sexual pleasure is greater than evil and good, the song ends with this beautiful phrase: “When the ceremony begins, princes and kings, there is no greater innocence than our hidden sins, in sorrow and misery on this earth, only then. Am I human, only then am I pure, Amen. Amen. Amen.” “

In an interview with New York Magazine last March, Hozier said of the song:

“Take Me to Church is basically about sex, but it’s an abomination against organizations that can undermine humanity by teaching us to be ashamed of our sexuality. It’s offensive. This song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming our humanity through love. “

Take Me To Church Significado

As for the music video directed by Brendan Canty, it is one of several interpretations of the song that focuses on the persecution of gays in Russia at that time. The video criticizes the oppression in Russia and unfortunately, this reality is shared in many countries. However, Russia was very hostile towards sexual minorities, equating homosexuality with pedophilia. [2]

St. Peter And St. Mary Of The Assumption (formerly St. Peter) Main Church

We must note that neither the song nor the video is intended or created to insult faith, but to express how various organizations (church or government) undermine our humanity, to the point of accusing us of something close. The right to choose who to love

I would like to close this review with a thought I shared with Hozier about love and intimacy:

“I think of the experience of falling in love as death, the death of everything. You see yourself dying in a wonderful way, and for a moment – if you see yourself in the eyes of others – you feel how everything you believed in. it disappears, it disappears, you die, you are born, that is a religious practice.

[1] Dr. Taylor Marshall “Take Me to the Church Lyrics and Translation – Christian Analysis and Criticism” Taylor Marshall. Web.

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Camila Centeno Bonet (Caracas, 1993) studied film and photography at Chatham University, Pittsburgh. He works with other young artists at the Andy Warhol Museum and in the Department of Art and Design at Chatham University. He has worked as a freelance photographer (affiliated with organizations such as Pittsburgh Filmmakers, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and others) and recently directed music videos for several local bands.

My girlfriend is a joker, she jokes at funerals, she knows how to disagree with everyone.

If heaven has spoken, it is his last true mouth, every Sunday it grows darker, new poison every week.

Take Me To Church Significado

My church offers no absolutism and tells me to ‘worship in the room’. The only heaven I’m sent to is when I’m alone with you.

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Take me to church In your false temple, I will bow my head like a dog, I will tell you my sins. Sharpen your knife.

If I am a worshiper of the god of good times, my lover, the sun, is light, and it requires sacrifice to keep my god by my side.

Drain the whole sea Find something shiny Find something meaty for the main dish That’s a beautiful tall horse What did you find in the barn? Many faithful are hungry

[Chorus 2x:] Take me to the church I will bow like a dog in your false temple, I will tell you my sins gave me death without death to pull your knife God gave me my life.

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