Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda – As we discussed in our article The 20 Most Common Birth Control Methods, there are dozens of birth control methods on the market. However, for various reasons, thousands of women every day have sex without adequate protection of contraception, putting them at high risk of pregnancy.

Fortunately for these cases, there is another option: emergency contraception, better known as the morning after pill (PDS).

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

Unlike classic birth control methods such as hormonal contraception, diaphragms, and condoms, which are usually used before or during sexual intercourse, emergency contraception is a form of contraception that can be used after unprotected intercourse has ended. If all else fails, PDS is the answer.

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Therefore, the morning-after pill is an emergency contraception in the form of a pill that can prevent pregnancy if a woman fantasizes about having sex without proper precautions, and can be used after intercourse.

It’s important to note that emergency contraception, as the name implies, is a method of birth control that is used only in emergencies. The morning after pill should not be used continuously in any way in place of traditional birth control methods. This is because they are less effective and there are no studies on the safety of this type of use.

Emergency contraception, also known as postcoital contraception, is a method of contraception that should be used by women who do not want to become pregnant but have had intercourse without adequate protection due to negligence or death.

An IUD is effective even if inserted after you have already had sexual intercourse. In this article, we will focus on the morning after taking birth control pills. IUDs are discussed in detail in a separate article accessible via the following link: IUD – method of intrauterine contraception.

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Currently, birth control pills are cheap drugs. Most brands can be found priced between 2 to 3 reais for a box of 10 pills. Please search before purchasing. There are no studies proving that one brand is more effective than another.

You should take birth control pills as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse, as their effectiveness decreases over time.

Despite the now traditional recommendation of 72 hours (3 days), emergency contraception can still be effective for up to 120 hours (5 days). However, it should be noted that the contraceptive effectiveness of the plan decreases with each passing day. Especially after the first 72 hours.

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

Recently arrived in Brazil, ulipristal acetate is a type of emergency contraceptive that is highly effective (98% or more) and lasts for 120 hours (5 days). So, if for some reason you can delay taking your PDS, Olypristal is your best bet (if available at your local pharmacy).

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Since the morning-after pill is most effective during the first few hours of having sex, it is recommended that all women who are not planning to have children in the short term have at least one box of pills ready for immediate use. example. urgent

For women who are already using birth control regularly but need morning-after pills because they forgot to take them correctly, they can restart their old pills the same day. However, in this case, since it goes back to the pill, the woman is not completely protected in the first 7 days and during this period she needs to additionally use other types of contraception, such as condoms.

Levonorgestrel is usually sold in boxes of 2 0.75mg tablets, which can be taken together or separated 12 hours apart. A single-dose version (a box containing one 1.5 mg tablet) is already on the market, making it easy to take a single dose.

You may take a second dose if you have had unprotected sex 24 hours after taking orlevonorgestrel as an morning-after pill.

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Ulipristal is sold in boxes of 1 tablet of 30 mg and is to be taken as a single dose.

Unlike levonorgestrel, ulipristal cannot be used more than once per menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you have new unprotected sex, you do not need to repeat the drug.

The emergency contraceptive pill is not a commonly used birth control method. It is commonly used in two situations.

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

1. Vaginal intercourse without the protection of contraceptive methods (condoms, IUDs, pills, implants, diaphragms, etc.).

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2. Having sex and using birth control incorrectly or failing. This includes situations such as:

The most popular morning after pill in Brazil contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel (most common brands: Postinor-2, Pilem, Previdez 2, Pozato, Diad, Minipil2-Post and Poslov).

Of the above two mechanisms, suppression of ovulation is the most important. Therefore, the medicine should be taken as soon as possible.

Basically, what the morning after pill does is alter the menstrual cycle (read: fertile period – when does ovulation occur?). Most women start menstruating within a week of their expected date. However, depending on which stage of your cycle you took the morning-after pill, your period may come up to 1 week earlier than expected.

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In general, the typical characteristics of menstruation (such as number of days, shape, and blood volume) did not change. If you notice any related differences, it could be a sign of pregnancy. What we recommend is to verify by testing.

No, the morning after the pill is useless! Abortion is prohibited by law in Brazil. The emergency contraceptive pill is not approved for sale in case of miscarriage.

Drugs that are not technically successful are those that work after an egg has been fertilized. A miscarriage is the loss of an embryo that was developing in the womb. As explained, levonorgestrel works before the fertilized egg implants in the uterus, so it is not a failed drug.

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

If you take levonorgestrel after the egg has implanted in your uterus, it will not affect the course of your pregnancy. Besides not causing abortion, no studies have shown a risk of fetal malformations if the drug is accidentally used in women who are already pregnant.

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Ulipristal, in turn, can have harmful effects on the fetus and should not be taken if a woman suspects she is already pregnant.

Some studies have shown that levonorgestrel pills are less effective in women who weigh more than 75 to 80 kg (or a BMI greater than 30). Nevertheless, the European Medicines Agency and FDA believe that currently available information is insufficient to conclude that the effectiveness of emergency contraception decreases with weight gain.

It is important to note that the pill’s effectiveness is only guaranteed for the sexual intercourse that prompted its use. Contraception cannot be guaranteed if a woman has unprotected sex again after taking the pill.

PDS is a very safe treatment when taken correctly. There are no reports of serious side effects. Most side effects are mild and short-lived.

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If you have vomiting in the first 2 hours after taking the pill, it is recommended to repeat the plan.

There are no absolute contraindications. Women with contraindications to daily contraceptives, such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, migraines, or thrombosis, may also use PDS.

Women who are breastfeeding can take the morning-after pill, but should be aware of the risk of passing some of the hormones to the baby. She should therefore use it occasionally (see Best contraception while breastfeeding).

Pílula Do Dia Seguinte Engorda

If a mother chooses to use Lipopristal, she should take it immediately after breastfeeding and discontinue breastfeeding for 36 hours. During this period, mothers must maintain artificial milk extraction to maintain stimulation of milk production.

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Yes, the purpose of PDS is to prevent a woman from getting pregnant. If a PDS doesn’t work exactly when a woman is at risk of becoming pregnant, it won’t do you any good.

Usually, the effectiveness of the morning-after pill is confirmed when the nausea stops within a week.

However, depending on when you take PDS during your menstrual cycle, it may take a little longer for your period to go down. A delay of several days should not be a cause for panic.

If menstruation does not occur after 3 weeks of using the morning-after pill, the patient should take a pregnancy test. Because in this case you have to consider the hypothesis of contraceptive pill failure (read: Pregnancy test – when and how to do it). .

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There are no special restrictions. Although not recommended, PDS can be taken more than once a month. If you have unprotected sex and have sex again 3 to 5 days after taking PDS, you can take the morning-after pill again.

However, it should be noted that its use is not recommended.

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