Resumo Do Pequeno Príncipe

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Resumo Do Pequeno Príncipe

Resumo Do Pequeno Príncipe

, It all starts with the crash of a small plane in the Sahara desert. The pilot telling the story has to fix the engine problem himself. After the first day of reform, he falls asleep and is awakened by the so far unknown Pequeno Principe, who makes a completely unusual request for anyone.

Capítulo 6 E 7

We begin by knowing the life stories of this innocent child who came to planet earth to find a friend and his questions about the attitudes of adults and here lies the philosophical part of the book. He questions the simplest things in life with innocent questions like a child. And these are the questions that make us stop and think. Want an example? Delfonou, what does capture mean to you? Don’t look in the dictionary. Think about it. Have you ever really had a crush on someone? Throughout the story, we meet several characters who interact with the Little Prince. And since this is a children’s story, we have a little bit of everything: foxes, roses, snakes, and even humans. The author manages to show many examples of adults in the characters of the book. We have a king who thought everyone was his subject; vain, who hears only his own praise; a businessman who only cares about serious matters and has no time to daydream; An alcoholic who drank to forget the shame of drinking, and a geographer who thought himself intelligent but did not know his planet. Haven’t you seen or known someone who looks like these characters? Thus, in an almost poetic way, the author manages to bring back the child in us. And it is back to being a child, thinking like a child, that we remember our dreams and finally save the questions that were previously forgotten because of adult life. Finally, the sensibility the author uses in describing the book may create conflict in the reader. The child in us wants to return, to question, to live. On the other hand, we have an adult who thinks he already knows the answers to all the questions in the book.

The book teaches us different values, how to appreciate things that we think are simple, like a starry night. have sensitivity

The medium through which the author conveys the reality of “Pequeño Principe”. Using this sensitivity, the author was able to draw a striking conclusion

Another interesting point is that the narrative lets the reader recognize several different points of view from the time the prince engages in dialogue with living beings from different planets. Therefore, this is a book that prompts us to think about our human experience, in addition to showing the attractive value of people.

O Pequeno Príncipe Para Crianças

Deformity, hardening of adults. They just have a repetitive, compulsive nature of constantly searching for something. Because they are surrounded by a wall, they do not understand reality and believe that their simple stupidity is a sign of seriousness and maturity.

This book really makes us think about life, our relationships and the relationships between men.

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