Pai Nosso Ave Maria Credo

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Pai Nosso Ave Maria Credo

Pai Nosso Ave Maria Credo

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TerÇo Da ExaltaÇÃo Da Santa Cruz

Hello friends, good morning! Today, our Sunday prayer will be dedicated to all parents in Brazil and around the world. For obvious reasons, the father figure in society always takes second place in the family. In 09 months we are born in the womb of our mother, the most symbol of fertility and love. However, the devotional work is not done by one person, we must pay attention to this artist who with his energy, emotion and art has provided a wonderful work with his signature, such as the signature of the new creation. alive.

We cannot ignore this opportunity to mark Father’s Day and remember our good friend and conservation hero who has been with us since birth, bringing love, light and protection to his beloved children.

Being a father is a very difficult task and is sometimes misunderstood because it often interferes with decisions about education or having to be absent to provide for the family. Today, there are thousands of women who are taking on the role of parents for various reasons. Some beloved single mothers or adoptive mothers choose not to marry. This fighter doubles in combat power. There are also those who remain under the custody of their children during separation. On this day, all should be embraced as the same as their parents need sweet protection.

Being a father is a beautiful mood for anyone who knows and loves the whipping of a noble education, so today there is nothing more fair than paying respect to the fathers on earth and wishing you a long life with your children lovable. by.

Livro O Credo

Happy new year to mothers who have bread. I, like you, had the privilege of being bread when destiny calls for my presence, and I believe I have done a good job, although not much as a mother, in doing the last sweet work of educating my daughter. Thank you God, for giving me the character of a beautiful girl who has given birth to beautiful grandchildren. Being a grandfather made me feel like a father again, then a daughter, back; I want two prizes! lol… just kidding, love is enough!

Doubt? Matthew 14:22-33 – Not long after, Jesus ordered his disciples to board the boat, and before crossing the sea, the crowd was dispersed. After leaving them, he went up the mountain alone to pray for blessings. It was dark, Jesus was still there alone. However, the boat was far from land and hit the waves due to the wind. In the last hour of the night, Jesus went to the sea and came to his disciples. When the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were afraid and said, “It is a ghost.” They screamed in fear. But Jesus immediately said to them: “Be of good cheer, it is I. Do not be afraid!” Peter said to him, “Lord, if it is you, walk on the water and come to you.” Java 1994: “Let’s go!” Peter got out of the boat and walked to Jesus on the water. But when he felt the wind, he was afraid, and fell down, and cried out: “Lord, please help me!” The Lord Jesus quickly held him and said: “Hey, you lack faith, why do you doubt. ??” When they got on the boat, the wind subsided. Those in the boat bowed before him and said: “You are the Son of God!”

After reading, we must pray the greatest prayer that Jesus taught us, our Father, then we will ask our Lady to bless and protect us, saying the Hail Mary prayer. Finally we will pray the Credo.

Pai Nosso Ave Maria Credo

After the prayer, talk to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary in your heart, asking them to protect you as you start this new week.

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