O Que Significa Tmnc

O Que Significa Tmnc – What does “hmm” mean in WhatsApp? Harsh words like these are used in everyday life on WhatsApp and social networks; Find out the meaning of this and other common words

Have you ever seen someone send an old photo on WhatsApp Status with the word “TBT” and wondered what it means? There are common slang words in the messenger of Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, but they can be unfamiliar to someone who has just started using the app. Phrases like “RT”, “hm” and “MP” are common in the Internet vocabulary, and can be used in WhatsApp and other social networks. Check out the seven popular WhatsApp words below and find out the meaning of phrases like “CTt”, “SZ” and “TBT”, learning to use them at the right times.

O Que Significa Tmnc

O Que Significa Tmnc

The slang “TBT” comes from the English word “Throwback Thursday”, which means something like “back to Thursday”. In social media, this phrase is known for posting memes. Users often post photos from trips, parties or some special moment with the hashtag TBT to indicate that it is an old photo.

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Although the slang refers to a specific day of the week, it is not necessary to send a reminder only on Thursday, but when you want to remind you of an important moment. The acronym became very popular on Twitter and exists today as a hashtag in posts on Instagram and Facebook. On WhatsApp, users use the phrase on angel-shaped photos to remember an old and special event.

“RT” is short for “ReTweet”, a term derived from Twitter. In social networking, the tool is used when a user wants to share an interesting message published by another account in their network. This phrase transferred to WhatsApp has the same meaning: users respond with the word “RT” when they want to show their agreement with a message sent by someone.

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RT is used when a user says something that another contact has already mentioned — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

RT is used when a user says something that another contact has already mentioned — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

O Que Significa Tbt No Whatsapp? Conheça 7 Gírias Do App De Mensagens

Like other expressions from the Internet, the word “Aff” (or “affe”) does not appear in Portuguese dictionaries. This word is used as an onomatopoeia to express a reaction of denial or displeasure with something.

It is not known for sure where the name comes from, but its origin is thought to be linked to the northeastern phrase “Ave Maria”. Over time, this word was shortened to “bird”, and became popular throughout the country as “aff”. Another possible origin of the name comes from the abbreviation of the English word “as fuck”, which means “what the hell!”.

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The word aff is used to refer to a sense of dissatisfaction – Photo: Childbirth/Marcela Franco

O Que Significa Tmnc

“MP” is short for “private message”. Usually, this phrase is used in WhatsApp groups to indicate that a user has sent you a private message. MP is one of the most popular acronyms that try to simplify conversations: “vc” and “tb”, for example, are often used for fast typing. This occurs in many words and is often abbreviated in messages.

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Despite the many emojis available in the messenger, the acronym “SZ” is still used to represent the heart. Another way to spell the word is “S2”, which also represents the shape of a heart and can be used to express love to colleagues and friends via WhatsApp.

The word “Ctt” may seem strange to those who do not know the meaning. But this is another expression that has been simplified by users to make it easier to send messages. This word is an abbreviation of the word “contact”.

Depending on the context in which this word is introduced, the call “Hum” or “Hm” can indicate doubt, mistrust, doubt, a sign of lack of content, an expression of envy or approval. What is interesting about this sentence is that the number of “M”s added to the word varies according to the meaning of the word and the interpretation of each word. For example, users often send “Hmmmm” to indicate approval, while “hum” can indicate displeasure.

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O Que Significa Tmnc

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