Sistema De Administração De Beneficio Por Incapacidade

Sistema De Administração De Beneficio Por Incapacidade – “Hang” more than micros / BR. Plenus OCTUS in several versions. Works in environments: IBM, UNISYS, UNIX. It has DOS, WinX and UNIX versions.

12 With the creation of the Social Security Services Development Program – PMA, the need arose to develop a specific system to administer disability benefits; Aiming at service skills, user convenience and the expansion of social control, GT/MPAS PT 5.250/00 was created, which developed a new approach to the administration of disability benefits; SABI was developed to facilitate the administration of disability benefits and assistance. It is a multifunctional system that operates and controls the flow of process information. SABI was approved by INSS/DC Resolution No. 133/03.

Sistema De Administração De Beneficio Por Incapacidade

Sistema De Administração De Beneficio Por Incapacidade

13 SABI Module Disability Benefits Administration System Operational Control Customer Service Security Support Medical Care Management Doctor’s Record Administration Benefit Control Issuance of Inputs Correction and Change of Data Entry Distribution of Reports Control of Communication with SUB Instructions and Information Request for Application Benefits CAT through the internet Planning of Knowledge Studies in 2nd. through documents Requests for updates and appeals/reviews Submission of court orders Filing of a basic record Configuration of medical protocols (CID) Configuration of Access Groups Creation of Users View of the Doctor’s Agenda Computational knowledge based on CID protocols Completed Centralized Management Benefits information support for decisions

Modelo Conversão Benefício Assistencial Em Aposentadoria

14 Operational Resources SABI Gestão has the following features: Allows monitoring assemblies to display SABI information; Compiled print applications; Export requests to MS-Office (Excel, Word); Create graphs from questions; the ability to visualize and correlate information; Compare results between different departments of Brazil, Service Center and Operational Management.

SERVIDOR SABI Main Agency Online Registration SABI Customer Service and Medical Cargo Management SABI Manager Online Consultation INSS SERVIDOR SABI Gestão

Maps Medical Expert Support Product Tools Through this term, we can get general information about Brazil, Region or State in a particular month.

Medical Knowledge Support Map Output Tool This term allows the creation of consultations in the subtopics: Contracts; Situations waiting for time; Application completed; Work Accident Communication; Situations to come

Incapacidade Para O Trabalho E Data De Início De Contagem Do Afastamento

Medical Knowledge Visualization Map Output Tool This term allows the grouping of requests in the subtopics: Knowledge; Skills waiting for time; Audit completed; An upcoming specialist

Medical Knowledge Revolution Tool Care Map This term provides access to support options and configuration models: Daily cost; Change Password; Help; About.

What is governance? Aurélio’s Dictionary – 21st century [From lat. management.] s.f. 1. Act in management; management, administration. Concept Summary of a WEB Plan, organize, direct and control the people who make up an organization and the work and activities they do. 22

Sistema De Administração De Beneficio Por Incapacidade

Wisdom What disease? Complex Knowledge Take antipyretic information You have a fever Data Temperature 39, 5ºC TIME 23

Auxílio Doença No Inss Pode Ter Problema Com Perícia Virtual Artrite Reumatoide Dor Compartilhada é Dor Diminuída

26 Objectives Obtain administrative information from a single database using standard concepts and an easy-to-use interface. 26

Grant Refuses to Reopen Maintenance Module (GROUP) Keep Update of Issued Groups PABs Block Return GDAMP Payable Loans Special Group Invalid 27

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