Significado Do Nome Débora

Significado Do Nome Débora – The industrious bee The name Deborah comes from the Hebrew word Debhoráh, which means “bee” or “swarm of bees.” In contrast, the symbolic system of the bee represents productive work and symbolizes wisdom, soul and victory. Débora has this power over everything. Copy Share

Vitality Débora is a bee not only for her work, but also for her source of life. Without bees there is no life, Débora sweats and radiates vitality, grace and color throughout her days. Realize your value and your qualities! Copies Share Social Conscience To be a bee is to never forget that the hive and the bee are connected and interdependent. One does not live if the other is not strong and united. That is why Débora feels responsible for the whole and tries to make her contribution to a better world. Copy Share Dedication and Joy Débora is peace, love, dedication and joy whenever she commits to something. This is a person who is not frugal, dedicated to what he does and continues with a clear conscience. Celebrate the special women in your life! Copy Share

Significado Do Nome Débora

Significado Do Nome Débora

My girlfriend Débora is a girl who knows how to be disciplined without losing her spontaneity and fun. No wonder her name is on the list of best behaved girls in USA. Copy Share One Thousand Friends Deborah’s friendship is a wonderful gift in anyone’s life. Because it was such a wonderful gift, Débora shared it with many people. Full of friends and light, Débora is life in motion. Copy Share Demanding perfection Hard-working and a perfectionist, Débora can be very demanding and sometimes overzealous. Oscillating between quality and failure, she faces challenges as a team, but always finds a way to make things right. Copy Share

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Difficult Decisions It’s okay if Débora takes a while to make up her mind, after all, a little hesitation is sometimes a small price to pay for such great commitment. Copy Share a small loss Despite her hard work, Débora sometimes faces financial difficulties. This is the time to believe in potential and turn the tables! Copy Share work Think of a bee looking for honey for its hive: this is Débora at work! Dedicated, focused and efficient, Débora does what is needed and spares no effort to make a difference in her work. Copy Share

Deborah’s love is strength, determination, work and dedication. It is also justice, peace and love. She has qualities worthy of her name, especially when her life and heart are on the line. Débora will spare no effort to make her love bear fruit, not forgetting the importance of justice in the process. Copy of Family Sharing Ever since she was a little girl, Débora has shown her origins. Well-behaved, kind and enlightened, she fills the house with peace and joy. With a strong attachment to justice and a tendency to be more self-centered, the little bee in each Deborah will find fulfillment in the family. Copy Share Friends Débora is a friend to whom you open your heart without fear of being misunderstood. With her mind and body dedicated to making every relationship the best it can be, no words can extinguish the fire of true friendship within her. Great caption for a selfie with a friend! Copy Share

Deborah’s role is work, yes, but a good worker knows when to stop and respects her break. That’s why when it’s time to spin, she allows herself to relax, enjoy and… dance! She will not miss a single opportunity to listen to her favorite music and allow herself to be let down by the moment in which she lives. Copy Share Déboras from Brazil There are 313,947 women named Débora in Brazil who are striving for a better world (Source: IBGE – Census 2010). It was the 86th most popular name in the country, and the increase in registrations of people with the name began in the 1950s. The increase was exponential until the 1990s, when it began to decline. Find out more about your friend Fernando’s personality! Copy Share Actress Brazil is not lacking in the fact that Débora is killing it as an actress! Débora Nascimento, Débora Bloch, Débora Falabella, Deborah Seco… All beautiful and very talented! Copy Share

Deborah’s Formula Who is so special that they have a physical formula named after them? Deborah is the relationship between relaxation time and tissue stress. A perfect name for such a precise mechanism. Opposite Poems and Women Copy Share The End of a Cycle Deborah is connected through numerology to the number 9. It is the number that completes a cycle, completes affairs and leaves the background ready for new paths. Copy Share John and Vangelis “Deborah” You know that romantic school song you dance to or listen to when you think about your sweetheart? “Debora” by Jonas and Vangelis is one of the most classic and beautiful. A love letter straight from the 80s. Copy to share

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Judge Israel Deborah is the only leading female judge mentioned in the “Old Testament”. And what a leader! In the mid-twelfth century BC, he led an Israelite army to escape Canaanite territory and win. Deborah is a judge and a prophetess, leading her people on a necessary and victorious path. Copy Share

Hello Débora, either you are planning to name your child this or you know someone who is thinking of naming a daughter Deborah.

Whatever your case may be, now we will tell you exactly everything about the origin and meaning of the name Deborah.

Significado Do Nome Débora

In addition, we will provide some interesting facts about the name Débora, and at the bottom of this page we will provide some pictures with beautiful messages for babies with this name for you to share.

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The name Deborah is of Hebrew origin and means “bee” or “hardworking and industrious woman.” Because of its connotation of “bee”, the name has the symbolism of this insect, loyalty, discipline, organization, cooperation, soul and many other meanings and symbols that the species has. This item is acquired in various cultures. and religions. In addition, bees are also known for their ability to work hard and be organized, and the name Deborah is also attributed to the meaning of “hardworking and industrious woman”. People named Débora are very open and spontaneous and lead a very busy social life. Women with this name are also strong personalities, have natural leadership qualities and are always looking for positions of power. Girls who register with this name are often affectionately nicknamed Debby.

The name Débora is derived from the Hebrew Debhoráh, meaning “bee”, from the Semitic root d-b-r, meaning “humming, humming”, and from the term dabhár, meaning “word”.

Because of its connotation of “bee”, the name has the symbolism of this insect, loyalty, discipline, organization, cooperation, soul and many other meanings and symbols that the species has. This item is acquired in various cultures. and religions.

In addition, bees are also known for their ability to work hard and be organized, and the name Deborah is also attributed to the meaning of “hardworking and industrious woman”.

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Débora is also a strong personality with a natural leadership quality, always striving for positions of power.

The name Deborah is considered to be a biblical name mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible through a prophetic judge responsible for rearranging the tribes of Israel to resist Canaanite rule. , which caused the Israelites to triumph over the Canaanites.

In addition, Deborah is also the name of another biblical character from the Old Testament, the mother of Ananiel, who is considered the faithful nurse of Rebekah.

Significado Do Nome Débora

Because of its religious connections, the name Deborah was widely used by Jews, and English Puritans adopted it only after the Protestant Reformation, which became popular in the 17th century.

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Débora is a very popular name in Brazil and could be found in the country even before the 1930s. However, the jump has only occurred since 1950, and peak popularity was achieved in this year. in 1990

However, since then the prevalence of this name has decreased. However, it is still a very popular name among Brazilians.

She is currently ranked 37th in popularity in Brazil, with about 312,800 girls registered as Débora.

The Brazilian state where the name appears most often is a federal district: about 204 people out of 100,000 in the area are called Débora.

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Significado Do Nome Débora

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