Sinal De Grey Turner

Sinal De Grey Turner – In semiology, you should have learned about the various signs discovered during a physical examination. Some of these signs refer to different syndromes, so they are useful in your clinical practice as they help you make diagnoses. Today we focus on the classic signs that make us think of the possibility of an acute abdomen.

Acute abdomen is a syndromic diagnosis, the main symptom of which is abdominal pain. Treatment is not always surgical, it is often clinical.

Sinal De Grey Turner

Sinal De Grey Turner

It can be inflammatory, obstructive, perforating, vascular and hemorrhagic. Among the most common causes of each, we can mention chronic appendicitis, as the main cause of an inflamed acute abdomen; flanges are responsible for most cases of obstruction; ulcer, perforated with perforated frames; embolism of the superior mesenteric artery in vascular patients; finally, ruptured tubal pregnancy in patients with hemorrhage.

Molecular Physiology Of Bile Acid Signaling In Health, Disease, And Aging

The signs we see today may indicate certain conditions, while others may indicate peritoneal irritation that may be common to more than one specific cause.

There are other important signs on physical examination of the abdomen, but they are not the focus of today’s text.

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