Se O Mundo Inteiro Me Pudesse Ouvir

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Shirt Autism Ah! If the whole world listens to me, I have a lot to say, say I’ve learned… Seeing a reason to dream in life dreaming everything blue blue the color of the sea

Se O Mundo Inteiro Me Pudesse Ouvir

Se O Mundo Inteiro Me Pudesse Ouvir

The print is legal page size (20×28 cm). Therefore, the size of the print on the shirt varies according to the size of the shirt.

Valeu A Experiência De Filosofia De Rua No Apple Music

Exchange, return and refund policy If you have regrets before receiving the product (return of the purchase), let us know as soon as possible within 7 days after the purchase. Product returns upon receipt – Product should not show signs of use. – The product must be sent to the sender’s address indicated on the package, still with the packaging mentioned above and without any violation of the security and identification materials contained in the product and packaging. – Exchanges can only be made for the same product. – The maximum time for returning the product is up to 7 working days after receipt. The conditions mentioned above must be met for the transaction to be refunded or reversed. If any discrepancy or violation of the product is detected, we will not accept the return and will send the product back to the sender without prior consultation. Return values ​​for product returns If you choose to return the value of the order instead of exchanging the product, see below, according to the payment method selected at the end of the order, how the return process will be carried out. Bank Receipt – Deposit in Account In case of purchase by bank slip, refund will be done by bank deposit. The deposit will be placed in the account responsible for shipping the order, and it must be the same account that made the purchase. No deposit in favor of third party, payment is made within 72 hours. If the customer who is the holder of the order does not have a bank account, the customer will be opened a new procedure with our legal department for analysis and information. To refund the amount of orders paid by credit card, full or partial refund / cancellation of the transaction (if only one product is returned) will be done with the credit card company. Procedures of request to credit card administrator by our company are the responsibility of the latter. In the case of a return, the shipping cost will not be refunded, only the product. Buyer must contact BEM Bolado within 7 days of purchase to request a refund. We will contact the customer within 24 hours.

In this you will find complete security to buy with peace of mind. If you need it, you can count on a special service team to help you at any time during the transfer. And if something unexpected happens, your money will be safe. Learn more about exchanges, returns and refunds

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