Poemas Curtos De Amor De Autores Famosos

Poemas Curtos De Amor De Autores Famosos – Poem ao Vento Fernando Pessoa’s love poem that wants to be swept away by the wind; I don’t know if a branch has fallen in the storm, If a foot has risen from the ground In a breath that is all the same. I fell there, I only know that there is sorrow and pain that is destined to be nothing but a flower that blooms.” Sometimes our thoughts can get lost in the wounds and pain that overwhelm us. There are times when we want to sweep away the pain. and pain, as if -it’s just autumn leaves turning; in others, we don’t want to dig into the pile of wounds, we don’t want to get into the whirlwind of our feelings, because not everything we feel can always be explained.

Playlist to read Do you want to dive into the dimensions of poetry in a different way? Discover our playlists made for listening while reading! Spotify listen playlist Copy Share Poem Autopsychology by Fernando Pessoa “The poet is a pretender. He pretends so completely That he pretends it’s pain The pain he feels. two he has, But only one they don’t have And so on on the track of the wheels Turned, the ludicrous reason, The string-cart Called the heart Expressing feeling, however impure, is a complex art We don’t necessarily have to feel something to overcome it; and this difficulty makes the poet an architect of emotions. Not only can he in touch with his own pain, but he is also able to express universal pain Maybe this is a good analogy for practicing empathy… Who knows? Copy Share Abyss Fernando Pessoa “I saw the Tagus, and with such art that I forgot to see while seeing suddenly it strikes me Against reverie – What is serious, and running? How does it feel to see it? suddenly small, Void, time, place. Everything was suddenly empty – Even my thoughts. Everything – me and the world around – More than the outside. Lost all being, eternal, And thought became me I could not connect Being, idea, soul with name With me, with earth and sky… And suddenly I found God.” Sometimes we get lost in our own thoughts. .. everything becomes so empty and distant that we leave each other and wander in the world of ideas. Questions come, conjectures, imaginations make us lose track of reality. As in enlightenment, we reach a state of pure contemplation. Our thoughts can take us far , as long as we have inspiration for it. Copy Share

Poemas Curtos De Amor De Autores Famosos

Poemas Curtos De Amor De Autores Famosos

I love everything Poem by Fernando Pessoa because it is, and it flies And today is another day.” We must say goodbye to the past, because today is another day, tomorrow will be another, etc. We have been through a lot and we need to make peace with the past, forgive our mistakes and move on. Everything good deserves its place in memory, and what is not so good deserves to be learned. That’s it… we must put our past to rest and move on . Find in this message the strength you need to let go of the past! Copy Share Fernando Pessoa’s Devotion “Take me, oh Eternal night, in your arms And call me your child. I am a king who voluntarily leaves the throne of my dreams and fatigue. My sword, heavy in a limp hand, In a brave and calm hand, I And my scepter and my crown, I left them In the hall, torn apart My mail, so vain, My Taj so vainly tinkling, I left them on the stairs cold I strip royalty, body and soul, And I return to the ancient and calm night Like the landscape at the end of the day.” Often sadness and the desire to abandon all the projects of life, because we are just tired of so many fights. We think that our efforts have been wasted -in vain, that our struggle has been in vain, that we have wasted time for what we planned and maybe, it is not But we cannot give up. For every dark and silent night, there is a dawn ready to start again. Copy Share Live I am a boat abandoned Fernando Pessoa “My life is a boat abandoned by the heathen, in a deserted harbor, to its fate. Why not pick up iron and follow the sailing route, marry your fado? Ah! who threw him into the sea, and winged Turned his face into a shroud, the pilgrim Freshness from afar, in the divine amplexus of morning, pure and salty. The silt greens your keel, The wind shakes you motionless, And across the sea is a very desirable island.” If you don’t want a dull life, without color or adventure, you have to take a risk and dive, even if the sea is rough. As the saying goes: “Rolling stones do not create mud. This similarity, this still life that has become a forgotten landscape, for the soul of those who need movement, is real torture. Embrace life, don’t be afraid of storms and waves. Your destiny is to advance! Get inspired and shake up your life with motivational phrases! Copy Share

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Your eyes are sad Fernando Pessoa you listen You become yours You suddenly look at me From the wrong distance With a lost look You start to smile I keep talking You keep listening What you think I hardly smile anymore. Until in this idle state Fade from the wasted evening, Silently esfolha Your useless smile.” Don’t lose your ability to communicate. Say what you feel, be present when you’re next to someone. Listen, but listen carefully and full of interest. Don’t isolate yourself, close yourself off from the world. When you belong too much, you end up isolating yourself from life, from others and from the people you love. Don’t build distance, build presence, intimacy, eyes and ears attentive Share yourself Copy Share I have many feelings Short poem by Fernando Pessoa “I have so many feelings That I am often convinced That I am sentimental, But I recognize, by measuring myself, That all this is thought, That I do not feel after We have, all of us who live, A life that is lived And another life that is thought of, And the only life that we have Is the shared In being right and wrong. The life we ​​have is what you have to think about.” Sometimes we let things happen because we are afraid to take action. We carry within us a great will, a desire for achievement, conquest and action, but we are blocked in reflection, in evaluation. We living between the thought life and the lived life: what if we had done it differently? What would have happened if we had acted this way? We have here what can, what and what we think about both situations.. .Share a message about the importance of living in the present Copy Share Eternal flower Fernando Pessoa’s love poem ” Eternal flower More than a fleeting shadow Your freshness Remains in my mind. I do not lose you In what I am, Only never again, oh flower, I see you again Where I am only earth and sky. Life is short and everything we experience in one hour ends. Nothing lasts forever, what remains are memories. Even so, we try to taste one more mouthful of what we experienced in the past, as if trying to save one moment or another. Everything, however, is brief and remains in the past and it is good that we have memories, because through them our thoughts bring us back to what we have experienced. Copy Share

Rain falls from a gray sky Short poem by Fernando Pessoa “Rain falls from a gray sky It has no reason to exist. Even my thoughts have rain falling on them. I am lying to me. Because truly I do not know whether I am sad or no. And it rained in a drizzle (Because Verlaine allowed it) Into my heart.” There are times when our emotions are as gray as the rainy sky. has arrived

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