Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado – All about the use of bricks in construction and the importance of drainage in the final quality of your work.

Ceramic bricks are the most widely used in Brazil. It is easy to find and cheap, due to the abundance of its raw material, clay.

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

Used traditionally in the design of the work, ceramic bricks became better in finishing, and the nature of exposed bricks in decoration.

Como Calcular A Quantidade De Tijolos Em Qualquer Construção

Improperly fired bricks with moisture show pathologies over the years, which can cause problems in the construction management.

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Its disadvantages are related to its size, which requires more space per meter of wall, resulting in higher costs of mortar and labor, the lack of proper firing for works affected by environmental humidity (usually) and less control skills.

Because it is a large part, the Bahian brick increases the productivity of the construction and improves the adhesion to the brick and preserves the plaster and plaster.

Tijolo Baiano: Preço, Medidas, Vantagens, Como Calcular E Mais!

Bricks of this type, as well as solid bricks, do not have a large scale, which requires a large amount of labor, laying waste and plaster. Another disadvantage is the high rate of degradation and waste generation.

Baianinho brick is a slightly different version of Bahian brick, which is characterized by holes in the piece.

Adobe bricks are considered to be one of the oldest forms of clay bricks. It is made of raw earth, water, grass and natural fibers, which are hand-formed into molds and formed in the sun.

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

However, the problem is high porosity. The adobe brick must be protected from moisture and rain, because it can spread directly with water.

Vai Construir Uma Casa? Conheça Os Materiais Básicos!

They are made of a mixture of cement, soil and water, which is cured before being used.

Because it does not need to be heated in the oven, these products do not spoil too much. It is a good acoustic and thermal absorber, requiring little concrete waste.

Another advantage of natural bricks is their modularity, which allows the creation of circular shapes and different sizes, which increases the value of construction in the project.

Also known as “bricks 21 holes”, faceted bricks are strong and durable. It is used in construction and exposed areas, such as the construction of facades, walls and grills. Its use is very common in decorative and practical coatings.

Bloco Cerâmico 09x19x29

Due to its shape, waste disposal and installation time are less compared to ceramic bricks, which leads to more construction results. In addition, the loss of cement blocks is lower than that of ceramics.

On the other hand, cement bricks are more expensive, they do not guarantee the same thermoacoustic performance as ceramic bricks and they usually show less shrinkage than ceramic blocks after installation.

This type of barrier has a low resistance and is only available to seal masonry, such as walls, walls and other parts of the room.

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

Concrete fences cannot carry loads other than their own, and must be supported by posts, columns and braces.

Arquivos Blocos Cerâmicos

This is a very common question when starting a business: What is the best brick? Which currency has the best value? What should I choose?

What is your budget? What is the importance of thermoacoustic insulation? What do you need to set up? How far are developers from their work?

We have created the table above to make it easier for you to choose the best option. Planning each change will ensure that you get the right brick for your project. Find out how to calculate the number of bricks per square meter of your project and avoid buying too much or too little!

In this article you will have the opportunity to review what you have learned about how to count blocks and / or bricks in construction.

Calcular Quantidade De Pisos Por M2 (metro Quadrado): Calculadora

We know that today there are programs that count blocks or bricks per meter in a straight line.

However, for those of you who enter the world of technology today and need to learn how to do it in practice, stay in this article, because the measurement is not possible using modern devices to make calculations.

To begin calculating the use of blocks or bricks and to determine the amount of money that should be purchased for the project, you must always start from the corner, the city and strike, do not forget to check the length and lines of each line. .

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

It is better to make reinforcement columns at each corner of the house and the walls abutments, because they can have columns.

Tijolo Cerâmico Estrutural Maciço 4,5x10x19cm

After choosing the type of wall and the number of articles needed, the next step is to determine the location.

For example, if you build a wall 6 feet by 1.5 feet, you will:

Make sure that only the wall dimensions are entered, as all bridge piers must be calculated separately and added together at the end.

Measure the area and multiply by the type of wall you are building (eg half brick, single brick, etc.).

CerÂmica Barrense » Tijolo 9 Furos [acÚstico]

Using the example above, a half brick wall with an area of ​​9 square meters requires 540 bricks:

For example, if your wooden house consists of one brick with a height of 1.5 meters, you need to use 42 additional bricks.

When moving or removing bricks from the construction site, the bricks break or the bricks do not break as expected.

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

Continuing with our example, a half-brick wall 6 meters high and 1.5 meters long, including two pillars and rubble, we can calculate the number of bricks as follows:

Tijolo Martins Vazado Diagonal Quadrado

Two columns of one brick: 1.5 m (vertical length) x 14 = 42 bricks 10% waste: 58.2 bricks.

We will take the graphs of the outside and inside walls and multiply by 2.60, which is the height of the spike.

Now that we have the size and width of the spike, let’s calculate the area of ​​the oitão.

Sometimes a brick breaks, sometimes the foreman or builder uses a spoon to cut it and it doesn’t always cut right.

Tijolo À Vista Vermelho

It’s easy to do, I put a download link to Excel for those who want to use the template, they can change it as they want, add opening, etc.

Accurately calculating the number of bricks you need is critical to a successful construction project.

If you make a mistake, you may have to pay to ship more bricks, which may cause inventory problems or more costs and you may have to store or sell the bricks.

Quantos Tijolos Vai Por Metro Quadrado

If you still don’t know, our team is happy to help you buy bricks, whether it’s matching, avoiding, or just buying bricks.

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Don’t have the slightest idea where and how to start planning your renovation or project financing?

So scroll down and check out other tips like these and don’t forget to share them with your friends!

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Instructor of Professional Practices in Architecture and author of O Pequeno Grande Guide for the Approval of City Hall Projects, a book for professionals dedicated to the construction industry. Selected for two consecutive years by Revista Negócios da Comunicação as the most popular opinion in the category of Cities, Architecture and Urbanism, and received the best award for the work done in blogs and social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram , which together. adding 400 thousand followers. Read with a 6-hole brick. The 6-hole brick has these dimensions: 9 x 14 x 19 cm (width, length and height in centimeters). Therefore, a brick with 6 holes measures = 14 x 19 x 9 cm. Considering that this brick will be used directly for this project, let’s calculate the part 0, 14 x 0, 19 = 0. 8 hollow bricks (9 x 19 x 19) 6 bricks (9 x 14 x 24) brick of brick (30). x 20 x 15, 5) brick brick (30 x 20 x 11, 5) 12 hole brick (19 x 19 x 19) 12 brick (19 x 19 x 24) 12 brick (19 x 19 x 29) : Fire food cf 240=4 hours e. In this case, a 6-hole brick of 9 cm x 14 cm x 29 cm has 0.0406m² (length x height: 0.14 * 0.29 = 0.0406), that is, dividing 1 m² by 0.0406m² comes to the end. 1 m² of wall will consume 23 bricks in a residential area or 33 pieces in a residential area. Brick 6 holes in the wall, as you can count.

Como Calcular Tijolo Por Metro Quadrado?

Brick 6 holes 9x14x19 from R$ 490.00 million (money for closed items, *); Prices vary by quantity and location; Shipping Monday through Saturday; But before you do that, you need to know more about bricks!

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