Revolver Movie

Revolver Movie – Guy Ritchie is not a very good British version of Tarantino, but I will admit that he made two films that I really liked: Snatch and, of course, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Everyone loves those movies, but they’re okay, those movies are very funny, entertaining, and have a fun British crime thriller style mixed with some indie comedy. After Snatch, he made a terrible movie with his then-wife Madonna, called Swept Away. It was shit, but I didn’t see it in its entirety, because it’s shit. But I saw this fucking piece of shit from a movie, so at least I can review this. This is the incoherent mess known as Revolver.

I usually do my reviews in three sections (acting, directing/screenplay/etc. and overall), but I’m going to do a different style here, because there’s a lot that’s wrong with it. I will talk about the pros and cons of the movie. But if this is the first movie review you’ve read from me, trust me, I don’t usually have such a sharp eye.

Revolver Movie

Revolver Movie

Warning: This review may contain spoilers. If you want to know my thoughts on this movie without being spoiled, go to the general section at the end of this review, on page 3.

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The main problem with this film is simply the script and direction. This is outrageous in how ridiculously incoherent it is, how the plot not only makes no sense, but you have no idea what’s going on after the first twenty minutes. My sister saw it and told me to watch, to tell her what happened. And she’s a very smart woman, so yeah, I was expecting something complicated, but it was messy. It seems like they had a 300 page script and the movie was supposed to be an epic crime movie, at least two and a half hours long, but they probably cut more than half of it. After thirty minutes, the story starts to pile up about a million different subplots that don’t involve any of the main characters, mostly just hammy gangster Ray Liotta and some Japanese guy. You really don’t care about any of that because they’re not the main characters. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem, a movie should focus on more than one or two characters, but when it focuses too much on them, to the point of seemingly forgetting Statham and the guy from OutKast, that doesn’t mean anything is true. Especially when the performances are this bad, why should I care about Liotta when his acting is more scene-chewing than the love child of Nicolas Cages and a coke-addicted Al Pacino. By continuing, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and to receive emails from Rotten Tomatoes.

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Trying to combine his previously successful formulas with philosophical musings, Guy Ritchie produced an incoherent mistake. Read reviews

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Jake Green is an avid gambler, long on ability and short on common sense. Jake served seven years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit after portraying evil crime boss Dorothy Macha. After his release, he engages Mach in a private casino game, causes embarrassment and wins. As Macha dictates Jake’s life, Jake meets brothers Avi and Zach who protect him and plan to take down Macha. in general.

Revolver Movie

I’m definitely not ready for this. Revolver breakdown, deconstruction and explanation? Nah. But as I look around the internet and see what others have written, it just confuses me even more. So, in an attempt to determine what Revolver and Guy Richie were trying to do… I present to you “The Revolver Movie Deconstructed and Explained”.

Revolver Movie Deconstructed And Explained

Now, if you read THiNC regularly. and I have never seen said movie. Trust me when I tell you, Revolver is the epitome of movies we like to talk about here. I thought it was going to be a fast talking Guy Ritchie movie with lots of British slang and blood. Which is. But it is also much more. So, as always, we’ll make a trailer… and then we’ll walk through the movie in detail – because she needs it. And THEN we’ll see if we can figure it out. But first look here:

If you haven’t seen this 15-year-old movie, don’t read. And go watch Revolver here, or here, or here. You have been warned.

It all starts with a mob boss named Dorothy Macha (played by Ray Liotta). He runs all kinds of illegal games around town, and in one particular game, he loses his dealer and needs someone to step in. So his men press Jake Green (played by Jason Statham) and he initially says no. But after Machina’s men, the “three Eddies”, harass his brother and niece, he agrees to play. Even better, Green wins. And when the game turns into a roll call, Green fires a high ball to the leg. And after that, all the money from the game disappears. The three Eddies threaten not to go to the police, and Green’s sister-in-law is accidentally shot. The police eventually caught Green and put him in jail. Now, the best possible thing is that Green has a choice of only seven years, or fourteen years in the general population. And he chooses only seven years.

OFFICE. Do you understand where we are now? Green was threatened several times by Macha. He’s in prison doing a game he didn’t want to play. Is not it? Good.

Revolver — Is This The Smartest Model Of Tricking The Mind To Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

Now, while in solitary confinement, he is sandwiched between two men. The one on the left is a chess expert and the one on the right is a con artist. And even though he’s nestled firmly between the two, he learns of the strategy he uses to call the Formula. Also, the two plan to break free together, and have promised to take Green with them. But they don’t. Instead, they take their sophisticated knowledge of Green and rob him blind…literally take everything from him. But two people gave him the formula, and he uses it to win big in casinos. So big that it’s been blacklisted by various casinos up and down the line. But after entering Mach’s casino, after being refused a table, Macha invites Green to take part in the big game. And finally, Green bets Mach on a coin toss… which, he wins. (After losing to someone else… which is important to Formula.) Well, Green humiliated Macha and it cost him some money. And the worst imaginable upset was that Green wasn’t afraid of him at all.

Now, as Green leaves, an unknown man hands him a business card and informs him that he can help. Green, after years in solitary confinement, has an understandable fear of closed spaces. As such, he takes the stairs. But the card given to him by a random person said to take the elevator. Green falls down the stairs after being struck down by a terrible disease. The hospital is running all kinds of blood tests to determine what caused Green’s blackout.

After returning home, Green survives a blow from Macha, as Zach (Vincent Pastore) gives him another card that tells him about the duck. Everyone else dies in the hit, but Green survives. Zach introduces Green to his partner Avi (André Benjamin) and they offer him a deal. They will protect him from Macha, in exchange for every penny he has. Green will also have to do whatever the duo tells him. Green agrees. (Another sign that something else is going on here. Because why exactly?) They also tell Green that he has a terrible blood disorder that will kill him within the next three days. Weirdly specific, but true – green is on

Revolver Movie

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