Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Rosca Direta Barra Reta – The barbell curl is unanimous when it comes to biceps training. Check out activated muscles and advanced techniques to enhance your workout.

Exercises that cannot be missing in a bodybuilder’s routine, that many prefer when training biceps. Like the bench press, they serve as a strength benchmark for many gym goers.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Big, well-developed biceps go through good execution, planning, and periodization, but the barbell curl is the compound exercise that will recruit the biceps the most.

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The movement of the barbell curl is to bend the elbow, where its main purpose is to stimulate the biceps.

During barbell curls, the biceps are responsible for the action, with the brachioradialis and brachii being the secondary muscles recruited during the exercise (EVANS, Nick; 2007).

According to a study on biceps muscle activation during elbow flexion, Farina et al (1999) found the following results:

Execution and posture are very important to be able to stimulate the muscle so that it can be hypertrophied and not injured, so below we will list the barbell curl step by step.

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1- Standing, hold the bar firmly with your hands in supination and with them in line with your shoulders. The elbows should be extended and the bar should be in front of the body below the waist.

2 – With the spine straight, the abs contracted and the arms flexed at the side of the trunk, begin the elbow flexion movement until the biceps are maximally contracted.

3 – After maximum muscle contraction, begin to extend the elbow in a controlled manner to the starting position.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

There is still a very old technique that Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized around the world, which is thread 21, which uses straight thread.

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Very suitable for those who have stagnant results or want more volume when training the biceps, indicated for hypertrophy. See how to do it below.

It is not news that the barbell can greatly contribute to the development of strong and hypertrophic biceps, but there are some precautions that must be taken to keep the training effective and injury-free, for these purposes we cite below some precautions when performing the exercise . exercise

In an attempt to work the muscles harder, many people use too high a load and end up sacrificing form and being able to perform the movement.

Performing a wrist flexion motion while curling a barbell can stress the region and cause pain, discomfort, and increase the risk of injury.

Rosca Direta C/ Isometria

Hold the bar firmly while performing the exercise. Remember, this is a biceps exercise.

A recipe for barbell curls can be useful and prescribed for beginners and advanced practitioners, but there are times when the exercise must be adapted or may even be contraindicated for certain groups of people with certain conditions, such as:

This pathology is characterized by inflammation of the wrist flexor muscles and causes great pain and discomfort. Barbell curls can be very painful for people with this condition.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Compression of the median carpal nerve, causing pain, loss of strength, resulting in difficulty holding lighter loads on the bar.

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Inflammation of the synovium can cause pain and discomfort in the wrist, limiting or even making it impossible to curl the bar.

Dumbbell exercise isolates the limbs and can help correct imbalances between the two.

To perform the dumbbell curl, the individual begins standing, holding a dumbbell in each hand in supination.

With your spine straight, fists clenched and the load in hand, bend your elbows until your biceps are fully contracted, remembering to keep your elbows touching and still next to your torso, then slowly return to the starting position. .

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Created by bodybuilder Larry Scott, this variation of the exercise is performed while leaning on a bench and can be done with barbells, dumbbells, and even gym equipment.

Sit on the seat of the machine and keep your hands on the back of the machine in such a way that only your forearms are allowed to move, your hands should be down, holding a barbell or dumbbells.

The arm begins the exercise extended, and the elbow flexion movement should be performed to the point of maximum contraction of the biceps, then return to the starting position.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Like dumbbell curls, this exercise should be performed with one repetition between each arm. This movement requires greater coordination on the part of the practitioner.

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Begin the movement with your arms outstretched and your elbows at your sides, perform an elbow bend on one arm, then alternate with the other. Remembering to keep the spine straight and the abs contracted throughout the movement.

A good option for working the biceps, this variation is used when doing arm to arm and can also help reduce asymmetry between the limbs.

Sitting on a bench with the hand resting on the inner thigh, weight in the hand and grip on the back, the movement begins with the arm extended, then the elbow flexion is performed until the elbow is maximally contracted. biceps and then return to the starting position.

This variation, unlike the others, is performed with a neutral grip (thumbs up), which emphasizes the brachioradialis over the other biceps muscles.

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With the dumbbells in a neutral grip, elbows resting at the sides of your torso, and shoulders aligned, bend your elbows to a maximum biceps contraction, then extend your arms back to the starting position.

Begin the exercise with an overhand grip, arms extended and shoulder-width apart, elbows resting next to the body.

Perform the push-up movement until the biceps are fully contracted and then slowly return to the starting position. This thread can be made straight, w-bar (pictured) or pulley.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

To get strong and big biceps, you need to pay attention to the details of the execution to get the best results from the barbell curl. For this, we have listed some tips to help you in this task.

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Using progressive overload is a great way to advance your training, but it’s not worth sacrificing your exercise technique.

Performing the exercise with the necessary amplitude is important for muscle recruitment and improves the use of the biceps during barbell curls.

The only movement that should occur in a barbell curl is the bending of the elbows, which are stationary and supported by the side of the trunk.

As you perform the movement and the shoulders roll forward, you will contract the shoulder and take the focus off the exercise, which is designed to train the biceps.

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In order to achieve greater biceps hypertrophy, intermediate and advanced practitioners can use certain techniques to shake up training and break certain “plateaus” and break out of their training stasis.

With the drop set method, you perform one set of heavy curls, and after reaching exhaustion, reduce the load by 20% and continue until you reach exhaustion again.

Use a rest pause when doing barbell curls, perform reps to failure, rest 5-10 seconds, then perform multiple reps to failure.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

During the series, 21 repetitions will be performed, with seven partial repetitions from the beginning to the middle of the movement, followed by another seven partial repetitions from the middle of the movement to the end, ending with seven repetitions at full range (normal exercise). performance).

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Perform the exercise at a good pace to increase the time the muscles are under tension.

Strong and well-developed biceps are the goal of many bodybuilders, especially men. With a deeper understanding of the barbell curl, its execution and correct posture, the goal becomes much easier.

Consult with a physical education teacher, as this is the right professional to prescribe or guide your training.

References: EVANS, Nick. Anatomy of bodybuilding. Editora Manole.2007 FARINA Two methods for measuring voluntary contraction torque of the biceps muscle. Medical and Physical Engineering. In 1999

Barra Maciça Reta Cromada Recartilhada Com Rosca

Our team is very well represented by great professionals related to bodybuilding and high performance sports. We have physical trainers, sports nutritionists, physiotherapists and doctors.

The content of all channels on the Great Athlete portal is developed by various health professionals and is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for expert advice. Consult a professional before starting an exercise or nutrition program, the biceps are one of the muscle groups that bodybuilders want to develop the most. Several exercises play a role in making it work so well, and the Scott curl is one of them.

Therefore, this article tries to explain the origin of this exercise, the main muscles worked, as well as the correct execution and some variables.

Rosca Direta Barra Reta

Scott’s curl exercise was named the first Mr. Olympia called Larry Scott (pictured above), whom many call the inventor

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