Quem Criou A Lampada

Quem Criou A Lampada – Get to know his biography, his main achievements, why he is considered a lighting genius and the most important interesting facts about Thomas Edison.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% effort. Thomas Edison

Quem Criou A Lampada

Quem Criou A Lampada

And although they do not know, many use products created by him or by his company “GE” General Electric, which was founded in 1878 under the name Edison Electric Light Company and still operates today.

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Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, the youngest of seven children. In a small Ohio village in Milan.

It was a place considered by the railroad since the industrial revolution, so the Edison family had to move to Port Huron (Michigan), where the future genius would primarily go to school.

After three months at the school, the school principal fired him, saying he had no interest in studying, but something happened after this incident that moved Edison years later.

Little Thomas Edison went to school early, leaving after his mother received a letter from his teacher.

Prof. Rafael José Pôncio

Tomasz’s mother read the following letter: “he, your son, is good. This school is too small for him and there are no teachers at his level. Please teach it yourself!”

After her mother died, she was cleaning the house when she saw folded paper in the corner of a drawer.

To his surprise, it was an old letter that a teacher had sent to his mother, but its content was different from the one his mother had read years ago and it said: “Your son is confused and has mental problems. We won’t let him come to school again!”

Quem Criou A Lampada

Edison cried for hours and wrote in his diary: “Thomas Edison was a confused child, but thanks to his courageous and devoted mother, he became the genius of this century.”

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Thanks to the genius of the headmistress of the Port Huron school, Nancy Elliot, Edison’s mother, oversaw his education.

Nancy was a teacher before her marriage, which allowed her to teach one of the hardest and most important lessons in history: to awaken in her son an endless curiosity that will accompany him to the end of his days.

So, at the age of 10, Edison set up a laboratory in the attic of his house and took his first steps in chemistry and physics. It was here that the young inventor discovered that his creativity could serve as a source of income.

On October 18, 1931, in West Orange, Edison died of atherosclerosis, which was slowly debilitating his health. The American left over a thousand inventions as a legacy of human history.

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At the age of 16, young Edison left his parents’ house and beat his head against the walls until he made a life for himself: he worked on the railroad between Port Huron and Detroit during the Civil War, started a small amateur newspaper. (Weekly Herald), there was a telegraph, etc.

By the time Thomas decided to leave his job in Boston and inspired by Michael Faraday’s British book Experimental Researches in Electricity, he decided to become the sole inventor.

In 1868, he registered his first patent, which was an electric vote counter for the US Congress, but congressmen of the time described the device as “superfluous”.

Quem Criou A Lampada

As a result of this event, Edison learned one of the most important lessons in his artistic career: “First of all, invention must be necessary.”

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However, his big step as an inventor did not come until 1876, when he settled on an abandoned farm in Menlo Park (near New York), investing all the money he had saved during his life as “handicrafts”.

The “Invention Factory”, the name Edison gave to his laboratory, was his headquarters, and primitive things such as the carbon microphone (1876), the light bulb (1879) and the electric meter (1886) came from there. . .

After gaining fame, Edison turned a small “factory” in Menlo Park into a large technology center, Edison Laboratory, in West Orange, New Jersey, which would eventually employ over five thousand people.

In this institution, the great inventor gave rise to a new way of producing cement, other chemical substances, metal separation, and the production of batteries and accumulators for cars.

Thomas Edison Inventa A Lâmpada Incandescente Comercializável

However, the greatest invention at this stage was the Kinetoscope (1891): a primitive movie camera that was a new way to create moving images.

But before all this success, Thomas Edison spent many sleepless nights and a lot of time looking for progress in his inventions. His biggest challenge was to create a light bulb that would last for a long time.

Today, it is no longer surprising as it has become part of our daily lives, but electricity is a powerful technology that is shaking the world.

Quem Criou A Lampada

The world was completely different in 1870, it was powered only by men, horses and steam, and the light was dangerous because of the gas light.

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Thomas Edison was ready to change that. In 1879, he improved his lifestyle by switching from gas lighting to electric lighting.

His system was more than just lighting, it was the foundation of today’s technological world, bringing electricity into our daily lives.

But as many think, Edison was not the inventor of electric light, he was just one of many inventors on both sides of the Atlantic.

Thomas Edison was twenty-three years old to try to create electric light, from the first English inventor in 1808. The idea of ​​generating electricity and light has been recorded since the first decade of the 19th century.

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Humphrey David was a pioneer in electrical research. He states and shows that there are two ways to produce electric light.

One was an electric arc and the other was a counter-arc, everyone knew it was theoretically possible that it was an incandescent light, but no one had made a light bulb that lasted days instead of hours.

Arcing occurs when electricity jumps through the gap between two conductors, creating a continuous blue light.

Quem Criou A Lampada

Incandescent light occurs when electricity passes through a conductor, such as a metal filament, which generates heat, when it heats up, it glows, the greater the light, the light becomes white, if the current is too low, the light will be more than too weak white. more oranges.

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When Thomas Edison began his career in 1870, there was electric light. Electric arcs powered by a steam dynamo lit up the Philadelphia exposition, in 1877 every street in Paris was lit with electricity.

The electric arcs are connected in series. Having 10 to 15 in a row so if one burned out the rest would go out, another big downside was that its light was too strong and uncomfortable, and lighting in the house was impossible, needed a small and safe lamp, also not to disturb view.

Edison was able to throw away many experiments that no longer worked, so he bet on incandescent light.

The light bulb already existed, but due to the high temperature, the metal burned quickly. The light was on for several hours.

Thomas Edison Não Inventou A Lâmpada

The biggest challenge was making it last a few days so Edison tackled it like a challenge and soon after he announced that he had found a solution and like a good audience he announced it in all the media and soon everyone noticed it. Wizard Edison.

The hardest part was finding a filament that didn’t burn up the lamp, which reached 3000°C, but nothing they’ve tried could sustain that kind of heat for long without burning, lubricating, or avoiding burning the filaments, everything. Air was removed from the lamp and inert gases were introduced in its place, which slightly improved the life of the lamp.

Thomas Edison made the mistake thousands of times until he came up with something that would withstand that temperature, he found that by carbonizing the wires to make them more resistant and therefore extending the life of the lamp a bit, so he carbonized all the different things and I tested them in the lamp .

Quem Criou A Lampada

He tested all kinds of materials imaginable, such as hair thread, fishing line, celluloid, coconut fiber, paper, playing cards and bamboo, which was one of the first small successes.

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Edison said he deliberately made mistakes so that he knew all the ways that might not work. In the pursuit of success, he never gave up.

And so it was with the lamp, he finally discovered that a simple cotton thread would change everything, after a year of trial and error he was right, Edson created a lamp out of cotton thread.

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