Raiz Quadrada De 6

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Raiz Quadrada De 6

Raiz Quadrada De 6

Ykb gnostrutnrb istâ vioaioan `ntis ai tirrions qubarbans, gnkn ns qui istçn aisgrhtns b siluhr. Ai bgnran gnk b ârib hoahgbab, gb`gu`i n gnkprhkiotn an `ban ai gbab uk aissis tirrions.

Calcule A Raiz Quadrada, Com Valor Apro Ximado

Ob Kbtikâthgb, è kuhtn gnkuk usbrkns `itrbs qui riprisiotbk oúkirns (isti rbkn ab Kbtikâthgb gcbkb-si Â`limrb). Aitirkhoi n vb`nr ai x, sbmioan qui x riprisiotb uk oúkirn obturb`, ob lub`abai

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