O Show Do Garfield

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O Show Do Garfield

O Show Do Garfield

The half-hour weekly animated series The Boondocks is based on the controversial and groundbreaking comic strip by African-American artist Aaron McGruder. The heroes of the piece are the Freeman brothers, 10-year-old aspiring political activist Huey and 8-year-old aspiring “gangsta” rapper Riley. Raised on the streets of inner-city Chicago, Huey and Riley suffer a bit of culture shock when they move to a rich, essentially lily-white suburb to live with their dim-witted “grandpa,” Robert Freeman. Their beautiful new surroundings affect the punk youth of the street at least a little, and as a result most episodes deal with their efforts to “radicalize” the suburbs, or to understand the hypocrisy and contradictions given to the black and white communities. in a post-9. /11 world. The main targets of Huey and Riley’s anger and rage are their yuppie neighbors, an interracial couple named Tom and Sarah DuBois, and their own Uncle Ruckus, who gleefully wallows in self-loathing and nothing else than the most derogatory things to be said about the black race. . While the original comic strip was unabashed in its political jabs at everyone from George W. Bush to Jesse Jackson, the cartoon version dealt with more situational humor, albeit with just enough biting vitriol to convince the viewer that iconoclast Aaron McGruder is not for sale. . Nearly two years in development, The Boondocks was originally slated for a Fox network time slot, but eventually joined Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” on November 6, 2005.

Garfield In Disguise (tv Movie 1985)

The exploits of a boy and his magical dog are told in this cartoon set in the surreal land of Ooo.

Five teenage superheroes lead a group Robin the Boy Wonder to protect the Earth from a new generation of terrible opponents. Based on DC Comics characters, this over-the-top animated series offers plenty of fantastical action that may be too intense for young tweens, but ages 9 and up will enjoy the camaraderie between the various heroes and the over-the-top villains .

A magical boy named Steven has adventures with a group of human guardians. Along the way, he pursues his heroic destiny and strives to perfect his special powers.

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