Possum Movie

Possum Movie – After returning to his childhood home, the reviled young puppeteer must face his evil stepfather and the secrets that plagued him all his life.

Matthew Holness, best known for Garth Merenghi’s cult comedy The Dark Place and Dean Laurner’s Man-Man, joins the comedy horror club with his feature film debut, Possum. Anyone familiar with Holness’ previous work will understand this transition. Shows like Darkplace and Man-to-Man have always been done with love and affection, but mocked the classic British sci-fi and horror tropes of the 1970s and 80s. Now shifting his work from parody to pastiche, he creates suspenseful horror/thrillers about disgraced puppeteers dealing with the demons of their past.

Possum Movie

Possum Movie

Philip (Sean Harris) has created an arachnid doll with a head molded from a human head. Naturally, this frightened the kids he was performing with and he left his childhood home. A dilapidated, mold-covered house where her creepy stepfather Maurice (Alun Armstrong) still resides.

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Harris, like Phillip, is uptight yet compassionate, brilliantly balancing his portrayal as victim and predator. The first meeting with local students on a public train makes the audience nervous. Harris’ gruff vocal delivery through innocent accents, and her dialogue calling her old school teacher ‘Mr’ or ‘Miss’ will make the audience nervous. Is he evil or broken? In short, he captures the emotionally underdeveloped childish behavior inside damaged adults waiting to explode.

Standing against him is his toxic stepfather Maurice (Alun Armstrong), who takes a perverse pleasure in belittling Philip. Dialogue is minimal and the ominous atmosphere is dripping. The unsaid horror angle here culminates in one of the most disturbing climaxes in a movie this year.

The focus is on Philip and the psychological pressure that the mad doll puts on him. In a Lynchian scene with plenty of hammer horror, Philip goes further into madness as the arachnid doll grabs his hand at the afflicted protagonist. Uncertainty about the doll’s powers ensues as she sneaks into the dark corners of the night and looks into Philip’s eyes.

In a press release, Holness said she wanted to make a modern silent horror film. The opening sequence brings these influences to the fore with a color scheme reminiscent of the 1929 silent horror classic The Phantom Carriage and surreal imagery resembling an Andalusian dog. The grainy image shows the harshness and darkness of the English countryside.

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Possum is a modern cooler. Jump scares and superfluous explanations are replaced by a richly poetic script, shocking performances by central characters, and intense music that you won’t soon forget. View time limit for Possum’s World (2018). of the movie. All bones, no meat

I like my movies just like I like my sex. It’s confusing, there’s no context, and most of the time it’s not clear what’s going on. A wise man (me) said that media is best experienced when it has the least amount of context. No trailers, no spoilers, just a great title and a few sentence summary to pique your interest. Possum, the 2018 film directed by Matthew Holness, is available here.

A man of few words at a tortured age returns to his childhood home after serving in the military. After the service, he tries his hand at puppetry, but it doesn’t work out. Perhaps it’s because his puppet is a huge, hideous scarred spider with a human head, glass eyes, and a 100-yard gaze. However, the house he returns to is not empty. When he arrives he finds that his dirty uncle Maurice has been living there for some time. The plot revolves around a dream montage of our beloved puppeteer Philippe, who returns to different places important to his childhood to uncover the secrets of his past and the house he now lives in.

Possum Movie

Here is your summary. That’s all you get. Go see it, it’s fantastic. I gave 4/5 stars. If you’re interested but not interested in spoilers, or if you’ve already seen it, just stay still while we go into detail about this movie and you’ll go deeper than you need to.

Possum — Joseph Avery

* WARNING: This film contains themes of violence and sexual harassment. If you are uncomfortable with these concepts or themes, do not watch or read this film. If you or someone you know is dealing with a substance abuse problem and you need help, call: National Sexual Violence Hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673) Regards. Enjoy the rest of the review as well.*

It follows what I call “dream logic”. Much of the film happens in glitches or interludes, where the camera takes a brief break from what really happens to Philip and instead captures several yellow and orange balloons starting to smoke, and a black rain falling from the sky. Everywhere you go, you’ll see creepy possum dolls.

Filmed in a way that reveals more and more of the increasingly creepy possum doll to the audience, representing Philip’s awakening demon, the audience and Phillip slowly come to understand that Uncle Maurice has more to do with his trauma than Phillip. : Think

Some of the footage appears to recall Phillip’s memories, showing places he’s been to before, empty without other people. There aren’t many human characters in the movie, so he’s as lonely as Phillip. But that doesn’t mean the film lacks character. Sean Harris (Philip) delivers a thrilling performance that catches the eye throughout.

Brave Ollie Possum By Ethan Nicolle

Running time 85 minutes. Speaking of acting, Harris’ movements throughout the film are very reminiscent of childish behavior and angst. Look over her shoulder as she runs away nervously, hold a sweaty hand in front of her like a child when she worries about potential danger, curl up in a fetal position and cry if she feels threatened. When you whine like an unwanted child. . All of this contributes to the ever-present truth about poor Philip’s corrupt innocence, which is generously presented to the audience as a whole.

On the subject of symbolism, this film is full. If you like random scenes that represent different aspects or themes found in a movie, then you’re in luck as there are plenty of them in this movie. Here’s a quick list of all the signs you can look for on first look.

When Uncle Maurice says: She refers to Philip’s growing suspicion that Maurice is actually her rapist.

Possum Movie

The green candy Maurice offers Philip could potentially be a drug that knocks him out and allows Maurice to do his dirty deed. They could also be plain candy that Maurice used to get Philip to do something rude to him, or Maurice to abuse him further.

Im Bild: Heather Das Possum Von Dreamworks Animation

Characteristics of the name Possum can be important for a doll in that it reflects Philip’s way of behaving. Possums (animals) are known to be timid and play dead when frightened, which is what Philip does when he finds himself in an awkward situation. When he knocks Possum off his leg, he also acts like an opossum, kicking mud and curling up into a ball, and has a terrifying flashback.

This movie is really good and worth your time. It feels uncomfortable and goofy rather than scary, but the scariest scene in the entire movie is worth it. When Uncle Maurice jumped out of the shadows, he literally threw his laptop. please support this movie I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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