Pablo Escobar Movie

Pablo Escobar Movie – Americans are fascinated by superheroes and even their counterparts, supervillains. Al Capone, the Joker, Tony Soprano—pop culture is full of real and fictional villains.

One real-life figure who particularly captured the imagination of the American media was Colombian cocaine lord Pablo Escobar. His legendary betrayal, his life as a Colombian ruler and the most wanted person kept the press busy in the early 1990s.

Pablo Escobar Movie

Pablo Escobar Movie

However, until now, there has not been a real feature film about the drug lord. In “Blood” (2001), the gangster played only a supporting role, Oliver Stone’s “Escobar” was postponed for six years, and another film project went bankrupt four years later. It’s also hard when a character’s real life is so interesting that Hollywood just seems to smell next to it.

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Pablo Escobar was known for his portrayal of the poor Robin Hood, who lived comfortably even in prison and flaunted his wealth with his own dinosaur park and a mansion with hippos and live elephants.

The filmmakers have long withdrawn from the Escobar project, so that the most famous film about the legend of the gangster is not true: the Hollywood comedy “Entourage”, which is broadcast on the American pay television channel HBO, Starring Vincent Chase as Pablo t ‘playing Escobar, the film was a resounding flop, almost ending his acting career.

This should seriously threaten Benicio Del Toro in real life. And who, if not him, should dare to play the role? Del Toro is considered the all-purpose weapon of South American Hollywood. In fact, it is the Puerto Rican acting that saves the film, giving the cocaine master a depth that goes beyond the popular cliché. Kneeling to pray on the radio with his mother in shorts and potbellies in the woods, the animal becomes a little more profile.

Otherwise, the film is unfortunately full of stereotypes about Latin America: smiling bikini girls on the beach, small time criminals and corrupt police officers leaving little room for variation. The true extent that the decades-long drug war has had on the people of Colombia is only revealed in hindsight. The role of American politics in this is completely anonymous.

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Instead, director Andrea Di Stefano uses the trick of “The Last King of Scotland”: to get the audience on board, he tells the whole story from the point of view of a fictional American character who falls in love with Escobar’s sister and suddenly fell. in love with Escobar drug lord Cosmos drowned.

Of course, this has huge moral implications for Nick (Josh Hutcherson). Amy, who really just wanted to enjoy paradise with her brother as a hippie sailing on the developing coast of Colombia, suddenly finds herself in the middle of the big society of drug cartels in the country. And all because of love.

You have to go through it when you fall in love with a beautiful Latin beauty, but fortunately you are more stable than the all-American boy and you succumbed to the heart of the king of cocaine, but never. And finally Nick is faced with a difficult decision … one can write now, but one can also imagine the plot slipping like a soap opera.

Pablo Escobar Movie

If it weren’t for Benicio del Toro’s appearance, you might skip the movie and watch the excellent documentary “Pablo, Angel and Demono” by George Granier instead.

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A beast with a human face: Despite many clichés, Benicio del Toro shows his full range of skills.

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