O Que Tem Na Sopa Do Neném

O Que Tem Na Sopa Do Neném – Hello guys! Here goes a game with the best of all children’s songs, in my opinion, – “Soup”, by the group Palavra Cantada. There is no child in this world who does not like and laugh every time we play this song in class.

The possibilities of musical work that this music offers us are almost endless. I always joke with her, because success is guaranteed. This week it was like that, I decided to put together letters with all the “ingredients” of the letter. And the result, I leave it here for you to get an idea or print and laminate:

O Que Tem Na Sopa Do Neném

O Que Tem Na Sopa Do Neném

In class, have the children sit in a circle and place the pot in the middle of the circle. Then pick up the spoons and say that you’re going to make a delicious soup, but that everyone has to work together to make it work.

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Present each ingredient, singing the song, without the radio, and say that those who made the soup go into the pot and those who didn’t come out (next to the pot).

Turn on the radio and start playing. As soon as the ingredients are called out, the child who has one puts it in or out of the pot. Until everyone “uses” their ingredients, whether for the soup or not.

NOTE: If the class is very small, the teacher can stop each ingredient to help find who is with it and if it goes in or out of the pot.

I did this prank yesterday and it was a success! Use your imagination and when the soup is ready, serve it up for everyone to taste!

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