Spartacus – (real name unknown) is a Thracian warrior who became a famous gladiator in the Arena in order to create a legend for himself during the Third Labor War. In the first season, he served as a gladiator in Batyatus Ludus, led by the Doctor, and competed against then-champion Capua Creeks. Later, he was released from captivity along with many gladiators and started an armed rebellion against Rome.

He is the eponymous character and main character of the series who left it to fight for the freedom of all slaves and rose from nothing to become an arena champion. He is known as Thrace, Rainbringer, Slayer of Theocolus, Slayer of the Shadow of Death, Rebel King and King.



At the beginning of the series, he had long brown hair when he was freed, but after he was enslaved, his hair was cut short. His life as a gladiator caused him to develop a lean, muscular body, and he usually had coarse facial hair. Although her hair had finally grown back, it was still short and she had a distinct scar on the right side of her chest.

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In “Blood and Sand” he usually wears leather armor while training, but sometimes he wears gladiator armor specially made for him on Batiat’s orders. Note primus sets are different for each special event, such as the gray metal frame with two gold embossed cobras that he wore during his last encounter with Shura. He is often called small by the other gladiators.

In: Vengeance, he wears only waist armor and a mostly bare upper body with wrist guards and belts to hold further weapons, and reverts to using a shield. He wears a red cloak while traveling, and after the arena collapses, he changes his outfit to a leather cowl and a single leather shoulder pad.

In War of the Damned, he wears a new leather cape befitting a leader, featuring snakes on the leather, as well as matching leather gloves and handkerchiefs. He is sometimes seen wearing a purple cloak. He has a thick beard and is seen holding two swords, an aquila, a spear, and a typical gladiator weapon.

He is a Thracian with an undying love for his wife Sura, the woman he loves above all else and would do anything for her. The love affair they share is one of his main motivations throughout the show.

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It shows him as honest, kind-hearted and selfless. He is usually portrayed as very serious, almost stoic, and although he often smiles, he rarely smiles. He can be friendly among people he considers his friends. Most importantly, one of its distinguishing features is that the weak are not spared when they are severely abused.

After being separated from him and enslaved, he becomes impulsive and defies authority. This rebellious “spark” was used by Batyat to set him on the path he wanted: if he agreed to become a gladiator and win in exchange for a coin, Batyat would do whatever it took to win back his wife and ultimately win their freedom. Although this deal made him more subservient to Dominus and focused on that goal, it didn’t dampen his impulsiveness, as he felt the need to take bold steps to win his coin. This earned him competition from current Aincrad champion Crixus and a brief visit to the brutal battles of the Pit. This intense side of his wife never fully leaves him until every Roman responsible for Shura’s enslavement and death is avenged.

At first, like his wife, he did not believe in destiny or fate. He seemed to find the value of life only when he lived it. Shura must find a new meaning in life after dying in his hands and believes in Shura’s destiny. He renounces the person he was before he was a slave and fully accepts his identity and destiny. He displays a sense of duality for the man he once was, repeatedly referring to his former self as “the man who no longer exists”, even long after he became the leader of the Rebellion. He renounces his Thracian identity and at the same time fully embraces his identity, whether as Capua’s champion or rebel leader.


This inevitable slavery ends when he is forced to kill his best friend, Varro. A rift begins to emerge between master and slave, and eventually he realizes that Batiat is responsible for Shura’s death. Batiatus’ treatment of the slaves becomes very cruel when Glaber gives him the responsibility of planning a rebellion with the gladiators. As time passes, the successful rebellion at Ludus expands into a full-scale rebellion against the Roman state, and he finds a new purpose in life: freeing all those enslaved by Rome.

Spartacus: Blood And Sand

He seems to have always been unpopular with Roman society and Romans in general. This dislike grew further when he served as an adjutant in Glaber’s army, and later when he was enslaved. He was particularly disgusted by the fact that the Romans did not treat slaves as human beings, but used them to fulfill their personal desires (for pleasure, money, or power). This realization comes to him not long after his death at the hands of Varro, which is one of the main motives behind his starting a rebellion in addition to Sura’s death. It should be noted, however, that his “hatred of Rome was not a blind one,” for he had a meaningful friendship with Varro and his wife Aurelia. He later befriended the old Romanus Lucius, fell in love with a Roman lady named Laeta, and even respected his last rival, Crassus.

After becoming slave rebels, they set out to take revenge on the man who enslaved him and Sura: Gaius Claudius Glaber. When the praetor arrives to inform the public, he goes so far as to attack the market of Capua, an attack he might have survived had it not been for Crixus and the other rebels. After confronting Crixus and Myra, he realizes that he acted on impulse again, and if he really wants Rome to fall, he needs to act like a true leader.

Although paying his blood debt to Glyber is still his priority on a personal level, he begins to do selfless things for the rebel. He helps Crixus find Navia and later risks his life to save Crixus, Oenomaus, and Rascos from execution, knowing full well that both of them may be responsible for her death. Later, if Glabber traded his life for weapons for the rebels, he was willing not to kill Ilithia (so Glabber wouldn’t cause the pain he caused her).

He has always shown great intelligence, often using out-of-the-box thinking to turn around unwinnable situations. Above all, the overconfidence of his enemies allows him to win. he uses his opponent’s strategy and tactics against them. For example, he attacked the center of Capua when the Romans did not expect it and burned the arena. Most notably, when his rebels were trapped atop Mount Vesuvius, he used vines to make makeshift ropes to climb down the mountain, then launched a nighttime attack on Glaber’s camp while the soldiers slept. As the Romans advanced toward them, a perfectly timed maneuver by the rebels allowed them to win the battle. His knowledge of Roman tactics was fundamental to his many victories against the Roman legions, and it was only when he met Crassus that he met his soul mate.

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After a few months of fighting, he was quite hardened. He brutally kills Cosinius and Furius, and even after they offer him peace terms, he orders the capture of the city, knowing that it will result in the deaths of hundreds (if not thousands) of Roman citizens, even killing one. husband in front of his wife. Despite this, he does not enjoy the death of innocent people and even takes responsibility for it, but at the same time he understands that he must do evil for his people. Laeta says that she is not a beast, but that she is heartbroken and only wants to see Rome fall.

Although he finally avenged his wife, he was left with a great void, which he believed could be filled by the death of Rome and the fall of Rome. As he approaches the end of the conflict with Crassus, he realizes that saving the lives of the slaves is the most important cause, even for him

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