Tábua De Frios De Pobre

Tábua De Frios De Pobre – Find here the best tips and inspiration on how to assemble and prepare a shrimp board to make every moment even more special. See some step by step.

Cardboard tray/board with different types of ham. There is also that super chic Spanish one called Pata Negra, have you heard of it?

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

The kark dish is an excellent alternative, regardless of the occasion and the season of the year. This is a great request that fits into a happy hour, a summer night with that special company, a get-together with relatives, to watch a game, movie or series or even as a starter before serving the main course.

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Being very practical in assembly and preparation, the shrimp board promises to satisfy all tastes, in addition to being super attractive.

However, in order for your food table to attract the attention of even the most discerning palates, it is important to learn how to assemble it correctly and know how to place the food.

There are several techniques you can use to organize your table so that it is balanced, tasteful and proportionate.

But don’t worry! Because you can assemble and prepare your own shrimp board with ingredients you probably already have in your fridge at home! It can be a small or larger cold plate, for several people.

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Anyway, follow the article to the end and see how to assemble and prepare an extremely tasty shrimp dish!

First, you know you can assemble and prepare the shrimp board with ingredients that perfectly match your taste.

However, it is important to understand each of the ingredients to be used and their role in the tasting.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

Of course, it is not essential to put all these ingredients on the plate, but it is interesting that the amount is balanced.

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The good part is that you will already have most of the ingredients at home. Remember that the concept of the shrimp chart is to be able to set the ingredients just by adding a few more ingredients.

For most connoisseurs, the types of cheese are the main ingredients on the shrimp board. Put the most popular or the most flirtatious types.

Since there is a wide variety of cheeses, it will always be possible to use different tastes, consistencies and textures, so that the diversity and complexity of your table is guaranteed.

In general, cheeses can be divided according to their firmness (hard, soft, fresh, semi-hard). After sorting, group them according to taste, color and other individualities.

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For a complete and elegant dish, bet on one of each type of cheese. Buffalo mozzarella, parmesan cheese, gorgonzola, gouda, goat cheese, camembert, and brie are great suggestions.

This shrimp board is very simple and rectangular in shape, but the food fits perfectly on a square shrimp board. Although the food is simple like cheeses, olives and some meats, I found it very chic because there is a variety of products.

Offering salty, intense and often smoky flavors to your shrimp table, the meats are loaded with umami, that flavor that, when preserved by our taste buds, has the ability to elicit a delicious ‘juicy’ sensation.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

You can use both cured meats, such as salami, salami, mortadella, and bacon, as well as cured meats, such as ham, chops, pastrami, ham, and bacon.

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If possible for you, add at least two types of each type to get better flavor options.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can find plant-based meat alternatives, or even prepare some options at home. I think the shimeji mushroom is a super substitute for meat and it’s delicious.

One meat that a friend loves and she always jokes is a poor man’s cart is ground sausage. But if it’s to your taste, don’t bother and include the sausages. My daughter is a toddler and loves it.

In addition to being used as an alternative to flavoring other ingredients, bread is also great for cleansing and balancing the flavor while enjoying food.

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Among the bread alternatives for shrimp boards, you can choose to serve whole grain bread, French bread or even sliced ​​bread. Also, don’t forget the delicious toast. If you want to up the ante and make something really fancy, include croissants, crostini and maybe make some burrata. This is “fantasy at last”.

Being the perfect ingredient to accompany bread, jams have a sweet flavor, capable of neutralizing salt, even combining with cheeses.

But it is not necessary to introduce many alternatives. So use what you already have at home.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

Two ingredients that are great substitutes for jams are cane molasses and honey. So don’t stick to the jam and use your creativity.

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Suggestions for flirty jams that I love for strollers: pepper jelly, mint jelly, red fruit jelly and something really different to try at the event.

This is another ingredient option that serves as an accompaniment to bread. Pies are very easy to prepare and can be made with ingredients you have in the fridge.

Serve your potatoes on small plates or pots along with a few spatulas so everyone can help themselves. Invest in olives, tuna, onions, herbs, ricotta and ham pate, as they are popular.

If you want to travel to Mexico without leaving home, prepare guacamole for the cart tables (guacamole is basically mashed avocado, seasoned with salt, lemon, olive oil, onion, tomato and pepper). Then you can replace the wine with tequila. Up!

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If you want to rock the super fancy goose, you can include a caviar (or roe) goose, then no one can stop you.

This tray/board has meat (it even has eggs), fruit, bread, salad, dark bread, cheese and even yogurt. That day I made a food board for lunch, which was a meal that looks like breakfast and lunch.

Normally, it’s common to find canned goods in the refrigerator, being options that pair perfectly with the other ingredients in the shrimp dish.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

Hearts of palm, olives, cucumbers, quail eggs and bell peppers are great canned options. Don’t forget to add the tasting sticks so you and your guests can enjoy these wonders.

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Because they have a little acidity and a sweeter taste, fruits serve as a great counterpoint for our palate, don’t they?

Especially when it comes to cheese and meat. You have the opportunity to offer both dried fruits such as dates, apricots and raisins, as well as fresh fruits such as figs, apples, strawberries, pears and melons.

It is interesting to cut the fruits into small pieces so that the guests can take them more easily. Use those fancy and fun wands. Watch:

To create incredible combinations of salty and sweet flavors and therefore create counterpoints, you can include some sauces in your shrimp board.

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Make (or buy) a pepper sauce, olive oil, herb mayo, sour cream, garlic paste, and Italian sardines are great choices.

Other dressings I love and think are chic are mustard and honey, barbecue, cheese and salad.

Finally, you have some chestnut options for your guests to try. You can offer different types of nuts to satisfy all tastes.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

There are many types of nuts, but Brazil nuts, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, and almonds work well on shrimp boards.

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If you want a nice shrimp board to impress the person sharing it with you, be sure to include macadamia nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, pine nuts, and Portuguese chestnuts (these are available at certain times of the year, not always);

Now that you already understand a little about each component, it’s time to figure out how to assemble your shrimp board.

In addition to providing a beautiful appearance, the distribution of ingredients makes tasting more practical. This is because all guests will be able to serve themselves.

To do this, use the boards and wooden boards that you already have at home to assemble them. See below for some mounting inspiration.

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When it comes to them, it’s interesting that you divide them into squares, and the foods into groups of irregular shapes, which bring that more messy aspect, but which is still attractive.

The indication for rectangular tiles is to allow one component to easily occupy the space of another. Which will provide a greater sense of richness to the shrimp board.

Organization in round panels makes access to ingredients more practical. This is because there are no edges and the distance between them ends up decreasing.

Tábua De Frios De Pobre

In addition, food storage is easier. Because you just have to follow the board format to fix them.

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Take as a starting point the storage of small pots of stews, sauces, cold jams and preserves.

Place them in places that are near the middle of the table. After that, fill the remaining squares with bread, meat, cheese and other ingredients. Always remember to follow the format

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