Relatório De Estágio Supervisionado Pronto

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Relatório De Estágio Supervisionado Pronto

Relatório De Estágio Supervisionado Pronto

Internship II is advertised for a certificate course held at EEM. feet Paolino Maria Baldassari in Santa Rosa do Purus – ACOLIVEIRA, Rosane Machado de. Conceptual Framework – Literacy. Source information for multidisciplinary scientific journals. In the year 03, Ed. 10, Book. 07, p. October 16-35, 2018 ISSN: 2448-0959

Revista Rondoniense De Pedagogia: Relatório De Estágio Pronto: Educação Especial (estágio Supervisionado)

This work seeks to discuss the reading process in the first elementary years, more precisely in the first class C in the Public Schools of Bellavista da Caroba City. The overall goal of Supervised Internship – Literacy is to focus on the daily life of the school and the intern class. The specific objective is to verify the situations that the schools face every day – to be able to solve problems, to try to integrate the theory learned with the classroom teaching practice, to confirm the teaching methods used done. Qualitative methods were developed through bibliographic and field research. The findings of this project show that literacy in the primary school years is a major challenge for today’s educational institutions.

Practiced – Reading assignments are organized through practice, research, and reflection on information and suggestions made by teachers. In the literacy process, the exercises provide an overview of the real school, the daily routine, and the problems encountered in the classroom. In fact, an internship is the first experience a student has in a classroom. As Passerini says:

A supervised internship is the teachers’ and students’ first contact with their future career. Through observation, participation and learning, students are able to think and think about future learning activities. Therefore, their training will become more important as they share these experiences with colleagues in the classroom, sparking discussion, stimulating critical thinking, creating in their knowledge and thus start a new phase of learning. educational material” (PASSERINI, 2007).

Curriculum – Reading, guided by me and completed with a degree in Pedagogy Rosane Machado de Oliveira. The exercise started on October 15, 2014 and ended on December 5, 2014 at Escola Municipal Bom Jesus, focusing on Grade 1 Class C (Primary 1).

Relatório De Estágio By Andrieli_l

The objectives of supervised training – the observation of the daily life of the school and the training course, that is to consider the educational process, and the conditions that exist when school every day – able to solve problems, find integration of learned ideas with classroom learning activity, observe teaching style.

And considering the role of teachers in a time of crisis in modern education. As Januário (2008, p. 3) says:

Supervised exercises can contribute to teacher education, defining themselves as research and reflection. While training, teachers begin to see education from a different perspective, trying to understand the reality of the school and the behavior of students, teachers, and professionals. Therefore, it offers a new reading of the environment (school, classroom, community), looking for ways to participate effectively.

Relatório De Estágio Supervisionado Pronto

Note that the Supervised Practicum – Literacy is important for future teaching practice. Observation, direct participation, contact with students, educational institutions, and understanding of politics, society, economy, and learning Help to analyze the facts of the reading process, helping interns learn about methods and resources for use with groups of students with specific characteristics.

Relatorio Estágio Clínica Psicanalítica Com Adultos

Procedures are used during the implementation and completion of the internship test held, via satellite (a remote classroom), live expository lectures through the virtual learning world (forum ), recording arguments and explanations, clarifying doubts and discussions through webcasts, through discussions with the subject. Lecturer, educational research, textbook internship, research at the Capanema-PR site Polo University Library, and field research at an internship school.

The tools of this educational report: characteristics of the internship school, the teacher of the school, the characteristics of the classroom, the characteristics of the teacher, the overall characteristics of the course, the description of the participation description of the course, the description of some identified evaluation activities, and the creation of the project plan, and the results of the report drawn from the data collected in the internship office.

Curated training – literacy is held at Escola Municipal Bom Jesus on Av. Rio Grande do Sul State – S / N, CEP: 85.745-000, located in the municipality of Bela Vista da Caroba – PR, in the Southwest of the state of Paraná. The school can be contacted by phone on (0**46) 3557-1105 or by email: [email protected], the school is open from 7:15 am to 11:15 am and starts at 1:15 pm h00min to 17 :00 pm .

The school maintains Grade 1 (Grade 1 to Grade 5) in the morning and evening for 200 students. School education agencies are authorized to operate through Resolution No. 2936/96 of 11 September 1991. E 23/0991, registration with CNPJ: 03.135.964/0001 – 35, managed by the Municipality of Bela Vista da Caroba PR, CGC-/MF 01612441/0001-07. Conducted training – reading will be held from October 15, 2014 to the afternoon of December 5, 2014, focusing on Grade C of the first grade of elementary school.

Relatorio De Estagio Supervisionado Administrativo

By looking at political education programs and interviews with school teachers, it can be seen that the educational concept promoted by the school is the concept of the individual, the community, the teacher’s responsibility and education. The principles are continuous process and active thinking, decision-making and monitoring of student activities. The teachers interviewed agreed that school evaluations should be conducted in a continuous, diagnostic and procedural manner through observation, follow-up and documentation.

A unique approach to school education is based on the belief that children are in a social context and therefore need to respect their life experiences, social class, culture and ethnicity. . In this way, the school is seen as a place for the combination of new knowledge about the world, with the pedagogy that allows school knowledge to be constantly integrated with the experiences and problems of children. .

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