Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

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Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

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Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

Although the company can only buy 10 percent of the company at the moment, it can increase its stake in the future. According to Edgard Corona, president and founder of Smart Fit, the company will help the current management to improve the results and may later increase its stake in the shareholder structure.

Smart Fit Perde Quase 200 Mil Alunos Em Apenas Três Meses

The interior area of ​​the Smart Fit Gym Network unit – Photo: Smart Fit / Disclosure

The task will not be so simple. That’s because, as Corona himself defined, play is an “old-fashioned biorhythm.”

Before creating the Smart Fit model, in which a gym is built with powerful equipment, but not many teachers are available for students, the businessman bet on the Bio Ritmo model, which targets classes A and B, as well as a series of classes and units. There is also a pool.

However, this model has not proven viable for large-scale projects. However, since the launch of the Smart Fit, Corona has started to improve the margins of its most expensive flagship and is looking to take it to Mexico. The margin is between 15-20% in Sports World gyms and 35-40% in Smart Fit gyms.

Smart Fit Quer Acelerar Abertura De Academias E Retomar Ritmo De Inaugurações

“This stock purchase will allow us to communicate more with controllers and keep operations better structured. And within the company, it will be easier to learn about operations and create new flight plans,” says Corona.

Despite the misfortunes of the epidemic, Smart Fit recently reached the 1000th unit in Latin America. And now, with a determination to reopen as the continent’s vaccinations progress, Corona is hoping to recapture the numbers that will draw investors’ attention to the company.

However, cash generation remained negative in the second quarter, with Ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) negative by R$13.7 million between April and June.

Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

According to Corona, openings are returning to pre-pandemic levels. At least 170 units are likely to open by 2021, a level that should be repeated next year.

Trabalhe Conosco Conserta Smart

Since almost half of the company’s activities are carried out outside Brazil, the country’s difficult times, high interest rates, inflation and the dollar are not a concern.

According to Corona, only 10 percent of the gym opening is in dollars due to imported equipment, which in the end does not make much difference. In addition, the expansion is also through franchising and is activated after the company’s stock market debut, the opening pace remains unchanged.

The company wants to implement its digital and service sector. The first segment is powered by the Queima Diária streaming service purchased in July 2020, with which the company grew to 435,000 subscribers in the second quarter of this year.

However, this is a stable number compared to the previous quarter. Corona believes that even if life returns to normal with the end of the epidemic, many people will continue to use the platform, which will pay from R$ 29.90 to access different types of training.

Procomet Inicia Obra Na Smart Fit Nova Iguaçu

In terms of services, its main product is Smart Fit Nutri, a nutrition monitoring service that has reached 7% of the company’s customer base.

However, the company’s shares have fallen in recent months. Weak market momentum has seen Smart Fit shares fall 16.4% over the past 30 days, while Ibovespa has lost nearly 5%.

Corona believes that this is a passing moment and that the company and shareholders will soon see the value of the company again. “We’re in a turbulent moment, we’re always looking at the long term and we know we’re going to give value to the shareholder,” says the businessman.

Smart Fit Trabalhe Conosco

According to Matheus Santos, an expert at Valor Investimentos, the fact that the company is maintaining its pace of expansion prevents rivals from finding areas where the leader is employed. “I think the market has punished the company because it is still new in the market, but it has good growth potential,” says Santos. / with state bodies

Smart Fit Terá Acesso Gratuito No Aniversário De São Paulo

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