Significado Do Nome Zion

Significado Do Nome Zion – Complete in the Holy Name YHWH and in the Hexagram, the macrocosmic stars that represent the six cosmic periods (Days of the Lord) of Creation.

YHWH is 26, and multiplied by 6, the Hexad, gives 156, the number of the Hebrew word SION or SION.

Significado Do Nome Zion

Significado Do Nome Zion

The Creator is multiplied by Creation, and Mount Zion is symbolized in the spiritual vision of Israel, the land of angels, and the Kingdom of God itself.

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It is a purely spiritual thing, and a powerful tool for interpreting the New Testament and Revelation about the true Israel protected by God, which has nothing to do with the people of the Middle East. , crime and love of capitalism, one and the same. he killed the son of the Lord Jesus, Jesus, which comes from Joshua or Yoshua, a name that comes from the verb IshHW, which means SAVIOR.

This number reveals that SION or Zion is a type of password related to the rapture, because according to Revelation 14, 144,000 are seen on Mount Zion (spiritual, heavenly mountain, has nothing to do with the land of Israel, according to what is written above for the revelation of dead letter believers ).

The 144,000 sealed by the Angel with the symbol of the LIVING GOD (EL HAI) which can be a cross or the hexagram itself, are brought to the top of Mount Zion.

Interestingly, 144 = 12 x 12, and if we add 144 + 12 = 156, we get Zion’s number.

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ZIONA is a secret word that refers to the collection of 144 thousand children of God in the so-called true Church cut off from Earth, Women who withdrew into the desert of purification before ascending to the new world.

It is a Mountain that bequeaths two dimensions, Earth and Sky, as represented by Mount Sinai in the relationship between Moses and the Spirit of God, YHWH.

ZION is the renewal of the New Israel for all true Christians in this world, and it has nothing to do with the world, with Zionism, with capitalism and all religions bowing once again before the Golden Calf. for boys and girls in the world.

Significado Do Nome Zion

The name Zion has two roots. It may come from the Hebrew שיייונ, a word meaning “house”, or from שיייא, a word meaning “desert”. However, the best meaning of this name is “higher”, referring to the “promised land” mentioned in the Bible.

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According to the Bible story, Zion is the name of the hill near the city of Jerusalem which was conquered by King David. In Portuguese, the name can be translated as Mount Zion.

For Christians, in the future the promised land will be the last settlement after Armageddon, where the worthy live. According to the Scriptures, Armageddon is the final battle between man and God.

Currently, the name Zion can be found with additional registration in countries such as Israel, Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Ghana.

He has a nice neutral name, whose popularity has grown thanks to the film The Matrix, in which the main actor was actor Keanu Reeves. In the plot, Zion is the name of the last city on earth.

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The First Name Dictionary provides information on the origin of names and their meanings, our information is updated regularly. Last Wednesday evening, July 8, Giovanna Ewbank gave birth to her third child, as a result of her relationship with Bruno Gagliasso. In a video shared by the presenter’s YouTube channel in May, seven-year-old Titi and five-year-old Bless say their little brother will be called Zyan!

Although the name is not common in Brazil, it has a very strong meaning! Considered a variant of “Zion”, it is biblical and means the promised land. First, the name of the fort which is also known as Mount Zion in Portugal, which became the Promised Land of the Jews.

Another interpretation of the name Zayan is its resemblance to “Zayn”, which is of Arabic origin and means “beautiful and great”, according to the Name Dictionary. Giovanna Ewbank’s family hails from Europe, mostly in the French region!

Significado Do Nome Zion

Before deciding on a name for the baby, the couple considered going with Gael, in addition to commenting on other possible ways to use it on social media. “I think having Bless and Chissom, it can’t be João… Must be a different name!”, commented Giovanna on social media.

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The family has grown! This Wednesday evening, July 8, Giovanna Ewbank gave birth to her third child, the result of her marriage to Bruno Gagliasso. The couple’s advice to Pais&Filhos confirmed this information. “I can’t put into words the emotions I felt holding Zayan in my arms and I couldn’t wait to introduce them to their brothers and sisters who really wanted to meet him”, Gio explained with great emotion.

They are also the parents of Titi, 7 years old, and Bless, 5, who are happy to have another brother, but because of meningitis, they cannot visit their little one in the hospital. According to advisers, mother and baby are safe and a common friend is the father.

“Zyan is beautiful and surrounded by love. He is a joy for us and for Chissomo and Albarka, who see his greatness in Gio with the same concern as I do”, Bruno celebrated.

Zyan Ewbank Gagliasso came into the world in Rio de Janeiro, at Maternidade Perinatal Laranjeiras, at 23:25 on July 8, via normal delivery. The baby weighs 2.9 kilograms and is 48 centimeters long.

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The news was also shared on his father’s profile, Bruno Gagliasso, on Instagram. In text about life going on when player information is borrowed, the caption reads: “êêêêê, welcome to Zyan! Thanks from @lapena and @palomadoss. During our live stream, we got the happy news of Zayan’s birth. Welcome Gio and Bruno. “

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