O Que Sao Valores

O Que Sao Valores – 2 “There are two birds who are friends and live in the same tree. except that one of them is eating delicious fruit and the other is silently thinking without eating. Svetsvatara Upanishad 4:6

This is a stable state to be able to do good. It reveals the aptitude for a particular good deed. That’s a real slope. Ethical concept: as a process of realizing practical rationality in its plurality, in the face of human limitations.

O Que Sao Valores

O Que Sao Valores

Socrates (BC) Plato (BC) means to achieve happiness. It describes the 4 main virtues: wisdom, bravery, moderation and justice. Virtue is the goal of human activity and is equated with goodness in accordance with human nature. The constant tendency of the soul to do good / the repetition of actions that generate habit (mos), moral virtue. A position of just balance Good quality of mind by which we live right / Good habit vs bad or bad habit Christianity Aristotle (BC)

Valores Pessoais E Profissionais: O Que São E Qual A Importância?

Temperance is moderation in eating, sobriety in drinking, chastity/denial or self-control, i.e. the will not to deviate from the good even with the most violent provocations of desire. higher goods, to bear evil and not back down even in the face of death. They are the basic virtues by which others are guided. There are four: prudence, bravery, moderation, and justice of justice – that is, the attribution, fairness, observance and observance of the right and value due to someone or something. Prudence enables the understanding to reason about means leading to a rational end.

8 The theological virtues of faith are the satisfaction of a mind that is firm and certain in something. Faith, hope, and love are called theological virtues because they are not the product of habit, because man does not acquire them by his own efforts. . . “The hope of waiting for something excellent and perfect is beyond our ability! “It is not the product of an act, for one can give without having it in the heart. Can a man express a strong opinion without having it in his heart? Can a person try to show others that he lives in hope without it resonating in his own conscience? (Santos, 1965) Love is the mother of all virtues/it is the highest good towards oneself.

9 What are values? “The first intention of every living being is self-preservation, but for us mere survival based on knowledge of the world is not enough: it is important that life be valuable. One of the ideal products of culture is values.” Marcia Botelho Fagundes “Learning Moral Values”

What are the values ​​we bring from our upbringing? How do we determine values/ethics? Checking the situation on the poster. Time: 20 minutes

MissÃo, VisÃo E Valores

11 What are values? Values, knowledge and prejudices change because man changes according to the progress of science and the influence on the way of life of society, because life is a “process” and is a process of change, being human can be different. It can teach in the formation of values ​​such as: socialization through habits and repeatedly. We attract family, group and social life. Beliefs, intimate assumptions. Values ​​are the “framework” of human beings, the actions of people as historical and collective subjects, their adapter and a global platform that informs and educates new generations with knowledge and concepts.

Dynamics II Prepare a small written action plan using one of the following questions: Defending equal rights for all. The difficulty of making decisions in favor of peace. What does it mean to be moral to improve life? 30 minutes.

14 What are these values? Friendship is supported by feelings such as intimacy, generosity and mutual affection. The value of friendship is in friendly behavior, understandable in common life and mutual relations. Being able to communicate is a skill that needs to be learned and developed. Dialogue is a source of well-being and peace. Responsibility can be understood as an obligation to respond without waiting for an order to be executed or a payment to be made. Respect is a value that includes many attitudes of attention, admiration, care for nature, animals and plants and in short for the world around us.

O Que Sao Valores

That in addition to natural virtues, we have also acquired values. that values ​​are compatible with time and culture. This charity can be associated with love. that love is the mother of virtue and power is not brute force. That our society needs people with morals who are able to think and change without the necessity of war.

Tica Vs. Valores: Qual é A Diferença Entre Ética E Valores?

16 videos I’m ashamed of myself I’m ashamed of myself that I was a trainer of some of these people because I always fought for justice, cooperated with honesty, tried for the truth and saw these people who used to be so-called men. Walk the path of honor I am ashamed of myself that I was part of an era that fought for democracy, that I am free and teach my children to simply and ugly defeat virtues with vices, the lack of common sense in judging my children.. The truth is, neglecting the family, maternal cells of society, worrying too much about a happy “I” at all costs, seeking such “happiness” in ways full of disrespect for others.

17. I am ashamed of myself for listening to many excuses dictated by pride and arrogance without saying my words, lack of humility to recognize the wrongdoer, too much “flourishing” to justify criminal acts, dislike of Being passive, I am passive . Forget the old position to always “challenge”, come back and change the future. I’m ashamed of myself because I’m part of people I don’t know and I’m choosing paths I don’t want to take…

18 I am ashamed of my weakness, lack of determination, despair and fatigue. I have nowhere to go because I love this country of mine, I shudder when I hear my national anthem, and I have never used my flag to dry my sweat or wrap my body in a sinful display of nationality. Besides being ashamed of myself, I feel so sorry for you Brazilians! “When a man has seen so many lies triumph, he has seen so many insults, he has seen so many injustices, he has seen so much power in the hands of evil men, he loses his heart in virtue, he laughs at honor. I’m ashamed to be honest.” (on Barbossa)

19 References ARANHA ARRUDA, Maria Lúcia and MARTINS, Pires Maria Helena. Philosophical, introduction to philosophy. São Paulo: Moderna, 2000. ÁVILA, F.B. de S.J. A small encyclopedia of ethics and politeness. Rio de Janeiro, M.E.C., 1967. CHAUI, Marilena. Invitation to the Philosophy of São Paulo: Ática, 1997. COTRIM, Gilberto. Foundations of philosophy. History and big themes. São Paulo: Sarajevo, 2000 FAGUNDES, Marcia Botelio. Learning Moral Values ​​Belo Horizontes: Autêntica, 2001. FOLSCHEID, Dominique and WUNENBURGER, Jean-Jacques. Philosophical methodology. Translated by Paolo Neos. 2nd edition, São Paulo: Martínez Fontes, (tools) SANTOS, M. F. dos. Dictionary of Philosophy and Cultural Sciences. 3rd edition, São Paulo, Matse, 1965.

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O Que Sao Valores

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