Persona Bipolar En El Amor

Persona Bipolar En El Amor – The racing heart. Happy hands. Tight legs. The mind spinning in different directions. This is what love feels like. But there was a problem that I didn’t expect. Hypomania, a symptom of the bipolar disorder I live with, produces similar feelings. Throughout my life, this situation has given me more than one headache. And a big pile of broken hearts.

The first time I felt like I really liked someone I was thirteen years old. The relationship lasted about ten months and ended without incident. But in the years that followed, there were big stories that I can’t remember in detail. In fact, I can’t tell how they started, they are like shadows or holes in a great timeline.

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

They were not people I was very attracted to or very interesting. But why did I let them in my life and become important? I only found clarity after I got my diagnosis, because before I felt so confused about it.

El Trastorno Bipolar En Los Niños Y Adolescentes

It turns out that when you go through a hypomanic episode your emotions or feelings are heightened. What in strength can be considered a taste or a simple interest, at this point it can be an obsession or the best thing that happened to you in your life. But it will last a little longer.

For example, in my “normal” self it’s interesting to me that someone has the same musical tastes as mine. But in hypomania I imagine that this is a divine sign and it means that I have the love of my life in front of my eyes.

Despite the fact that things are not completely clear, there are two stories that I know in my heart. The first is my story of a Brazilian who, I think, looks like Ryan Gosling. That was reason enough to think that he should be with her. I pushed things, even knowing that we don’t have chemistry and maybe he only has time for me because of boredom. Every time I meet him, a strange spark lights me up that makes me feel like I’m in a Hollywood movie. But there was nothing from Hollywood (or maybe there was) and everything fell apart when I found out that he had an affair in Brazil. I forgot about this and the feeling that was not a feeling was destroyed.

The second is my story of a Pizza Hut waitress. I remember his eyes looking at me as he delivered two plates to the next table. That simple and inappropriate moment for some people, the one that made me think about the idea of ​​starting something with him for many weeks. Every day, religiously, I would make an excuse to pass by the restaurant window hoping he would see me. Until I decided to return to the same table where we met “and as a result of my impressive vision, with pupils dilated from hypomania, he convinced himself to leave his number on my account .This fake relationship, like the first one and many others, ended before it started. The love I thought I felt disappeared after a few times.

Por Qué Hay Guerras? ¿somos Una Especie Violenta Por Naturaleza?

But euphoria, excitement and excessive energy are not the only things that can harm our way of connecting with others in the romantic field. There are other details too, which are not small and partly not mentioned much. That detail is called hypersexuality.

If talking about sex is taboo, talk about hypersexuality even more. Hypersexuality is the violent increase in libido that controls every part of your body and makes you feel that there are no limits to express yourself through.

This combination of factors made me lose my shame in many situations, but also “fall in love” several times a month and get involved in dangerous situations that could cost me my life.

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

There are people who marry hypomania with someone they know. But then they realized, when the euphoria turned to loneliness, that they had made the worst mistake of their lives. Some have children they don’t know how they conceived, and others are unfaithful in relationships without thinking about the consequences, because their brains don’t allow them.

Asocian Mayor Riesgo De Trastorno Bipolar En Niños Con Padres Muy Jóvenes O Muy Mayores

Mental illness is not a reason to hurt or betray others, but if this condition is detected early, many of these situations can be avoided. There wouldn’t have been so many broken hearts, or so many broken families, and so many people would not have regretted all the mistakes they made while they didn’t fully know what was going on.

That is why delaying diagnosis is very dangerous, especially for ourselves. Contrary to what many people think, people with mental health problems are more likely to be abused by our partners than to be abused.

It’s not something that just happened to me. This is a fact that has been proven through various studies around the world. In Spain, for example, three out of four women with mental disorders have suffered physical and/or mental violence from their partner at some point in their lives.

For me, hypomania has led me to encourage and disappoint more people than I can count on my fingers, but it has also brought me closer to people who have made me experience abuse up close.

Bipolaridad: Mitos Y Verdades Sobre Este Trastorno

When I was finally able to peel my emotions and feelings like an onion thanks to my years of therapy, I was able to understand what love is and how a relationship is built to last. over time.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past seven and a half years, with someone who doesn’t think I’m hard to love because I have mental health issues. Who is true, loving, patient and will be with me in this bumpy road, but also in the beautiful and rewarding moments.

The truth is that bipolar disorder is not an obstacle to having a healthy relationship. The real obstacles are the lack of psychological education, emotional instability and not having the necessary tools to experience ups and downs in a controlled way.

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

We, like everyone else, deserve love and affection. This should not be doubted for a second, even if some still think differently.

El Trastorno Bipolar: últimos Avances

1. According to data collected by FEDEAFES (Basque Federation of associations of relatives and people with mental illness). More information can also be found in the following study from the Public University of Navarra:

Although sudden bursts of intense fear are primarily related to the mind, they are the result of many symptoms…

A study published this year found that more than half of deficit disorder videos…

Experts say that finding the root of your boredom can help you make the necessary changes to feel better…People with bipolar disorder can lead normal lives as long as they follow treatment. They should not leave it under any circumstances unless it is under medical supervision, because they may put themselves in danger.

Qué Es Y Qué No Es Un Trastorno Bipolar, El Problema Mental Grave Más Banalizado

Bipolar disorder affects mood. For this reason, it often interferes with influential relationships, and especially with couple relationships.

In the course of the relationship, the bipolar person can be affected positively or negatively. It is important, if this is your situation, that you understand that you have a very important role and that you support your partner.

The main thing is that you behave with patience and be the one who provides emotional balance in the relationship. You should know that people with bipolar disorder have involuntary behaviors.

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

Bipolarity is a psychiatric condition that produces periods of depression that alternate with euphoria in people. This was stated by the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States.

Un Amor Intranquilo’, La Película Que Retrata Cómo Es Convivir Con La Bipolaridad

During a depressive episode, the person may feel sad, apathetic, anxious and lack energy. But, on the other hand, the manic episode made him feel hopeful and empowered; he hardly needs sleep, is confused and shows impulsive and even aggressive behavior.

The transition between these two states can be very variable (there can be two or three annual cycles or go from one period to another in a few days). However, in many cases they have frequent episodes which is why sufferers need lifelong medical control.

The causes of affective disorders are unknown, but it is believed that they may be the result of various neurobiological and psychosocial factors.

Living with someone with bipolar disorder doesn’t mean you have to be their permanent caregiver, or that you have to throw your life away.

Cómo Se Comporta Una Persona Con Trastorno Bipolar

There are several things you can do for your partner without neglecting yourself:

Who better than you to always be there for your partner to understand what is happening to him. Gradually you will gain experience and know when an emergency or relapse is imminent.

If you communicate well with the expert, you can get the most out of it.

Persona Bipolar En El Amor

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