Quanto Tempo Demora Para A Mama Encher De Leite

Quanto Tempo Demora Para A Mama Encher De Leite – We know that breast milk is the perfect food for your baby. It is a living liquid with a complex formula that contains sugar, protein and fat in the right combination for your toddler of all ages and needs. Contains active immunological substances: specific immunoglobulins and microbes that will make your baby’s digestive microbiota.

But what about breast milk production? In this article I want to try to explain clearly. The bottom line is that breast milk is made by GLAND, i.e. human breast milk is produced while requested. Unlike human breasts, human breasts do not have a storage system (paint) for the milk produced.

Quanto Tempo Demora Para A Mama Encher De Leite

Quanto Tempo Demora Para A Mama Encher De Leite

To better understand, I want you to think about saliva production. Saliva is also a gland, we do not walk to the cheeks full of saliva? The saliva in our mouths is produced when necessary to moisturize the mouth when we speak, start digesting the food we chew, or even when we are hungry and smell the delicious food that is being prepared. Thus, the salivary glands produce on demand. Likewise, the mammary gland produces where milk is needed, i.e., when the mammary sac is empty, the gland produces. The difference is that the need for breast milk is controlled by the baby.

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The quality and frequency of feedings are the “signals” our body uses to control the production of breast milk (quantity and composition). Thus, any disturbance of this “signal” can send the wrong message to our body and alter the production of breast milk. By understanding that breast milk is produced by the glands and that this production is controlled by the needs of the baby, we see the importance of using good techniques (correct strings and correct body position). And avoid interfering with equipment (bottlenecks). . silicone intermediate) for successful breastfeeding.

Breast milk production is controlled by our hormonal system and the milk itself. There are generally two hormones that are actively involved in this modular system: prolactin and oxytocin. Both are necessary, they are an inseparable group, one without the other does not work, there is no point in trying to use tricks to increase prolactin if oxytocin is deficient. Similarly, the intake of synthetic oxytocin is useless if the prolactin is low. The action of one stimulates the action of the other, and vice versa in biology is called the feedback system.

Prolactin gives our body a signal of the magnitude of the need, it stimulates the mammary glands to produce milk. While the baby is suckling, the breast contains prolactin, which ensures the production of milk for the next breast. That is, when a breastfed baby is drinking milk, which is stimulated by the prolactin levels of the previous breast. Frequent breastfeeding keeps these prolactin levels high and ensures that you always have milk in your breast. Do you know those stages where the baby looks like it does not want to come out of the breast? These stages are necessary for the body to adapt to the new needs of the baby, the constant outflow of the tube during breastfeeding promotes an increase in the amount of prolactin circulating in the body so that the body can Maintain variability of these requirements. The baby grows. Growing up.

An important aspect of prolactin is that it is a circadian hormone, which means that it is regulated by our sleep cycle. When we sleep, we have the highest levels of prolactin, which usually occurs at night or in the morning, but we find that mothers breastfeed more when they can get a good night’s rest, whether she is taking a nap or a nap. Sleep well. . Breastfeeding mothers rarely sleep for 8 hours in a row, our bodies synchronize with the baby’s body, we often wake up at night or early in the morning before the baby shows itself. If you are a mother, you should already know that the quality of sleep does not mean quantity, sometimes 2-3 hours of sleep in a row that you can imagine wanting to recharge your batteries after a tiring day is enough. . If you find it difficult to breastfeed in the afternoon, a good strategy is to take a nap in the afternoon, for example, it will improve the feeling of the amount of breast milk during breastfeeding after bedtime. When there is a feeling of low milk, one of the most urgent measures is to breastfeed in the evening and early in the morning to help the prolactin level adjust to the baby’s needs.

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Another hormone, oxytocin, commonly known as the love hormone, is released during sex, labor, childbirth, and breastfeeding. When a baby touches a breast, sucks, or even when we think of our baby (for example, at work), hormones are produced in our body, milk, even without a “full” breast, can leak. During breastfeeding, the main function of oxytocin is the secretion of breast milk. Without it, breast milk will not be able to enter the baby’s mouth, it stimulates the opening and stimulation of breast milk. Pipe length. Is that she has the same receptor cells as the hormones that indicate the stress of the body cortisol, adrenaline and norepinephrine, that is, stress can interfere with the production of breast milk because it inhibits oxytocin receptors.

If you are breastfeeding and going through traumatic events or you are going through a very stressful period in your daily life for some reason and you can not get enough rest during breastfeeding, it may be difficult to Come out even if you feel it. Your chest. Produced, and when the milk comes down, it does not find an effective way and can even become empty. To be honest, mothers have many reasons to be stressed, the source of stress can be emotional, physical or physiological, but the good news is that you do not have to live a perfect, stress-free life to breastfeed. Successfully. It is enough to manage these stresses, at least temporarily, to be able to practice breastfeeding successfully. It may seem obvious, but when life is hard and you have to breastfeed, the only advice you can give is: Relax! At least during breastfeeding, forget the world, focus on your baby for that time, live one feeding at a time, one day at a time. When breastfeeding, the only concern is to make sure the keys are done correctly so you do not feel any pain.

During breastfeeding, there is no way to deal with any aspect of your life (except thirst or hunger, so drink water or eat something). Then, in the medium and long term, you will be able to assess the source of stress in your current life and adjust it to improve your overall quality of life. Remember, a quiet woman is a better mother.

Quanto Tempo Demora Para A Mama Encher De Leite

Breast milk itself also acts as a molecule for its production, it contains peptides in its composition that inhibit the production at the glandular level, that is, if the network is full, the glands will stop producing. It is a self-regulating system that protects our body, without it, breastfeeding mothers will always live with breasts in their breasts (greatly increasing the risk of mastitis). But it does not happen for a long time, the need for adjustment occurs between 2 and 3 months after the birth of the child (it may be before it is not the first child), this means that the management system starts to work well. Perfect. Match the needs of the child. Child (if you have natural conditions for this).

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Did you know that the old idea that breasts need to be “filled” to breastfeed? Forget it! To get enough milk, you need to constantly flush the esophagus. The baby sucks more to release the esophagus. When you find that it is really effective to swallow, more milk will be produced and received. More milk.

I would like to invite you to think about some of the myths of breastfeeding related to production. One is the old notion that stress makes milk dry. If breast milk is produced by the glands, it responds to the baby’s needs, which stimulates the prolactin-oxytocin reaction system and regulates automation. What happens if the mother goes through a very stressful situation? Well, she may have a hard time producing milk due to blocking the oxytocin receptors, but the solution is simple, you just need to rest your body at least during breastfeeding, let the oxytocin work, then the oxytocin levels will rise and what? Will be back. Sooner or later, a decrease in ejaculation due to extreme stress is temporary until hormone levels find a new balance.

Now let’s think what happens if the mother waits for the breast to “fill” to breastfeed, noticing a fixed gap between the breast and removing the baby from the breast at a predetermined time? In this case, the mammary gland

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