Sinta-se A Vontade

Sinta-se A Vontade – Let’s think about situations where others tell us to make ourselves comfortable: when entering a store; while sitting in a restaurant; if you visit someone’s home; is free before the holiday; by suggesting to other people that the decision will be theirs; if you choose to continue or terminate the service.

Remember that there is no single way to express the idea of ​​”feel comfortable” or “feel comfortable” in English. I think the most common phrases are ‘make yourself comfortable’, ‘make yourself at home’, ‘be my guest’ and ‘feel free’.

Sinta-se A Vontade

Sinta-se A Vontade

It is true that other English expressions can come up with the same meaning, such as ‘bath’, ‘out of one’s means’ and ‘in one’s time’. Therefore, it is better to be smart with the context to better interpret the interlocutor’s intentions.

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There are some situations where “home feeling” should be activated. In general, people who express themselves in this way want others to be free to make their own decisions and choices. And it happens even in a place and time where it shouldn’t be.

For example, when entering someone’s home, it is natural if we follow the host’s instructions about where to stay and what to do inside. The use of the phrase “make yourself comfortable” in this case tends to calm the guest’s tension.

Do not forget that this is an opportunity to express the opinion of “at ease” or “feeling at home”. Practice your English using common expressions for native English speakers without having to translate literally from Portuguese. Be my guest!

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Sinta-se A Vontade

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