Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena – Latest Mega-Sena results: See who has won the Mega da Virada 2022 with prize money of R $ 541 million and the first draws for 2023.

Mega-Sena is the most popular type of lottery in Brazil, with several games every month. This way, despite the low odds, there are plenty of opportunities for bettors to try their luck. See the latest lottery winners below.

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

In order to win the main prize known as Sena, bettors need to match all six dozen drawn by the Federal Caixa Econômica.

Confira Os últimos Resultados Da Mega Sena E A Data Para Os Próximos Sorteios

However, whoever predicts five or four games in Quina and Quadra is also entitled to a share of the prize.

Experts say that there is no way to learn to play a lottery, like the Mega-Sena, because the lottery has no pattern, that is, no logic. This is pure luck (see how the sweepstakes work below). So it would be a gamble, not some kind of investment.

Anyway, Poupar Dinheiro brings the 2022 Mega-Sena draw results list for the curious and the bettors. Please check:

The last draw performed by Caixa is the Mega da Virada, which is highly anticipated by gamblers every year. And in 2022, five bets combined to win: worth 500 million reais: more than 541.969 million reais. This is the biggest prize in the history of the Mega-Sena and other Brazilian lotteries.

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The prize of 500 million will be paid to those who match the six numbers drawn on Saturday 31 December 2022: 04 – 05 – 10 – 34 – 58 – 59. Earlier, CAIXA had informed the bonus of 450 million reais, but the Mega da Virada was raised to 541,969,966 reais, 29.

Information from the Caixa and Globo networks showed that the winning bets came from Florestal (MG), Arroyo do Sal (RS), Santos (SP) and São José da Bela Vista (SP). In addition, the winner is also paid via the Internet.

In the end, 183,921 bets were placed on the field, each with a prize of R$877.04.

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

Caixa held the first Mega-Sena draw on March 11, 1996, draw 01, and since then the lottery has become popular with Brazilians, with more than 2,400 draws.

Concurso 2548 Da Mega Sena Pode Pagar Prêmio De R$ 135 Milhões

Check out the last Mega-Sena draw for 2022 and their respective results, we will keep updating the list:

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Although there is no logic in playing in Mega-Sena, the higher the stakes, the greater the chances of success, that’s for sure. Proof of this is Caixa Econômica Federal itself, the bank responsible for raising the money.

According to Caixa’s calculations, the chance of winning the Mega-Sena on a bet of six numbers ($4.50 for a “small” real) is one in 50 million. But interested people can play between 6 and 15 numbers on each ticket.

Mega Sena: Veja Os Números Que Mais (e Menos) Saíram Desde 1996

According to Box, it would cost more than 22,500 Brazilian reais to enter the draw with 15 numbers marked on the ticket – that is, the stakes are higher – and the probability of winning is the Mega-Sena is 10,003,000 thirds. Therefore, so-called “pools” become attractive.

Caixa himself leads the Mega-Sena draw in the city of São Paulo, using balls of ten specific colors that are mechanically mixed in a transparent sphere before being popped out for the public to see.

Mega-Sena balls have numbers (ten digits) from 01 to 60, and each ball has a specific color to standardize and facilitate number identification during drawing. It happens as follows:

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

60! The Mega-Sena balls are numbered (in tens) from 01 to 60, and each ball has a specific colour.

Veja Os Números Que Mais Saem Na Mega Sena

The Mega-Sena draw is broadcast live by Caixa. Draws can be made at lottery outlets and on the Internet.

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After the draw on Saturday, December 17, Caixa Lotteries will continue to bet only on the Mega da Virada. understand more.

If used for savings, this Mega-Sena bonus can bring in approximately R $ 236,000 per month. Have you ever thought about it? Find out how to place your bet and try your luck.

Confira O Resultado Do Concurso 2524 Da Mega Sena; Prêmio é De R$ 201 Milhões

This is the second draw of the Mega Semana de Verão, with a jackpot of R $ 16.4 million. Look at the numbers coming out.

As this is yet another Mega Weeks for the Mega-Sena, the next draw will be this Thursday, the 12th. Find out how to bet and the product on this bonus.

This is the second largest payout in Mega Millions history that Brazilians can gamble on. Check out the method in the article. Also learn about the benefits of the award.

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

There are no winners in the main prize group, but there are winners in other groups. View the full list of winners by city and betting location.

Apostador De Anápolis Ganha Mais De R$ 629 Mil Na Lotofácil

The Mega-Sena, Brazil’s biggest lottery, will have a total of 11 draws in January. See when they happen.

After the last draw held last Saturday, the 7th, the value of the prize rose from R$ 7.5 million to R$ 12.5 million.

The prize money is R $ 24 million and the lottery has 10 prize ranges. Those interested can place their bets now. Find out how. The six numbers drawn for the Mega-Sena 2,501 game yesterday (16) at the Espaço Loterias Caixa in São Paulo were not correctly guessed by the gamblers.

The jackpot for the next draw (competition 2,502) held on Wednesday (20) is estimated to be R $ 9 million.

Mega Sena, Concurso 2.463: Ninguém Acerta As Seis Dezenas E Prêmio Vai A R$ 190 Milhões, O Quinto Maior Da História

The quina had 30 winners with individual prizes of R$70,561.85. The 2,331 players who guessed all four numbers correctly received R$ 1,297.33 each.

Bets on the Mega-Sena can be played in lottery shops or online until 7pm (Brazilian time) on the day of the draw. A simple six number game costs 4.50 reais.

According to Caixa, the probability of a gambler winning Mega-Sena in one game is one in fifty million (50,063,860 to be more precise). After paying 15 dozen (the maximum), the chance of winning is one in ten thousand (10,003 to be exact).

Os Dez últimos Resultados Da Mega-sena

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Nenhum Apostador Acerta Mega Sena E Prêmio Acumula Em R$ 9 Milhões

Caixa will announce soon if a lucky person enters a number. With the final draw taking place on May 27, there are no fixed bets and accumulated prize pools for today’s game. At the time, 50 bets on hitting the corner earned BRL 51,863.40 each, while another 2,926 bets paid BRL 1,266.07, the value of the batter.

Caixa has suspended the Federal Loteria draw for three months, the Loteca draw has been suspended indefinitely (due to the suspension of football matches), as well as bringing Dupla-Sena Easter two weeks later than expected, but it has remain normal so far. on the calendar There are also games for other lotteries such as Mega-Sena, Quina, Dupla-Sena, Lotomania, Dia de Sorte, Timemania and Lotofácil.

The bank strengthens the possibility of placing bets over the Internet

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