Rua Herminio Lemos 385

Rua Herminio Lemos 385 – One of the biggest complaints from curitibanos in relation to the quality of the roads they live on. Holes, lack of asphalt, dust and lack of signage can cause accidents or even damage health. To avoid inconvenience, 160 roads in Curitiba will be rehabilitated in 2022 with a total length of 81 km. The city government’s investment will be R$ 114 million.

Information on the road network recovery program was provided by Mayor Rafael Greca (DEM) on Friday (17th), at an event held at Parque Barigui. “These jobs are long awaited by many and will ensure well-being and quality of life with improved roads. Rubber floors are on the rise through Central 156 and the Fala Curitiba program. “This new advance in the road network revitalization program is our response to a proposal from Curitibans”, said Rodrigo Rodrigues, Secretary of Labor.

Rua Herminio Lemos 385

Rua Herminio Lemos 385

This work includes removing the damaged dust layer and improving the quality of the floor with structural reinforcement. The old asphalt is crushed and reused as a base for adding concrete and asphalt mass. Then, a layer of reprofiling and asphalt coating is applied. The last step is the road sign.

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The city’s ten regional administrations will benefit from the roads. The champion will be the local Boa Vista with 37 activities, 26 activities in Cajuru, 22 activities in the local CIC and 19 activities in Pinheirinho. In the neighborhood of Santa Felicidade there will be 18 and 16 more activities in the local Basement. At the Tatuquara site there will be 3 activities as well as at the local headquarters. In Bairro Novo there will be 10 activities and in Boqueirão another 14. “This act in Parque Barigui at Casa do Meio Ambiente means handing over the work program for next year to the City Council. We will do another 81 km since we finished this year with the new 650 km”, said Rafael Greca.

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