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The HFC revolver is an airsoft replica of the world famous .357 Magnum revolver. The turret is powered by airsoft gas and comes in a simplified 4-inch version. This corresponds to approximately 240 mm.



Especially the firing system is very interesting, because it looks very authentic thanks to the folding drum and cartridge cases. The main body and drum are made of durable composite plastic. The outer barrel and hammer are made of metal, as are many parts inside the turret. In addition, the combat grip scales with textured surface and ergonomic design help a secure grip during shooting.

Revolver Vektorgrafiken Und Vektor Icons Zum Kostenlosen Download

The scope of delivery includes 6 aluminum sleeves, each with a 6 mm BB round ball inserted. Next, the loaded cases are pushed into the drum just like “real” cartridges. After firing, the crates can be ejected with an ejection rod, just like a real revolver. The sleeve can be used repeatedly. The 4 inch turret has a single and double action trigger system.

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Some early versions of revolvers, known as “paper boxes”, had multiple barrels in a single cylindrical unit that revolved around a central spindle. As early as the 17th century, however, pistols were developed with a revolving cylinder with multiple muzzle-loaded chambers that were aligned and fired sequentially in a single barrel. This principle was not really successfully used to create a practical weapon until 1835–36, when Samuel Colt patented his version.

As in all later revolvers, the Colt’s cylinder had multiple bore ammunition chambers, parallel to each other and to the axis around which the cylinder rotated. Each chamber is sequentially locked into position behind the barrel and ejected by pressing the trigger. Colt’s early revolvers were single-action, in which the cylinder rotated while the hammer was turned by hand, and they used percussion caps. Practical double-action revolvers, in which the hammer is cocked and the cylinder rotates when the trigger is pulled, were developed in Britain in the mid-1800s.

Festartikel Müller 400.430.00 Revolver, Schwarz Braun: Spielzeug

Both single-action and double-action revolvers became fully practical around 1870 with reliable self-priming metal cartridges and fully bored breech-loading cylinders. Despite the minor escape of propellant gas between the cylinder and barrel, the revolver remained a very practical handgun in the 21st century and a viable competitor to the semi-automatic pistol. Leading manufacturers in the first decades of the 21st century included Smith & Wesson, Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., and Colts Manufacturing Company LLC. The Webley revolver was a series of handguns used in the United Kingdom for military and law enforcement purposes. . The most popular Webley Mk. VI, which served as a service weapon in the British and Commonwealth forces during the First World War.

Webley Mk. The VI turret had a table barrel, with a drum at the rear (top break turret). This system was attached to the bottom of the turret frame. It was locked at the top of the frame before the hammer. With m inclination, fired cases were ejected from n chambers by an ejector and could be easily removed. All Molle had was a trigger. Although the cartridge was fired from cordite, the muzzle velocity was greater than v.

With a bullet weight of no more than 17g at 200m/s, recoil was still significant. Professional soldiers received the necessary training to properly use this heavy weapon. However, in the costly battles of the First World War, many inadequately trained men were sent to the front because of difficulties in handling revolvers. High processing quality Webley Mk. Because of the VI, it was almost indestructible and proved itself even in the most difficult conditions of trench warfare.


The Royal Army and Navy first employed Webleys in 1887. They saw their first major use in the Second Boer War. Although in 1932 an Enfield No. 2 Mark I, many Webleys were also used in WWII. r Predecessor’s Webley Mk. VI, r Webley Mk. V produced from 1913 smokeless powder fired unlike earlier black powder weapons. In Britain, the last examples were only finished around 1970. Until then they served as service arms for the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Special Constabulary in Northern Ireland.

Reasons You Should Carry A Revolver

In the Wehrmacht, several types of Webley revolvers were officially registered and used as captured weapons. An overview of this can be found in the list of revolvers according to other devices D 50/1 to a data sheet.

Individual parts were simplified for World War II’s small, mass-produced, Mk. More than 100,000 of the VI were built. Grip with flat n. Pritchard can attach a bayonet.

In the Sherlock Holmes stories, the Webley revolver is used by the Doctor. Watson mentions that after his service as a retired field medic in the Afghan War, he was apparently allowed to carry it with him and used it regularly.

In Dashiell Hammett’s crime novel The Maltese Falcon, Germ Sam is killed by his partner in the spa with a Webley revolver, identified at the time of the story (circa 1930) as “English-made” and “out of production” .

Taurus Revolver Mod. 96 Kal. 22 L.r. Mit 6 Zoll Lauflänge Kleinkaliber Sportwaffe

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First Strike Roscoe Revolver Cal.50 Home Defense Kit

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Der Revolver Von Fuminori Nakamura

The ASG Schofield 1877 CO2 revolver comes in cal. 3, was the first forward cartridge revolver and was introduced in 1870. This type of single action revolver was used by the US Cavalry and was also used by many famous lawmen, cowboys and gunslingers. 3 revolvers back. It is not for nothing that no. 3 Revolvers for the guns that literally conquered the West

The detailed CO2 replica of the ASG is made entirely of metal, is fully finished and has the original Schofield markings. The “steel gray” finish – combined with the ivory handle scales – ensures a particularly authentic look.

The loading and shooting of the CO2 turret could not be more authentic: the scope of delivery includes 6 copper cases for diabolos in 4.5 mm caliber. Load each case with the Diabolo, the drum is pressed and the folding frame is closed again. The sleeve can be used repeatedly.


Inserting the CO2 capsule is also quick and uncomplicated: the left grip is simply pushed upwards and the CO2 capsule can be inserted. Then the grip is pressed back onto the grip. The ASG Schofield 6-inch air pressure revolver has a single-action trigger system and fixed sights.

Auctioned Revolver Nets Nearly $1m. Previous Owner: Theodore Roosevelt

Diabolo and Steel BB Shooting Function: Caliber 4.5 mm steel BB with suitable drawers

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