Pool Games For Kids Party

Pool Games For Kids Party – Beating the heat in the pool is a big summer activity. It’s also a lot of work! Not only are there a lot of things that we parents remember to bring (towels, snacks, water, sunscreen, endless ideas for pool fun, etc.), but popular Children in their interests is one thing that we have forgotten or neglected for a long time. before it’s time to leave. Today, San Diego photographer, gardener, and mom of four, Wendy Cox, is sharing 35 pool games for kids that will make your pool day fun and even better. the sun in your family! Keep this list handy for the next time you’re having a pool day, hosting a pool party, or hosting a pool party.

For most of us, summer is the time to play in the pool. But have you spent hours picking up bathing suits, swimsuits, sunscreen, towels, sunglasses, etc.? Is it just complaining to your kids about being cold a few minutes after entering the pool and being asked to leave? Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who have a pool at home, but the new one is gone. Maybe your kids are in the pool begging you to join them, but you don’t want to be pushed, bumped and pushed while you’re swimming with them.

Pool Games For Kids Party

Pool Games For Kids Party

Well, I have a solution. Today, I’m sharing the best pool games for swimmers of all ages and abilities. These water games will keep you and your kids entertained for hours. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

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This game can be played with anyone who can talk. So if you’re a non-swimmer (or weak swimmer) who wants to hang out on the stairs, they’re accessible.

Play: Start by choosing a person to say a letter (usually one or two words) and a person to vote. Go under the water at the same time. The messenger spoke loudly under the water. When you go up, the voter must say the word they think the person said. Consider choosing a theme, such as animals or vegetables, to make word selection easier.

You need glasses and a shallow end for this water game. They play tea party under the pool with their eyes open. Sometimes we want to hold hands, sometimes we need hands to help us fall down.

To play: Take a deep breath and twist your body into the shape of an apple at the bottom of the pool. This is the hardest part of the game! When you get down there, you blow bubbles from your mouth and pretend to drink from an imaginary cup. The best part is seeing how stupid everyone is when they try to stay at the bottom of the lake! After that, do it again until you laugh and can’t hold your breath.

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This water game is suitable for all ages because you can adjust the path according to the ability of the players. You can make it as easy or as hard as you want, depending on who is playing. Feel free to add floats, noodles, dances or other accessories as part of this pool game.

How to play: The hardest part is completing the course, after all the fun! An example of an obstacle course in swimming is: going down a slide. Swim across the pool and touch point 3. Backstroke for 5 seconds. Do it manually. Touch the edge of the pool with your big toe. Go up the stairs. Make a deep dive. Swim back to shallow water. Spin 3 times. Make 3 jumps.

Everyone likes to follow the lead, even if they have the opportunity to lead! This classic game is perfect for indoor fun!

Pool Games For Kids Party

How to play: This pool game is similar to the obstacle course shown above, but instead of saying out loud the order of the course, the host performs the tasks in sequence. Other players will try to repeat the same course on the same course. Change the guides each round and of course, don’t forget to let the kids make the board for you!

Fantastic & Fun Pool Games For Kids

I used to make this with my sisters when I was a kid and we had so much fun trying to make it! You need at least 4 people to do this.

To play: One person holds the legs of the “raft”. One person holds a “raft” under both ears. There is one person on the tree and that person lies on the back supported by two others. The fourth one is transit and usually the smallest one. The rider sits in the belly of the “raft”. Holding hands and feet, the two people carrying the “raft” walk together to guide the rider around the water.

While we’re talking about the games I played with my sisters, the two below are our favorites.

We spent hours putting together difficult swimming routines, rehearsing, and then performing them in front of our parents or​​​​​​ This is the perfect game for your little artists.

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Play: All players work together to create and learn a swimming routine. You can set the routine to music. We love this waterproof speaker and keep it with us at the pool. Let the children choose a song. Jump, dance, swim, spin and don’t forget to finish with a big back move. Maybe it’s the starting point for your child’s first appearance at the 2028 Summer Olympics!

For all my sisters, one of our favorite childhood pool games was mermaids. For general, we can call it common people. This sport is best for strong swimmers because you have to swim with your legs all the time. When I was a kid, they didn’t have mermaid tails like they do now, so we had to use our imaginations. If you have a mermaid tail, great, use it! Otherwise, Imagination does a good job and this game is worth it.

How to play: Start with an imaginary scenario (“Let’s pretend we’re mermaids and we have to save a treasure chest from a ship before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean”) and run with it. . The only rule is that you have to keep your feet as you swim if you are a real mermaid.

Pool Games For Kids Party

Diving toys are some of our favorite pool toys because they are easy to carry and fit in a small bag. My kids love to dive for the diving toys and they make fun pool games.

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How to play: In this simple pool game, you have to throw all the diving toys into the water and wait for them to sink to the bottom of the pool, then time how long it takes your child to collect them all. If you have a competitive team like mine, they will always try to beat each other’s times. At one point, they throw all the diving toys into the pool and then work as a team to see how long (and how much they dive) to collect. at all.

This water game is best with a large group of children because you need three or more people in the group. This game is perfect for pool parties, family get-togethers, or any time the whole basketball team swims together!

How to play: All teams start at one end of the pool and must go to the other end and back in different ways. Swimming underwater, swimming with only the left hand, swimming on the back, etc.

If your team is tough, this pool game is for you! First, you need to be in a pool that is safe for diving. Then learn the purpose of diving. You can learn about diving here.

Pool Games For Kids

How to play: After a few practice dives, choose the judges. Brainstorm and bring in pieces of paper with numbers 1-10 on them for the judges to hold. This can be done in a large group if the diver is a good sport and doesn’t expect to get points, or with a single diver. My oldest son LOVES to play this and asks for hints after each dive. “Mom, did I make a big splash?” “Are my feet safe?” “Wow, do you know how good diving is!” If your child likes to be creative and creative, get out your camera or phone and make a video.

All credit goes to my Uncle Don for this water play. I do when I go to his pool! This game requires strong legs and strong lungs. My uncle often gives

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