O Que Significa Hora H

O Que Significa Hora H – You know how you see the same moment over and over again? This is a sign that the universe is trying to talk to you. For example, if you have seen 21:21 repeatedly and unexpectedly, chances are you are about to receive good news.

Through Numerology we can understand what numbers can mean in our life. According to numerologist Liggia Ramos, the hours equal to 21:21 are “full of filling life’s voids and feeling lucky to be on your side”. Learn more about this with the following content.

O Que Significa Hora H

O Que Significa Hora H

At first, you may wonder what the universe will tell you when the clock reads 9:21 p.m. Let’s start with the short and simple explanation offered by Liggia:

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If you’ve been asking for a sign from the universe lately, this is the proof you need. The trends move towards the positive as long as your efforts and desire are also positive. So analyze your thoughts carefully.

Therefore, it is a good sign for your life to see the same hours 21:21. It seems you can take a deep breath and relax, because your mind will sort itself out. In addition, it is possible that you will receive good news in the coming days.

Another lesson taken from the same hours 21:21 is that you need to connect with your nature, discover who you are and accept what is most beautiful in you. In that sense, you will reach your fullness only if you are able to know yourself.

It is therefore important that you reflect on your choices, on the path you have taken and on what you want for the future. Do your achievements match your true dreams? Or still need to change something?

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After an introspective exercise, you can take steps to live your true life purpose. After all, it is the path you will follow for your true passions that will bring you fulfillment. Otherwise, you will carry someone else’s wishes, which will not please you.

So do what it takes to align your life with your purpose. Perhaps this involves making difficult decisions, but the universe is on your side to help you on this journey, sending you the best vibrations.

You already know this if the hours correspond to 21:21. So how do we turn ideas into action? Liggia describes what to do when you see the same time 21:21 repeatedly:

O Que Significa Hora H

Thanks – it’s easy! Feel lucky, renew your abilities and position yourself to conquer the world according to your goals or with the beginning of new cycles. In case of depression, be grateful and understand this as a sign from your guardian angel encouraging you to seek help from a healthcare professional.

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In other words: you are basically showing your gratitude to the universe, for sending positive vibrations, which will help you make the best decisions in your life. To connect even more to your purpose, discover other qualities that the same hours 21:21 can increase in you.

As Numerology analyzes the meaning behind the numbers, this concept can show us the exact concepts related to 21, which the stars have equal hours 21:21. Check out Liggia’s statement on the subject:

On the 21st we have a change in the order of female and male scales, showing that success is a feeling (from vibration number 2) about an attitude or an initiative (from vibration number 1), which gives full results. , that is, it is a vibration that gives a real sense of “accomplishment” and pride in the work done or the goal achieved.

Therefore, the number 21 focuses on the strengths of the number 2 and the number 1. While 2 is feeling, sensitivity, knowledge and advice, 1 is leadership, initiative, independence, innovation and effort. However, there is another factor to be analyzed in figure 21.

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When we add number 2 and number 1 we arrive at number 3, which also vibrates the energies at the same hours 21:21. If so, 3 represents communication, creativity, happiness and success. Soon the union of these forces resulted in the full and successful 21 case.

In addition to Numerology, Tarot helps us bring out the vibrations of a number. In this process, it is necessary to find the letter associated with the number 21, which is part of the hours equal to 21:21. And the answer is: The world. See what Liggia had to say about this letter:

It is the peak you reach or simply the natural end of a cycle. It can be shown as good luck and good hopes for a new baby. This mystery helps us to understand that life consists of stages: the beginning, the middle and the end.

O Que Significa Hora H

In this way, we understand that the universe, like the equal hours 21:21, shows the end of the cycle and the beginning of something new. From this letter we also understand that it is necessary to be consistent and balanced with our foundation, to follow the path we want.

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You may find it difficult to attract energies around you. Fortunately, Liggia presents a divine creation that will give you strength in the same hours 21:21:

Within Kabbalistic angelology, the angel closest to Earth around 21:21 is the angel Damabiah. He is an angel who protects against negative signs, helps to achieve victory on the next path, as well as the mysterious The World of Tarot.

This means that to ensure that only prosperity and positivity enter your life, the best thing you can do is pray to the angel Damabiah. With it you will light up your mind and take the hours that 21:21 asks for.

According to Liggia, there is another way to connect with the vibrations that the equal hours of 21:21 inspire. He explains that there is a color associated with this season, which gives you the right qualities:

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The color associated with the number 21 is magenta (or purple), a color that conveys feelings of prosperity, honor and respect. Use it to celebrate your successes or to get back to believing in yourself.

So when you achieve something you really want, use the color magenta in your celebration. It can be in clothes, in a candle, in jewelry … free your creativity to feel the good qualities of the color.

Since the time corresponding to 21:21 brings a lot of prosperity into your life, it is important that you ATTRACT all the luck around you. For this reason, we have taken some tips that will give you a good mood, in simple ways:

O Que Significa Hora H

Based on the information presented, you understand that the hours equal to 21:21 are the green light for your painting. From this world reference, you must take advantage of the roads ahead and enjoy the journey. Do this by putting the ideas presented to you into action!

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Eu Sem Fronteiras has a team of journalists and communication professionals committed to always bringing up-to-date information. Here you will not find words copied from other pages. Our advice is to always spread the good, respect the rights of others. When we are in flux or connected to the Whole, it is common that we receive signals from the Universe to help us in that is evolution. Seeing times equal to 01:01 is one of those signs, and if you’ve been seeing this time repeating a lot, it might be a good message for you!

According to numerologist Liggia Ramos, the vibration of the number 1 represents “those butterflies in our stomach that we feel when we are going to do it for the first time, maybe you date someone, talk to the boss and ask for extra pay . go by train – just travel or take the first step to apologize to someone”.

In Numerology, 1 is a symbol of attitude, of taking the first step towards something. Therefore, watching this program on repeat brings this message to those who need a “little push” in their lives.

In the 24-hour system (Brazil), 01:01 is the time when we are most calm and introspective. That is, in the stillness of the early morning we tend to stop our steps, close our hearts and begin to prepare for sleep.

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Many people who have problems with insomnia are also awake at this time, and insomnia is caused by too much anxiety in the brain. When that happens, try writing down what’s on your mind, especially the things you should start.

After all, for Liggia, the presence of the same hour is a reminder of something that needs to be done, either because we forgot it during the day or because we put it off for a long time.

And you need courage to get out of inertia, doubt or laziness and do what you need to do. Hour 1:01 is a warning from ignorance or spirit to act

O Que Significa Hora H

So if you are hesitant or afraid to take that important step in your life, this time comes as a sign that you have asked to lead

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