Quebra Cabeça Papai Noel

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Quebra Cabeça Papai Noel

Quebra Cabeça Papai Noel

Right-click the image and select Open in new tab.

Papai Noel Quebra Cabeça

Click again with the right mouse button on the top of the open image, in a new tab and select the option “save image as…” or the option to copy the image, where you should -paste it in the desired location.

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Instructions for use: Paste on the selected piece, examine and find other pieces that have similarities in design, shape and color.

Quebra Cabeça Natal Papai Noel

* NOTE: The puzzle is handmade, one by one, slight variations in dimensions and finishes may occur, making each piece unique in its beauty!!

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Quebra Cabeça Papai Noel

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Aldeia Do Papai Noel Com Posto De Correios+jogos

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