Stand By Me Movie

Stand By Me Movie – Four boys between the ages of 11 and 13 set out to find the body of a missing teenager. They hope to become heroes if they succeed. When they embark on a two-day trip, the trip turns into more of a journey into the adult world.

Rob Reiner’s trip to a happy, adventurous childhood based on Stephen King’s short story hasn’t lost its appeal nearly 30 years later. After the first few minutes, the viewer is hypnotically hypnotized and thrown into the world that each of us wants to have, and maybe even had in childhood. The story of the friendship of four children who are on the threshold of youth and maturity is told with incredible intensity.

Stand By Me Movie

Stand By Me Movie

The various characters of the actors are perfectly chosen, all of them are believable and endearing to the audience

The Daily Stream: Stand By Me Remains The Gold Standard Of Coming Of Age Movies

In particular, Wil Wheaton shines in his role as Gordie Lachance, as he seems childishly naive, yet somehow very mature. Already after a year

He could play the role of Wesley Crusher in the series opposite Captain Picard (played by Patrick Stewart).

Prove your skills again. Corey Feldman convinces with his funny and professional demeanor, as does River Phoenix. Jerry O’Connell is extremely personable and fits in perfectly with the group.

Rob Reiner evokes memories of a happy childhood in his almost painful adventure film. You almost feel like you’ve stepped back in time when a trip to the woods was an adventure. In my opinion, Reiner has created a timeless classic that is surely one of Stephen King’s best films. However, the focus here is not on horror (if you ignore the gruesome idea of ​​searching for and finding a dead body in the woods), but on a nostalgia trip to an age when you still see the world through human eyes. a child, but still feels like an adult. And that’s exactly the mood that Rob Reiner brilliantly captured in his film.

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It’s a must-watch over and over again, and watching a young River Phoenix take another step toward the top of her career makes the film even more watchable than it already is. A brief appearance by Richard Dreyfuss as an aging Gordie Lachance, who as a writer narrates the then and now, impressed me then and still does.

Set in 1959, Rob Reiner’s atmospheric childhood dream feels like a wistful throwback to a time when games were still played outdoors rather than on computer consoles, especially today.

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Stand By Me Movie

That was the only audition I read for and was hired for that space. I absolutely adored Spinal Tap, so to have that kind of validation from a director like Rob Reiner was really powerful for me at the time.

Stand By Me: Dvd & Blu Ray

Rob and I very much agree that this guy [villain Ace Merrill] didn’t have a bad side to him. It’s an asshole to the bone; Unfortunately, every city seems to have this. He was a bully and the only way to make the character work is to hate him.

I worked very little with the main cast, but when I arrived early, they were doing scenes and rehearsing each other’s stories. River [Phoenix] especially had this desire to learn and be good – and of course she was. He was a year older than the other boys and I think that made a pretty big difference. While others were doing age-appropriate things, River would ask questions like, “Would you like to run with me?” He saw me playing the guitar and asked, “What song is this? Will you teach me?” His desire to reach the next level was so evident that you knew he was on to something special. He was interested in storytelling from a perspective of learning and sharing, not just entertainment.

“He’s an asshole to the bone” … Kiefer Sutherland as Ace Merrill (right). Photographer: Columbia Pictures/Allstar

There was no animosity between older and younger actors – I’ve never been that kind of actor. In my life and what we do, there’s a separation between “action” and “cuts” – thank goodness, because I’ve played some terrible characters, and Ace Merrill was one of them.

Jahre Später: So Sehen Die Jungs Aus „stand By Me” Heute Aus

In many ways, the story told in the film happened in my life

John Cusack was in the movie for at least a week. I admired what he did and thought he was an actor I wanted to emulate. I got to hang out with him and we had fun. We weren’t that far from Portland so we would go out dancing or try to meet girls. There is absolutely nothing I don’t remember fondly about this movie.

There was a period of maybe three years when I felt like the happiest person on the planet. I got to do Stand By Me, The Lost Boys and Young Guns. I cruised and had fun. I’ve never felt like this. In many ways, the story told in the film happened in my life. These are summers and friends I will never forget.

Stand By Me Movie

Some friends developed Stand By Me for director Adrian Lyne, but he left the project. They took it to me to read. I connected with the characters, loved the time period and everything about it. “Maybe I’ll try that,” I said.

Stand By Me (1986) Hd Wallpapers Und Hintergründe

I spent the next four days driving around LA with a migraine because I didn’t know what to do about it. It is this beautifully observational piece that Stephen King wrote about his experience when he went to see a dead body with his friends. When I thought Gordy (Wil Wheaton) was going to be the one to go through this big emotional upheaval, I jumped at it. In the book, Gordy was just an observer; when I decided to make him the main character, everything fell into place.

Wi had such sensitivity and intelligence. Jerry O’Connell (who played Vern) had never acted before except in a commercial. The only one with real experience was Corey Feldman (Teddy). I’ve never met a 12-year-old with that kind of anger inside him, but when I learned about his background and that his parents had split up and there wasn’t much closeness, I could see where it was. from River (Chris) was 13 years old and like a young James Dean. There was so much soul. He had that great wisdom for a man of his age.

“When it came out and was accepted, it validated me” … Rob Reiner recorded Stand By Me. Photo: PictureLux/The Hollywood Archive/Alamy

Recorded in Brownsville, Oregon. It rains a lot there, but we were lucky and got 60 consecutive suns. Even the day they were supposed to find the body was sunny – we had to drench the whole set so it looked dark. I was looking for a city that stood in time and felt like it was in the 50s. We deliberately tried to give it a hazy, skinny, nostalgic look. Cinematographer Thomas Del Ruth did a great job.

Where Was Stand By Me Filmed? 1986 Movie Filming Locations

In the pie eating scene, there was a large curd, cottage cheese and blueberry pie filling mixture thrown up and us throwing it all over the place. It was fun, but the train sequence was awkward. For the distance shots we had a trick and when I shot the real guys we used long lenses so the train looked like it was on them, even though it didn’t even go into the pole. They had to leave scared, but they felt no pressure. I started going crazy. It was hot and the crew had to push the camera down this long bumpy track, so I said, “These guys are kicking ass because you’re screwed!” The next time they were scared. Afterwards they ran away

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