Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio

Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio – Split cylinder filling: an absurd and dangerous proposal Posted by Sindigus on April 4, 2019 April 4, 2019

Some basic services, when they work well and perform as intended, cease to be part of people’s concerns, as if they were invisible. This has been the case for at least two decades, since the establishment of the current safety and quality standards in the distribution of products, LPG for residential use, cooking gas, as Brazil provided an international context in this type of activity.

Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio

Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio

It is a common procedure in the lives of more than 90% of Brazilian households: the customer exchanges an empty cylinder to buy a full cylinder of his choice, of any brand. That simple. Empty cylinders must be filled with gas and he does not have to worry about what will happen to other consumers, but the logistics are complex and very detailed.

Vende Se Botijão De Gás. Para Sua Casa

Distributors transport all other-brand cylinders they receive from customers to “exchange centers” where they remove an equal number of their own-brand containers from competing companies.

Back at base, each distributor thoroughly inspects all used containers. It should be remembered that more than 30 million cylinders are sold every month in the country. Part of this total is sent for maintenance, and according to the ANP, approximately 7% of the cylinders that enter the requalification process are damaged because they do not pass the tests required by the technical regulations, replaced by new containers, avoided. Risk to consumers. Millions of new cylinders are purchased from LPG distributors every year.

With this process, each company performs strict quality control before refilling the containers, ensuring that customers receive enough cylinders to safely use at home. Thanks to the requalification, Brazil was given an international context as the best model for accident prevention in the LPG sector.

It would therefore be unwise to abandon this proven safe model in order to implement a process that exposes the population to serious accidents. But, as unbelievable as it may seem, ANP is considering accepting partial filling of LPG containers.

Disparada Do Preço Do Gás; Produto Passa A Ser O Novo Vilão Do Orçamento Doméstico

Awareness is the key to preventing accidents. Therefore, it is our duty to warn the sectors involved in the LPG industry – governments, regulatory bodies, companies and the people who use this product every day in their homes – about the dangers of fragmented compliance.

Split filling? What does it mean in practice? Consumers bring LPG cylinders to the point of sale and are asked to fill less than the capacity of the container. Almost all cylinders used in Brazil are suitable for 13 kg PGL, so this customer can only buy a fraction of the total: for example, two or three kg.

The risk factors of this practice are so numerous that it would not be appropriate to mention them all in this space. So let’s highlight a few, and you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to seriously understand.

Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio

First: the existing LPG cylinders in Brazil (about 118 million units) are not designed for this type of filling, which leads to the risk of gas leakage and explosion. Second: if partial fulfillment is allowed, it will be impossible to inspect and control all the places where the operation will take place. Cylinders will not be inspected, maintained and rarely graded.

Gás De Cozinha P13 Glp

In places where they do not meet all the safety rules for this type of operation, any spills during compliance can have serious consequences. For example, if LPG, being heavier than air, enters a storm drain, it can become trapped and a simple spark can cause a massive explosion.

Due to the current regulations and the risks involved in handling the product, LPG containers are filled without an ignition source in industrial areas, away from homes and public roads, in facilities specially built for this purpose by distribution companies, meeting certain safety conditions. , including the fire network, suitable electrical installations among the many standard requirements of ABNT, ANP, Inmetro, fire brigades and other organizations.

Currently, the distributor is responsible for visual inspection, suitability, preventive and corrective maintenance, and destruction of unserviceable containers. If this system is changed, it will be impossible to guarantee the isolation of all cylinders that require maintenance or qualification. The risk would have been enormous, but the mark engraved in high relief on the cylinder would no longer be valid, because any gas station owner could put LPG in that container, so how would the company fare in the event of an accident? A gas cylinder at a customer’s house? In terms of security, a terrible shock and irresponsibility!

Therefore, it is not recommended to accept such practices, as partially filling PGL cylinders in terms of safety will only cause inconvenience to the society.

Botijão De Gás (casco Vazio)

Cesar Orique da Silva Almeida – Civil Engineer, Professional Safety Engineering and Environmental Audit and expert, former president of the Brazilian Accident Prevention Association (ABPA) and the Latin American Association of Occupational Safety and Hygiene (ALASEHT).

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Quanto Custa Um Botijão De Gás Vazio

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