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Super 8 – The director talks about the timeless elements of the sci-fi adventure, what would have changed and the key ingredient for a Spielberg film.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this June, Super 8 was launched at a crossroads for writer/director J.J. abrams Heck, Lost wasn’t even off the air for a year. Mega-producer Abrams was just a super-producer at the time (that’s the industry jargon), and he was fresh out of his hugely successful Star Trek reboot at Paramount, having already dabbled in his directorial debut Mission: Impossible III .

Super 8

Super 8

So now it was time for Abrams to attempt to tell a story of his own. Told through the eyes of a 14-year-old boy who has just lost his mother, the alien invasion tale Super 8 was Abrams’ first independent directorial venture, a clear love letter to the 1980s work of Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment . That connection wasn’t just in the film’s adoration for films like E.T. and The Goonies, but also manifested itself through the involvement of Spielberg and Amblin, who co-produced the project with Abrams’ Bad Robot.

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During a press day for the film’s 4K Blu-ray release, Abrams looked back at Super 8 and announced an opportunity to work with Spielberg on a film that could stand alongside some of the legendary director’s classic works. “It was a really special film to be able to do with a remarkably wonderful group of people, and of course Steven – to work with him on an Amblin film,” said Abrams. “I met Steven in 1989 when Amblin was just coming out of a series of fantastic films, Amblin at his Amblinest. I felt like I missed that window to work with him in that way, so it was a fun way to make this film, not just film part of the time, but go back in time to do that working, a film that could hopefully be on a shelf with [these] other films he’s produced under that banner, it’s just been an incredibly special time to work with these people and tell a story that was an original idea. “

Set in 1979, Super 8 revolves around a group of kids who are making a zombie movie but get a lot more production value than they expected when they accidentally film a military train derailment. This accident leads to an alien escaping containment and wreaking havoc on the small town of children. Amblin’s Super 8 nod to the ’80s and the historical setting meant it was doubly important to keep the children’s personalities and relationships timeless.

“The most important thing, of course, is casting the right kids, giving them enough time to get used to each other, and filming if they don’t know you’re being filmed,” Abrams said. “You want the mood on set to be as constant as possible so you don’t suddenly feel like the way you’re natural stops and suddenly goes in the wrong direction. You want to feel like it’s a little weird, all alone one thing. … I think the key really is creating an environment where kids feel like they can be themselves when we roll.

This ideal conflicted from time to time with Abram’s decision to shoot Super 8 on film rather than digital, but it fitted well with the characters’ drive to make his zombie film a reality.

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“If you’re shooting digital, you can keep rolling,” Abrams said. “In film, the camera can only take so much, and you have to be a little more careful with it. It’s almost a more religious experience because you can’t just let it sit for 10-20 minutes. There’s something about that moment [as a roll] where it’s like, ‘Okay, let’s go, let’s start shooting.’ And it was more difficult with this film than it would have been [if we were shooting digital], but special I didn’t do it on a film called Super 8. I don’t want to shoot this on anything other than film.”

Abrams clearly has a huge fondness for his first original film, but that doesn’t mean he views the experience through rose-colored glasses. In particular, he notes that looking back 10 years, he wishes he had had more time to complete his screenplay.

“To be honest, I never got the script where I wanted it,” Abrams said. “We made a film that I’m incredibly proud of, associated with, worked on, and I think everyone did a great job. But when I think about [Super 8] I get all these ideas.” It would have been interesting to try. It would have been nice if we had done this or that.

Super 8

The aforementioned train wreck sequence is one of Super 8’s central action beats, and it holds up remarkably well 10 years later. Abrams wanted audiences to see the chaos through children’s eyes.

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“The train sequence was obviously hyper-real in its execution…which means the train wreck is very long-lasting, the train keeps crashing,” Abrams said. “The intention was to do it from the children’s point of view, to experience how they would have felt when it happened. When people are involved in a car crash, they often talk about it as if they were doing it with slow motion that went on for a long time, but the crash can be instantaneous.”

Abrams credits the success of the train wreck scene to VFX legends ILM, who managed to mix the scene’s practical and digital elements in a way that gave things just the right amount of weight.

“The whole train has been digitized,” he explained. “We had fixed the set with train crashes, but what was amazing was the very close collaboration with Kim Libreri, ILM’s VFX supervisor. I had storyboarded [that scene] so I knew how each shot would work, but as a practical matter, having these kids in the frame with real explosions and pyrotechnic stuff was potentially very dangerous. The wind was crazy and there were many nights of filming. I think [because of] the great work of the people at ILM, including Dennis Muren, who came to help, it ended up looking really good and had a sense of weight and reality, despite being done in a kind of generic way But the intent was to create something that is larger than life and also feels very tactile and real. The worst thing would be if it felt like CG.”

The mix of CG and practical elements, particularly from Jurassic Park, is a well-known strength of Steven Spielberg, but it’s not the most important element in making a Spielberg film, says Abrams.

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“To me, the greatest and greatest thing about Steven is how he sees the world,” Abrams said. “He’s a real optimist and ends up looking at things in a humane and hopeful way. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love creepy shit. It’s not that he doesn’t love dark, weird, twisted, painful stories. He’s clearly made some of the best films that capitalize on those elements. But I think what I really like about [Spielberg’s films] is that they can convey a sense of connection and humanity and hope, sometimes even in the darkest of stories. It’s something I think is a timeless trait, something that’s making people hungrier than ever.”

Even a decade later, the fact that Abrams got to direct a film based on an original concept is still something he’s proud of. “It’s such an anomaly to have a film that’s based on an original idea, to have it made and get the green light from the studio,” he said. “Not to say it won’t happen; Face I’m hoping this will happen more and more because I think people are very responsive to original ideas when it comes to streaming, and I think that’s something the theatrical side of things could benefit from. I am incredibly grateful to Steven for coming on board and Paramount for allowing me to do this.

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Super 8

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